Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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Un grande de la música que se va pronto de este mundo! Siempre vivirás en cada una de las canciones de Foo fighters! RIP Taylor Hawkins

Claudia Paico


I was lucky and blessed enough to be able to see you just a couple of weeks ago, it was a dream come true, and I remember thinking, "wow, what a talent he is" I sang happily Somebody to Love with you, I will cherish that moment in my heart forever... thanks for everything ❤️



Taylor so sad your gone ,your music will live on .Rest in Peace


Netcong NJ

Nothing will be the same anymore. But please don't loose your contagious inner smile, even on the other side. We love you


Rome, Italy

The news of your passing hit me in the heart like a bowling ball. Not only an amazing drummer, singer, songwriter but a one of a kind, irreplaceable human being. You and the Foo’s have been the soundtrack of my life. Good times and bad, the music has carried me through it all.



I'm so sad I never got to meet you, but I am forever grateful for the gifts you left us in your music, your kindness and generosity. Thanks for the wonderful memories. See you on the other side. 🖤



Gracias por la inspiración y por la música, maestro. Taylor Hawkins por siempre ♥️

Matías Lur Órdenes

Santiago de Chile

I am so saddened to hear of your passing on into eternity. You will be greatly missed. Rock on Taylor 🖤



We as a family are devastated at the sudden tragic loss of you Taylor. Your smile, warmth & sheer talent as a musician will be missed so much. You have inspired my son to play the drums over the years. Gone but never forgotten…a true drumming legend. RIP Taylor. We love you.


Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Your energy onstage was incredible, your smile was infectious, your memory and spirit will live on forever.
Thank you for giving us the music 🎶💙🎵



Your light will forever shine brightly. Thank you for the music, thank you for the joy, thank you for sharing your light and gift with the rest of the world. Our lives will forever be thankful because you were in it. RIP 🙏 💝


Bournemouth UK

Thank you for living life to the absolute fullest, for bringing untold joy to those you loved, even strangers, & for the amazing music you shared with us. Our world is better for having known you but sadder because of your immeasurable loss. Heaven has gained a legend. Kathy ❤️

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Kathleen Welsh

Monroe Township, New Jersey

Fly high Taylor, you maybe gone in this life but you are still a bright light shining and an inspiration to so many. It was an absolute pleasure to watch you perform and the world will be a darker place without you. RIP to an incredible person



In Hamilton, there is a line that says, "There are moments that the words can't reach." I think that's where I am-I have no words to help anyone through this, including myself. It's not about the "why" to me; it's the "how" blessed we all are to have seen his light and love.



To soon, you will be missed. All my best to those who loved you



Thanks for the music and the memories, you will be sadly missed, go forth to the big jam session in the sky🤘


Nottingham (UK)

I originally fell in love with Taylor when I saw him profess his love for Queen, and Freddie Mercury. He emanated light and genuine kindness. And of course his musical talents knew no bounds. I will miss you greatly, Taylor. ♥️

Caroline Mathias

Claremore, Oklahoma

Hard to stop thinking about this. Inspirational drummer and an inspirational personality. Taken far to soon. Hope he knew how much he meant to so many people.



It’s so hard to make sense of this loss, such an amazingly talented young man, a life full of love and a passion for music shared by so many of us. Some lights shine so bright, they cannot be contained. Taylor’s legacy lives on in each of us, thankful he shared his gifts with us.

Amy Thompson

Denison, TX USA

Dear Taylor,
I will miss you. You were just one of the best important musician in my life. A real inspiration as musician, drummer, human being. Rest In Peace Taylor . Life won’t be the same from now. See you on the other side.

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Nérac France

Miss you man was a fan from day 1. My thoughts and prayers to your family during this grieving. Your legacy is always going to live Forever. RIP my Hero

Margaret O’Brien

Victoria, BC Canada

Can we please reverse the time to 24th of march, i dont want to believe you are gone. You where an amazing kind person with amazing musical skills. Rest in peace. I wish your family and the foos al the strength trough this hard time.



