Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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Thank you for being the soundtrack to my teens, my inspiration to play the drums and creating music that got me through a lot of very hard times. Seeing you live not once but twice is something I will always cherish. Enjoy the great gig in the sky ❤️ We love you Taylor



Thank you for bringing such enthusiasm to the music I love. Foo Fighters have been with me through some great times and not so great times. Your drumming and signing makes me smile and feel peace, serenity, and joy! Thank you! God Bless your family and friends! Rest In Peace.

Janna Garrison

Fort Worth, TX

I never got to see you live but your music is in my heart forever. Everlong.



Taylor you will be missed greatly by so many😢
Such a talented guy , a kind beautiful human being with a big heart and soul and awesome character. So unfair to lose you, so many broken hearts around the world right now 💔 May you rest In peace and rock it up in the afterlife 💞

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Christina Halsall

Cumbria UK

Thank you for the music
Thank you for your amazing showmanship
Thank you for that big beautiful smile
Thank you for being so full of fun
A great loss to music and the world
‘Heaven is a big band now’
RIP Taylor



A amazing artist left us. We will miss you a lot. May you rest in peace now.

Eva Valcq


The most amazing drummer and human being such a talent such an incredible waste saw him at the Olympic park and I was mesmerised literally once in a lifetime experience I will be eternally thankful for the happiness and awe you gave me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 RIP Legend

Mark Sadgrove


Oh Taylor :( 9 times I saw you play and 9 times you absolutely smashed it and gave us so much joy. You were a fantastic and talented musician and you seemed to be such a nice guy. You were so incredibly talented. Your personality and energy was so infectious.

Emma Williams

Liverpool UK

Thank you!



Our deepest heartfelt condolences to the Hawkins and his family … may he fly on the wings of love to a place he can watch over his loved ones!!! To Dave may your heart heal knowing that your love for Taylor was very well know by your open heart of your love for him. Foo fan 4ever

Patricia García Talledo

Denville NJ

There is another star shining brightly down on us. Taylor, you will be missed so much by your family and all of us fans who were in awe of your talent. You will never be forgotten xx

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Marie Weekes


Our deepest heartfelt condolences to the Hawkins and his family … may he fly on the wings of love to a place he can watch over his loved ones!!! To Dave may your heart heal knowing that your love for Taylor was very well know by your open heart of your love for him. Foo fan 4ever

Patricia García Talledo

Denville NJ

I think as a fan, I’ve just taken for granted that you would always be there, I’ve loved the music you all created and can only imagine the hole you will leave in the lives of those who truly knew and loved you. Thank you for the amazing memories, rest in peace Taylor.

Karen Hodgkinson

Wakefield, England

Resterai per sempre nelle menti e nei pensieri dei tuoi fans!
Fai scatenare il paradiso Taylor...rock for ever!

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The world has lost one of the best rock musicians of recent times. I am still struggling with the news. Your infectious smile and your brilliant musicianship are going to be sorely missed. God bless you Taylor Hawkins, fly high and it really is a Cold Day in The Sun. RIP 🙏

Dawn Swales

Norwich, England, UK

Still can’t quite believe it 💔 RIP Taylor 🌹
A truly awesome drummer and beautiful soul both inside and out.
We are so blessed to have your musical legacy to remember you by.
A heartfelt wish to your family and friends, especially Dave Grohl.



RIP Taylor - you’ll never be forgotten. Thank you for the music and for some of the best gigs of my life - props to you man xx GBNF 🤘🏻💔


Glasgow Scotland UK

A week and a bit on and I am still dealing with the thought of a world without Taylor. We lost a bright soul. An amazing man. A fantastic musician. A friend to all. RIP Oliver Taylor Hawkins. ♥

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Tania T.


The world is a better place for having had you in it, Taylor. Thank you for sharing your music, energy and joyful spirit with us. You inspired so many. It hurts that you are gone. Love and courage to your family and friends. Massive virtual hugs to your fellow Foo Fighters.

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Gone too soon, rest in peace, fly high xx

Abigail Gibson


Sentimos muito sua falta, Taylor. Realizei o sonho de ver o show do FF duas vezes em Porto Alegre. Foram inesquecíveis! Você e Dave sempre serão a alma da banda. Obrigada pelo seu brilho e pela sua música! Fique em paz ❤


Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Thank you Taylor, you were one of the good ones in this world.
You will be missed so much. Rest In Peace ❤️



May your light shine on the night sky.

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Silva see


I am blessed having to experience watching you and your band perform. God rest your soul. Till we all meet again. Much love to you!!



