Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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You will be missed so much. Thank yiu for all your music and your humility and grace.

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So heartbroken over this.Thank you Taylor for all your wonderful performances, your energy, your beautiful infectious smile, and your ability to connect with just about anybody! My deepest condolences to his family, Dave, the band, his friends and all us fans. RIP TAYLOR 💔

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Los Angeles, CA

Non credevo potesse mancarmi così tanto una persona che ho conosciuto solo tramite la musica e visto da lontano a qualche concerto. Ci manchi Taylor, non ti dimenticheremo mai e continueremo a sentirti vicino a noi grazie al suono eterno della tua batteria.



I didn't know Taylor personally, like most of us. But I feel connected to him through his music. Like an old good friend who has only gone on a short trip and whom I will meet again later. I wish the whole family much strength in this difficult time. Let's never forget Taylor! ❤

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💔 Devastated 💙 not ready to accept we’ve lost you x
My love and respect to the Foos and Family xx
R.I.P Taylor Hawkins absolutely unique and a complete legend 💔

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Clayworth , England

I don't think there is another band in history with the same chemistry as the Foos, particularly the chemistry between Dave and Taylor. Irreplaceable as a drummer, performer, and most importantly, human. You will be missed.


Too soon for you to leave us... Rest In Peace Taylor - you gave us so many smiles and laughs and rockin great times!


I dreamed about you last night... you were tired and wanted to rest. You were in my living room, laid on my rug. I turned off the light and closed the door. You looked at me, and smile.

The most vivid dream I ever had. Thank you for that!

Love u!

Amanda Menezes


One in a million. You will be missed forever. My heart and thoughts go out to your Family and the Foo's. The sky is a neighbourhood..rest in beats Taylor xxx

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Rachael Allatt

South Yorkshire, England

Fly high beautiful Taylor you brought so much happiness into peoples life with your amazing drumming , personality and prescence on stage .
My heart goes out to your family , band mates , friends and fans who are all beyond belief.



This has been such heartbreaking news. Taylor was F'ing man, the full package, talent, style, character, what a dude, I just can't comprehend that he's gone. To the Hawkins, Foo & music ind families, I am so incredibly sorry for the loss you are feeling. We'll miss you Taylor.

Simon Everest

Winchester UK

Taylor, your are missed.

Donna C


Taylor, you are one of my biggest influences; you are one of my heroes. I admired your passion for music and the presence you brought on stage. You will be deeply missed, but I’m glad you’re at peace. My heart goes out to your family, friends and your band mates.

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Ryan Valenti


Th for all those years of amazing music. It was a pleasure to watch you on stage over and over again!
You will be so missed! 💔💔💔

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Our hearts are hurting for the loss of Taylor. But the pain is nothing compared to his family and loved ones...We grieve because a wonderful and kind hearted human has left too soon. Peace and love and healing vibes for the Foo Fighters family everywhere

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Kathy and Danny Orjuela

Westminister Colorado

Taylor, you've been gone a week and my heart is still shattered 💔 how do I move on 😢

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Thank you Taylor. For the music, your smile. For sharing your music passion with us. I turned 50 exactly 2 months before you and the Foos have been my life soundtrack. Forever grateful for that. Hugs to your beautiful family and Foo brothers. You’re loss is deeply felt by all ❤️


Lunenburg, Ontario Canada

Thank you for sharing your gifts and your warm, humorous personality with us. Your music was a great gift and will continue to see me through each day. I pray for your family, Foo, and all that were privileged to know you. You are so missed!! Peace & God Bless ❤

Charity C.


Almost a week now and I still can’t believe that such a vibrant, clever, funny, talented person as Taylor has gone. Thank you for giving me solace in the last 25 years and for being my heartbeat. Love to his family and to Dave and the rest of the foos. We love you 💔

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Kent, UK

Thanks for the decades of shredding, Taylor! Your passion and your devotion to drumming and creating awesome, intense music have inspired millions around the world - myself included! Keep on rockin in the afterlife ❤️🤘🏽


Portland, OR

Taylor...you are so missed!You are loved and missed by more people than you will ever know. My heart goes to your wife,kids,family,friends. I'll never forget Record Store Day 2015 in Niles, Ohio when I got to meet you.
Rest in Beats
Michelle from Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania USA

A week on and we still can’t believe it. We loved your spirit and undeniable talent. You were so humble, unassuming and inspirational. Your loss will be felt for a long time. Can’t believe you’re gone.



Taylor was the one who inspired me to pick up some sticks and start drumming and is one of my biggest inspirations. His legacy will live on through his music and will continue to inspire so many future generations. There goes my hero❤ Fly high like a hawk bud ❤



Absolute legend,taken too soon . Amazing man loved him 💙

Lisa Cussell


Taylor you was a great drummer, a good friend of the whole foo fighters team



Love and Admiration My Guy!
My heart goes out to Taylor's family and Friends.
Rest Easy Legend ❤️

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I will forever cherish the memories and videos of the one FF concert I saw 9/13/21, and be truly grateful for that amazing experience! I will love & miss your beautful smile and your pure joy when playing drums & singing, Deepest condolences to the entire FF family!

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Long Island, NY

Taylor your amazing presence on stage, your drumming and wonderful voice will live on for ever. ❤️ You’ve kept me going through some turbulent times of my life and some happy times. Rest peacefully, love forever ❤️

Blaker Bev

Devon UK

I picked up drums when I was 9 thanks to you Taylor, and it shaped my life ever since. Your music got me through some of the hardest times of my life and I'll miss you always. Saw you twice, once with the Coattail Riders at Download and once with FF. Love you dude.