I’m so stuck for words as what I say isn’t half as much as what I feel. I cry daily, I’m so terribly sorry that this has happened. What an amazing soul he was. My sincere condolences to his wife, children, and family and his Foo Family as well

Lisa Mckinna

Kawartha lakes Ontario Canada

My deepest condolences go out to Taylor’s family and the band. Thank you for all the amazing music. RIP Taylor



Taylor your sunny smile and enthusiasm for life will be sorely missed. I feel like we all lost our favorite brother. Much love.


North Carolina

Rest in Peace Taylor 🖤
We will all be forever grateful for your outrageous talent and blinding smile. Thank you for everything you have given us.
Sending massive love to his family and the rest of the band. 🤍



We will never forget you
Keep it up Bro, rock the sky


Rest in perfect peace beautiful man you will live on in our hearts. Thank you for the music, entertainment and laughs. Saw you all in 2019 at London Stadium absolutely amazing. Love you, miss you❤



Rest in peace, Taylor. You are so missed by so many. I've never had the opportunity to meet you, other than to see you play at your concerts, but I feel like I lost a dear friend. Your beautiful, playful spirit always shined. Thank you for everything ❤❤❤

Rhonda Doherty

Beloit, Wisconsin

A week later, I can't believe it. Foo were coming to Lisbon. I can't believe this reality. I can't and I can't. Taylor. It cannot be true. Why would it be? Taylor is a human being of light, of smiles. I don't want to believe.



Now that you're gone I realize that you always were my favourite drummer and the soul of the band. It will never be the same without you and I will always remember the band with you as the drummer. You're family, Taylor. Thank you for everything.

João Pinheiro


Thank you for all the love,light and music ypu brought to the world Taylor.

You will never be forgotten.

All my love and prayers to your friends and family x

Owen allen

Liverpool, UK

I was heading out from my band's rehearsal room when I saw the news. I couldn't believe my eyes. My hero. I love you Taylor. Every time I hit that snare with your name on it you will live. I wouldn't be a drummer without you to inspire me. I'll see you soon through the crowd.

Rui Mário Silva

Porto, Portugal

"Saudade" is what we feel, it's not easy, yet we can only lose that which we once "had". We're grateful to have been inspired by Taylor. We send out love to everyone who's dealing with the realization that he is no longer experiencing life among us. He'll live on in our memories.

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Foo Fighters Portugal


One man who has inspired countless people, and I believe, will continue to do so..



This hit me harder than I imagined as I've never met Taylor so who am I to be upset. But that's the testament to him. His velocity on drums, his wit, his warmth, his lyrics and his musicianship... An immense loss. From 1st moshing live in '99 to now... Thank you Hawk. Fly high x


Manchester, UK

Thank you for all the years of incredible music. I can't believe you're not with us anymore my heart is broken. Taylor you were such a amazing musician and person you will be missed to no end. You have always been an inspiration to me and you will continue to be my hero.-MJ


Birmingham Alabama

You embodied what is goodness in the music industry. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. The Earth is a bleaker place without you.
I love you.

Maria Weigel

Atlanta, GA

Taylor. It’s hard to process this being a fan of the Foo Fighters and always watching you play the drums with the biggest smile because you loved music. My mom was a big fan of you guys and now I hope you are jamming for her since she too has passed. My heart goes out to your fam



Good bye my friend , your zildjian efx will live with me for ever ..thanks for every beat and cymbal. 😭


Brisbane Australia

The Foo Fighters music and presence in the world got me through though times, I got to see them in 2019 and cried with pure happiness during the show. Chemistry between the band members was unique and I can't imagine the band without Taylor, a one of a kind musician. RIP Taylor

Mieke Hegarty

Donegal, Ireland

Thanks Taylor for your golden smile and immense talent you shared with us all…you made us feel like your friend! We will forever be blessed with your beats.

Heartfelt sympathy going out to your beautiful family, friends and band. Stay Bright x


Perth, Australia

We'll miss you Taylor, one of the best guys around.