I have a knot on my throat that simply won’t go away. For now, I’ll just say thank you. Thank you for your art, that’s been accompanying me for half of my life. Thank you for teaching me how does it feel like to genuinely love music. I’ll love and miss you forever♥️


I grew up listening to Foo Fighters. Taylor is one of the greatest drummer of all time. He's just full with energy once he's on stage. I was so lucky to see the band live back in 2017 (Bangkok). Thank you Taylor for the wonderful memories. You'll be missed.

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Nav Arun

Kajang, Malaysia

My your spirit live on. May your family, bandmates and friend find peace! RIP Taylor.. we will never forget your smile! 🕊🙏🎵♥️


Rhode Island

My heart breaks for your family, friends, and bandmates. You will be missed. Now your star burns bright for all - when the thunder claps, I will think of you playing drums. RIP, Taylor

Diane Kilmer

Maple Grove MN

You are one in a million. Heaven has gained a special one ! You will be missed every day.



💔 Your music lets me pretend you’re not gone.


I was devastated and heartbroken to here of Taylor’s passing. Please extend my condolences to his wife and family as well as Foo Fighters. I will miss seein his smile that truly did light up the room💔😞

Pat Rozier

Valdosta, GA

Thank you for the music,
Rest easy Brother.
You will missed,but not forgotten.

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Tracey Galea

Queensland Australia

Thank you for the music,for sharing your light.
Rest easy Brother
You will be missed but never forgotten.🤘

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Tracey Galea

Queensland Australia

Thank you, Taylor, for the sound you gave us. All the beats that have rocked our world and will forever set our souls ablaze! My condolences to your family, friends and band. Run and tell all of the angels, your home now, Taylor! I bet the heavens sound amazing at this moment.

Adrian Castano

San Antonio Tx

Your talents were endless. Thank you for so much you gave. RIP Taylor ❤️


Arlington, WA

Taylor, Gone but not forgotten. You and the guys were the glue that held me together many times over. Rest In Peace. You’ll always be My Hero. Anything but ordinary. Love you❤️



Your energy and spirit touched us all, though I never met you, you were a big part of my life and for all you gave me and so many others, I thank you



Foo Fighters have been a part of my life since I could sing through a plastic fake microphone when I was 8. Taylor and the Foos have made everyday of my life better just by sharing their talent with us. Thank you for everything you’ve done Taylor 💛 Rest in Power


New York

To watch you play and your passion for music was amazing, may you continue to play with the gods. You will never be replaced there was, and will only be one Taylor Hawkins Rest In Peace drummer king! God bless you friends and family 🙏


Wagga Wagga Australia

Taylor, you were a rock legend. You will be deeply missed. RIP ❤️

Bonnie Pietrasik


My Hart goes out to the family and friends he was an absolute amazing drummer and we will all miss him.



Unbelievably heartbreaking. My condolences to Taylor's family, friends and the Foo Fighters, especially Dave. Taylor was such a force that will never be forgotten. His smile, laughter and charisma! Fly free Taylor.

Geigy Lee

Honolulu HI

I don't like to contest God's plans, but it's still difficult to understand why you left us so soon. thank you for all the joy and love that you emanated in life. We'll continue to send all the love to Dave and the boys, your wife and Children. Rest easy, beautiful soul 💜



You will be missed by many … rest now Taylor .. 🌹

Lori Gorza


I don’t think I will ever not feel devastated by this loss. The best drummer in the best band, and a smile that lit up thousands of stadiums. My heart goes out to Taylor’s family, his band, his fans.
Fly high Taylor 🖤

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Peta J


RIP Best drummer in the world ❤️🙏🏻

Linda Ringström

Helsingborg, Sweden

Everyone always says Dave Grohl is the nicest guy in rock. To me, it's always been Taylor. My condolences to his family, friends, and all of his fans. RIP

Petrina aka foonation aka foobella


R.I.P Taylor , i hope your drumming and singing away up in rockers heaven !
“There’s goes my hero watch him as goes” 💔🤘🏻

Emily burns

Truro cornwall

Still can't get my head around that you are gone. Never met you but have been inspired you and Foo Fighters. Love and hugs to your family and friends who must be missing you so much ❤️ xxx


Kent England

Easily one of the most important drummers in my life time. Will always be missed! 🤘🏻🖤

Joe Olejniczak

Charleston, SC

Life has been altered a bit, yet not changed forever. Prevailing feelings of sorrow weigh heavy on us all. After some healing time, we’ll smile again bright, much like your smile, Taylor Hawkins xoxo

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Christina O'Connell

Connecticut, USA

Taylor. I am so grateful that I finally got to see you guy last year in Maryland Heights MO. You guys are awesome! You are a great drummer and will definitely be missed by many, many people. My heart goes out to your family and friends and band members. Rock on Taylor!!!

Julie Johnson


Rest easy Mr Hawkins, what a beautiful force of nature you were, you will be so missed. All the love to your family and your Foo brothers ❤️

Lee Egerton


So much I'd like to say, but tears are eating my thoughts. Great drummer, beautiful soul.
I love you and I miss you. Always.
A thousand hugs to your family, Foo family, friends and fans



Still so hard to believe that this happened! Definitely a badass drummer that will be missed...and made one hell of an impact on many ppl. RIP TAYLOR 💕



"And then when it all seemed clear,
Just then you go and disappear.
Sure you're out there orbiting around...
Sure you're out there orbiting around...
Wish I had you back now." 💔

-Tori Amos, "Glory of the 80s"


Vancouver 2018.
A night I will never forget.
My dream come true.

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I hope you can see how trully loved you were by everyone.
Rock those Angel wings you absoloute legend

Sarah Stanton

Essex uk

Sending love & prayers to your wife , your babies & your family. May your band brothers heal from this and carry on with your effervescence & sprit in their souls. Gone way too soo with so much more to give 🖤


Yorkshire, England

Rip Taylor Hawkins

You will be greatly missed by everyone. Your music and your smiling personality has gotten me trough some of the toughest times in my life. I hope you are up their rocking out with everyone slaying those drums! 💔

Melanie Jones

Levittown Pa

This band has meant so much to me for the last two decades. Over half of my life has eclipsed with Foo Fighters as the soundtrack. The brotherhood that evolved when Taylor joined made it much more than music. Taylor, your smile, energy, passion, humbleness cannot be equaled.



Godspeed. Already missing you. We will meet soon, your lights still on.

Dany Bayrouti


My dad was a drummer his whole life and passed away Aug 2021. Taylor was always one of his favorite drummers. Thinking of his friends and family, and hoping he and my dad are jamming together somewhere ❤️



Taylor has helped me through some very tough times, even though i never had the chance to meet him. he taught me so much throughout my life and I will never be able to thank him enough. hope to join you in badass town one day and get to jam our hearts out


costa mesa

Thank you Taylor for being an inspiration to myself and so many other musicians, You're music will live on forever in all of our hearts, Thoughts and prayers to your family and friends. Gone but not forgotten. RIP Hawk

Brandon Pennypacker


Rest in power, Taylor Hawkins. ❤️

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Mirian Rodrigues

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thank You Taylor for being part of our rock n roll lives. So glad I saw you jam with Alanis in 96, knew you would be one of the greats. It didn't surprise me your heart was so big, now it will beat within all of us !!

User Submitted Image

Marco Matteo

Washington, N.J.

I first met you in Ireland many years you kindly offered to do a drum clinic fir our children’s hospital in Dublin
You were so gracious with your time and singed items for kids and drum students . I later met you again in London. We chatted drums music life.
Thank you


Pennsylvania, originally from Ireland

I grew up listening to Foo Fighters and, of course, your music. Your pure soul will rest with us who are still here, through every note and every beat of your beautiful drums. I never had the chance to see you live, but you'll stay in my heart forever. Thank you, Taylor.



Thank you for all the great years of awesome music. You are and truly will be missed . May your family Find peace during this tragic time. The world has lost a great person. RIP Taylor.

Marla M

Your pure talent will be truly missed but not forgotten. You were part of the best live band ever. Love to your Foo family ❤️ xx


Northern Ireland

Taylor, my heart is broken! I can't believe I'll never see you drumming with the Foos again. The Foos have been such a huge part of my life. Your music has lifted me, comforted me and celebrated with me. You'll always be in my heart. Thanks for everything! RIP Taylor ♥️ xx


Leeds, UK

Can't imagine what you guys are going through right now, what Taylors family is going through. Life really can be so cruel. Taylor was an incredible musician, a lovely guy. A true legend! We will miss him! I am so sorry for your loss x

Sarah Turner-Ferguson

Bristol, UK

I still can not believe it..... I can only hope you are in a nice place now.....damn it's not fair and it was just way too soon....I send a lot of strength from Germany to your family, to the FooFighters and theirs Families, especially you dear Dave🙏run free Taylor

User Submitted Image

Alexandra Weiss


I still can not believe it..... I can only hope you are in a nice place now.....damn it's not fair and it was just way too soon....I send a lot of strength from Germany to your family, to the FooFighters and theirs Families, especially you dear Dave.R.i.P.Buddy.....and run free

User Submitted Image



I still can not believe it..... I can only hope you are in a nice place now.....damn it's not fair and it was just way too soon....I send a lot of strength from Germany to your family, to the FooFighters and theirs Families, especially you dear Dave.

User Submitted Image



I still can not believe it, I can only hope you are in a nice place now...damn it's not fair and it was just way too soon....I send a lot of strength from Germany to your family, to the FooFighters and theirs Families, especially you dear Dave....