Beyond heartbroken for those who knew Taylor best.
Sending much love


New Zealand

Back in 2000, I traveled across states to see Foo Fighters with the Chili Peppers. Had no idea how to get back home. All I cared about was going to the show. That's the kind of thing my love for your music made me do. Thanks for the memories. May your beats resonate in eternity 🥁

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No words!! I'm from a family of drummers and vocalists, Taylor Hawkins, you were one of the greatest. Godspeed brother

Rose Maynard

Sweeny, TX

May you rest in piece sweet man and may god bless your family and friends

Noelle Richardson

Lake Forest CA

You will be deeply missed ❤️😥🥁


So Ca

The question is ..what will everyone do without Taylor. The answer is continue to live on, just heartbroken, but if we can manage to get up and honor him , we need to, as he deserves it, and we deserve to celebrate such an amazing human being God loaned us all, till we join him.

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Christopher Cannan

Saint Augustine Florida

The question is ..what will everyone do without Taylor. The answer is continue to live on, just heartbroken, but if we can manage to get up and honor him , we need to, as he deserves it, and we deserve to celebrate such an amazing human being God loaned us all, till we join him.

User Submitted Image

Christopher Cannan

Saint Augustine Florida

The question is ..what will everyone do without Taylor. The answer is continue to live on, just heartbroken, but if we can manage to get up and honor him , we need to, as he deserves it, and we deserve to celebrate such an amazing human being God loaned us all, till we join him.

User Submitted Image

Christopher Cannan

Saint Augustine Florida

Hangin' on here until I'm gone
Right where I belong just hangin' on
Even though, watched you come and go
How was I to know you'd steal the show?
RIP The Hawk
So talented. So young. Beautiful soul.

CJ Schaefer


To my favorite person who I never met, Rest In Peace 💔



So thankful to have seen Taylor perform as many times as I did. Such a force of light and thunder. So appreciative of his family for sharing him with all of us, my heart breaks for them. May we all take comfort in how he made us FEEL. He’ll live on through all of us. Thank you T



Exactly what that says! T was a powerhouse man & changed so many peoples lives! Rest Easy T! I’ll love you forever ❤️‍🩹

User Submitted Image



Yes you are the best flicker, Yes your smile is contagious, Yes you are simply the best behind the foo's and Yes we are all going to Fricken miss you. Thanks for all the memories Mr Taylor Hawkins ❤️

Hodette Gazzone

Western Australia

Thanks for the music. I am praying for peace for your family and friends. Rest easy 😞

Alesia Welch


Thanks for the music. I am praying for peace for your family and friends. Rest easy 😞

Alesia Welch


Taylor, thanks for making me love drums and rock music! Foo Fighters is my favorite band and sometimes it is hard to think that you are really gone! Thanks for making me fall more and more in love with Foo! Thank you for everything you've done in the music world! You are missed b



7 dias depois . Me parece um sonho mau mas eu vou acordar ,Taylor Hawkins é amor bondade poderoso Empático e,um baterista muito bom. Tive a sorte de o ver nunca vou esquecer , Taylor 4ever TaNk you and rest in peace my boy love you 💔💔💔💫😭.

Maria Fernandes

Lisbon Portugal

In the Earth like a Sky, God plays drums whith hearts , ancient instruments to the glory. Angels sings whit you Taylor. Your wanderful spirit, biutiful body, angel hair and depeer eyes Never forget All forever love you.💧🇦🇷


Buenos Aires, Argentina.🇦🇷

7 dias depois . Me parece um sonho mau mas eu vou acordar ,Taylor Hawkins é amor bondade poderoso Empático e,um baterista muito bom. Tive a sorte de o ver nunca vou esquecer , Taylor 4ever TaNk you and rest in peace my boy love you 💔💔💔💫😭.

Maria Fernandes

Lisbon Portugal

Gone way to soon so very heartbroken for his beautiful family and the band.💔What a beautiful soul he was , he burned bright, he just radiated love and light. RIP Taylor Hawkins 😢



In the earth like a sky God plays drums whith hearts, ancient instrument songs , angels sings to you Taylor your wonderfull spirit ,your glory forever .In your memory only love.💧🇦🇷


Buenos Aires, Argentina

God plays whith drums heart in the sky, instruments to your glory Taylor.Your wonderfull spirit your angel hair fly in the winds ,whith depper eyes ,see all times Live forever Taylor


Buenos Aires, Argentina.🇦🇷

I will forever be grateful for the memories. My husband and I bonded through the Foo Fighters, We married in 2006 and our honeymoon was the Skin and Bone acoustic tour.. My daughter was born on 2010 and her first FF concert was Asbury Park NJ. RIP Taylor, forever Loved!

Patti Ascari

Orange County, California

Much love and many prayers to Taylor’s family, the Foo Fighters family, and friends. May the memories of Taylor, his talent, and his beautiful smile sustain and comfort you. God’s blessings.

Ann M


I was lucky enough to see you play live in Edinburgh after Dave’s broken leg incident - best gig ever and feel honoured to have seen you guys play - I am genuinely heartbroken you have been taken too soon - it’s weird how not knowing someone personally yet feeling the grief xx


Leeds UK

Thank you Taylor for your heart and passion. For your talent and your relentless bashing behind a drum kit. I named my youngest son after you - Graham Taylor Peace - because I wanted him to know what it looks like to totally give yourself to something in life, just like you did.

Aaron Peace

Austin, TX

Taylor, I'm still in denial. This is not real, you are too pure. Thank you for the music and spirit. I'm so lucky and grateful to be your fan. Rest well, my hero. Have a blast up above. We love you, Taylor Hawkins 🖤
My deepest condolences to Foo Fighters and Taylor's family.

User Submitted Image

Alcila Abby

Sarawak, Borneo Island

FIRENZE 14/6/18, il mio compagno e quello di mia sorella sono diventati grandi fan di Taylor dopo aver sentito il suo drum solo a quel concerto😎 quanta adrenalina e senso di libertà ci hai trasmesso!!sei il migliore!!Mancherai a tutti❤️



Absolutely gutted 💔 Will miss that amazing big smile. My thoughts are with the rest of the band & family. Rest in peace Taylor.


Wolverhampton, England

Rest In Paradise Taylor. I’ve loved you guys for as long as I can remember, but Glasto 2017 was where I fell a little more in love with Taylor Hawkins. Your rendition of Queens ‘Under Pressure’- wow. That was my first & last time seeing you, but I will remember that night forever

User Submitted Image



I'm absolutely devastated. Such a talented musician who will be so missed. Sending lots of love to his friends, family and of course his bandmates. RIP Taylor xxx

Ruth Scammell


My deepest condolences to Taylors family and Dave and the rest of the band. To his family, be proud Taylor was obviously a beautiful soul that shone bright to people everywhere that hadn’t even met him personally like myself. To Dave, you guys were blessed to have met, he loved U

Linda Lewis


Resterai per sempre nelle menti e nei pensieri dei tuoi fans!
Fai scatenare il paradiso Taylor...rock for ever!

User Submitted Image



That infectious smile, someone who genuinely loved what he was doing, the enthusiasm and spirit. All this is how I saw Taylor. Immense talent. He was taken way too soon. Thank you for the memories. Rest in peace x


What a man you were. An ordinary hero. You will never be forgotten. Yours smile. Yours talent. Gone far to soon. I can truly imagine the loss and grief of the ones you know you in person, because even my grief is big. Rest in peace Taylor and thank you for the music.


Sending pur love and thoughts. To the Foo's and Hawkins family. A great drummer gone too soon x

Ruth Rogers

West Yorkshire

I never met you but I felt the joy you brought into the world. My thoughts are with your family, friends and the Foo family everywhere. A bright shining light has left us but we will always feel it’s warmth

User Submitted Image



Absolute legend…thank you for blessing us with your beautiful gift, you will be missed so so much. You will remain in our hearts and in our speakers for years to come, Rest in Paradise Taylor xxx

Tania C

Wollongong, AUSTRALIA

I have been lucky enough to watch you perform many times, for me I guess the most memorable was Hyde Park in 2006.