User Submitted Image



I can not get over the loss of Taylor, I keep watching and listening to all songs, his infections smile and personality,his fun loving way, and his awesome drums. I am 60 years old, and his loss is devastati to me. RIP Taylor,always loved and never forgot ❤️

Paula Fickett

Crestview FL

Rest In Peace Taylor and as always you will continue to Light up our Earthplane Via Spirit for your energy Is eternal and where there Is Love you'll forever be gravitated like a magnet to Worthy Causes and those you Love most and Visa Versa Fly High Angel x

Sarah Mills

Birmingham UK

Oh Taylor you left us too soon! Your joyous and generous spirit, your megawatt smile and your rock out to the max drumming touched millions. My heart goes out to your Foo brothers
and your family. You lived your dream ..RIP.


New York City

The talent. The charismatic personality. The megawatt smile. The sincerity of your soul, just from afar, is so hard to say good bye to. So instead I’ll say thank you. Thank you for bringing so much joy to so many peoples lives. You will never be forgotten. 💔

Nicole Friscia

Philadelphia, Pa

Like so many, Foo Fighters is my favorite band of all time, but what always stood out to me at their live shows was Taylor. His drumming and energy was out of this world. As good of a drummer as he was, he was an even better human being. RIP my friend….

User Submitted Image


Denver, CO USA

RIP Taylor. Thank you for the music and all the memories. So happy I got a chance to see the Foo Fighters at least once with you. One of the best drummers I've ever seen.


Oregon, USA

You will be greatly missed rip.

Lane Roy

Ravenna ohio

Sending my love to your family and friends. Such a tragic loss.

Peta Fisher

Brisbane Australia

To a great drummer, we'll never forget you. Repose en paix.

User Submitted Image

Hubert Marillaud


Your fun loving personality and big heart that you shared with the world will be missed. Your laughter and smile were infectious and beautiful. Your music and talent will live on in all of our hearts. Thank you for being you, Taylor. Rest peacefully. 🙏💞


Minneapolis, MN

Losing Taylor is like losing a main artery. The loss is huge. His energy, personality and talent was beyond any other. I'm so lucky to have experienced the talents live at Wembley stadium among other gigs. My heart goes out to his band members and family alike. 💔💔🌹🕯️😔🥁

User Submitted Image

Vicky Mansfield

Bournemouth, UK

There is a special Star shining in Heaven . Taylor you bought so much joy into people's lives . Thank you for the love you showed for family , the Foos , friends and fans , music. and your wonderful smile that lifted us all . We are all broken . RIP.

Sue Dickens

Sydney Australia

Thank u for ur music, ur smile, ur energy, for being u. I know ur going to be missed so so much, by ur family, friends, bandmates, the fans. U were an amazing drummer, vocalist and performer. One of a kind. We love and miss u Taylor x

Danielle Kenny

Co. Longford, Ireland

Farewell beautiful soul! You took a piece of my heart with you.... Rest in Peace Taylor

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Patricia Penley

Amsterdam in The Netherlands

RIP Taylor! You will be missed on planet earth. We always say: " The good people always go first" ... that is the only quote i can think of when i think about ...WHY did you go way to early!? Heaven will have now one ANGEL more. Rest in PEACE Taylor

Peter Gurschler


Taylor, I've loved you since your Alanis days and have avidly followed your career since. I'm a massive Foos fan and I cannot believe or accept that we'll never see your luminous smile light up a room or a stage again. Sending love to your family, bandmates and all who knew you.


Chester, England 🇬🇧

This hurts me as much as if you where my close friend... I didn't know u in person but Foo Fighters walked with me all along the way. In my best and my worst moments in life... U are my family.
We will miss u, Taylor. I guess we will learn how to live with the pain... Once again.


Madrid, Spain

Taylor, you are loved so much.
I will keep playing the Foo’s to my children and inspire them just like you all inspired me.
Sending love and strength to those closest to you.
x x x



I was not one of the lucky ones to have ever met Taylor or the Foo's and yet the news of his unexpected death was, and still is, devastating. The sense of loss has been overwhelming. Love to Taylors family, Foos and the fans.


Lincoln, UK

You lite up the back of the stage with your smile and every gig I loved your rendition of queen. We will miss you Taylor RIP Xx

Beverley Lee

Yorkshire England

It's still hard to try and take in. Every interview I saw or read with Taylor showed his genuine love of music, of his family, and of his brothers in music. He was a bright light in an often very dark world. My heart breaks for the loss of such a vibrant soul. Fly high, Taylor.



With profound grief, I will miss your passion for your craft(s) and your skill and enthusiasm. My heart aches for your family and bandmates whose lives have been shattered. Be at peace....


I saw the Foo Fighters in San Diego in 2019 at "The best fucking office party ever. -DG" Taylor sang 2 Queen songs and it was amazing. I've looked forward to seeing FF again ever since this night. RIP Taylor.