The world has lost a legend, you will be sorely missed 💔

Fly high Taylor Hawkins & make music with the angels 🕊



Last time I was lucky enough to see the FF's was in 2018 here in Adelaide at Coopers Stadium 🎵 I still actually can't believe you are no longer on this earth drumming & singing up a storm Taylor with your FF family 😭. My heart goes out to your family & FF. RIP dear Taylor ❤ xo

User Submitted Image

Sue Bradford-O'Reilly

Adelaide South Australia

I cried tears of joy when I finally got tickets to see the Foos at Manchester, June 2018. It was an incredible gig and I'll never forget the thrill of watching Taylor and his drum set rise up while he thrashed out the very heartbeat of the Foos; a beat now lost forever. I💙TH

User Submitted Image

Liz Jennings

Cheshire, UK

I've been a Foo fan as long as I can remember. When Taylor joined in, the music was magic. I have so many wonderful memories, pictures and videos of him in concert. RIP Taylor❤

Christi Wheeler

Amarillo, TX

To hear all the tributes about Taylor just makes it even more devastating.. what we all knew as fans and how we felt about just him just confirmed 10 fold as to the joy of a human he was… 2 years ago I even named my daughter after him… wishing you all strength and courage xxx

Jaime Parkin

Taupo nz

I adore the Foo Fighters and I love you as a drummer and a man. We have never met but I've seen you perform and read interviews and felt a connection to you, Dave and the rest of the band. Thank you for the music, memories and that big smile of yours. Rest In Power Taylor.

User Submitted Image

Mark Bickley

Birmingham, England

You made itTaylor to the stadium tours in a big way!! Your light in music shines and always will!!! May your family, friends and bandmates find peace. Godspeed

Terri R

Phoenix, AZ

Fly with the angels.

User Submitted Image



Sending love and support to the Foo Fighters family and Taylors family. 🙏❤️ Love the Patwell Family

User Submitted Image

The Patwell Family

You were sunshine. So much so, that your light and the love you brought will go on and never be forgotten. I am angered, that, like Elton once said "and even when you died, the press still hounded you." The vultures' stories will be forgotten. YOU will not. RIP angel.Fly high.



I’m just so sorry.

Heather Peacock


I am so sorry for the loss of this amazing talent, and from what I have been reading, a genuinely caring and loving man. May God bless your family and friends and give them strength, Taylor. My heart also goes out to the Foo Fighters.

Vicky Croft

Florida, USA

My condolence for Allie and child, to his family and friends and mostly to FF family. We're extremely shocked and sadly. Much love!!! And always remember Taylor with his amazing and shiny smile



Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart, and soul, there is no such thing as separation.
See you again next trip around the moon, Taylor.
Until then, enjoy the big band in the sky.
Big love to the Hawkins family & the Foos xx

User Submitted Image


Brisbane, Australia

Taylor, You, your music and your smile will be missed so much. The sun is certainly shining a little less bright now. Prayers for peace and healing to your family , band mates and friends. You will never be forgotten. Rest in everlasting peace….

Mary Hildebrandt

Your memory will live on through your music and for that we thank you. R.I.P Taylor. God bless you rock n roll angel.


Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦

Taylor, such a talent, taken far too soon. Thank you for the music. May you rest in peace 🙏 xxx

Jeanette Gill

Cardiff, UK

Thank you for the incerdible music. For one of the most incredible shows my husband and I have ever seen -Vegas'22- For keeping real rock n roll alive and inspiring future generations of musicians. My heart is with your family, fans and the musicians who knew and loved you.

Emma Harding

Calgary Canada

Only voice worthy of Queen, drum skills to rock my world &most beautiful youthful energy. Navigated 25 yrs of life since i was 10 with your gift of music. Generations to come will remember your name, we must honour worlds greatest drummer with annual tribute festival. Thank you x

Miriam Payne