Taylor, did you have any idea how much you meant to do many? ❤️ Thank you for your infectious beats, your crazy shorts, your sense of humor & for bringing us pure joy. We are grateful for the times we were in your presence & we will miss you forever. Rest well Taylor xo

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Colleen Celmer

New Jersey

Goodnight Taylor, you were one of the best. Your legacy will continue in the songs we sing to our kids, the fun we share and the way we remember you and the rest of the band. Rest well xxx


Oxford, UK

Taylor , rest easy pal . You will be terribly missed by many across the world . You were a phenomenal musician . Thoughts are with your friends and family. X

Debbie Messis


Taylor... I don't know where to start... You were an inspiration to so many... I took up drums in my 40s because of you... I'm still practicing.. Will never be as good as you.... Keep beating them drums up there... Forever in our hearts...thete goes my hero xxx



You will dearly be missed Taylor. You had such a great talent. To Dave - How can words even express the pain I feel for you. We will be here when you decide to come back - until then we will be rocking to your music! Much love and peace to Taylor's family and the Foo Fighters!

Rhonda Wright

Greensboro, NC

Stacked Actors live had the best drums ever. Whenever I wanted to see drums, Taylor would be the first in my mind. Highly skilled. Irreplaceable. The Hawk xx

Rachel M

Kent, England

To the Hawkins family, Foo Fighters, NHC, Coattail Riders + many more. Words cant express the true loss of Taylor. He leaves a great legacy behind + his music will live on! Mind yourselves. The fans are here for ye too.Thank you for sharing him with us. He brought us so much joy.

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Pat O'Sullivan

Cork, Ireland

You guys are my favorite band and the biggest influence and inspiration to follow that “rock n roll” dream,I am so sorry for the loss of beloved Taylor Hawkins the man was just all around great from what I’ve seen he will be missed I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers .

Bobby Henderson

Having had the privilege to see you so many times live, sang with you like and with so many others until my lungs gave out. And all I am now is silent. Thinking of Alison, Oliver, Annabelle, Everleigh and the entire Foo Fighters family. May you make some noise in heaven ! x

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Rijsenhout, The Netherlands

You're the best, I'll be missing you Taylor , and now what? I don't have words yet, because is difficult to start possessing this hit for us 💔💔💔💔💔

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Thanks for the amazing memories you gave us in London 2018, forever in etched in our hearts.

Rip Taylor- Heaven just got a whole lot louder!

Russ and Crystal


Such a great loss, but never forgotten. I wish I had the chance to bring my little boy to watch you all play together. I will tell him the stories of the time Dave & Taylor played together, not as just great musicians and bandmaster, but also as brothers, as best friends.


Cardiff - Wales - UK

The world has lost a beautiful bright star💔 💔💔
RIP Taylor



Hey guys I am so sorry for your loss and I know that doesn’t help at all. Take your time in your grief it’s a very personal thing to go through. When I lost my stepson at age 15 my world as I knew it was over. I screamed Foo Fighter songs at the top of my lungs! Thank you



The world is a darker place without your smile. The sky is brighter as it’s gained another star. There goes my hero! Rock in paradise 🤘🏻


Manchester UK

This hurts it's so hard to let you go I will always love you always keep you alive in the Foo music. Your our angel now reat well. Dave hang in there buddy !!!

Kellie Raquel


Totally gutted you have been taken to soon 💔 rest easy my favourite Foo fighter will miss watching you live on stage playing the hell out those drums 🥁my heart is broken 💔 sending love to all your family & friends and your Foo brothers and of course your fans in our ❤️S 4ever xxxx

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Julie Batchelor


Guys, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. The world seems to have changed so much without Taylor in it. The Foos have continued to help me throughout my life. I was blown away by my first Foo Fighters concert and seeing you all come alive together, nothing beats that! Love2uallx

Vicky E


Milton Keynes 2018 - we spotted you across the carpark jumping in the van to the gig - when you saw we were there for the Foos, you waved the banana you were eating out of the window with the biggest best smile. Made our trip.
Love & thoughts to all
RIP Legend 💔♥️


South West UK

Thank You for giving me musical joy for over 20 years,

Ken Anderson


RIP Taylor
Heartbroken 💔
I hope Taylor’s loved ones find comfort knowing how much we adore him.
Such a privilege to be at Foo Fighters only Australian concert on March 4, 2022

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Geelong, Australia

There just are no words. The Foo Fighters were my band. They mean the world to me. Things will never ever be the same. I feel terrible for his family, friends, and band. They will never forget Taylor, no one will.
Rest In Peace Taylor! Keep on rocking!


New Brighton, MN

Oh what a great loss my dear Taylor…. We all miss you so much and we didn’t know you personally, your smile brought us sunshine every time, I can only imagine what is for your friends and family now… lot of love for them and for your fans… Rest In Peace my dear Taylor


Firenze Italy

I didn't meet you in person but the connection you gave us with your music made it feel like you were a friend. Thank you for just being you, your enthusiasm and smile, your energy and boundless talent. RIP Taylor see you on the other side.



My heart is broken and it feels like it won't mend again. I think about you and your work ,which made us and you so Happy. I think about the band and your family, there are so many people pouring their hearts out since you are gone. We love you much. We'll never forget you.

Ageliki Harla


Its been a week since the sun left us. Ive seen you and the band twice already from afar. This still feels like a dream. Thank you for sharing your infectious happiness and music. You truly are a sunshine in human form. We miss and ❤️ u, T🥺❤️


to all that knew Taylor, I'm devastated for you.... to dave, I'm so sorry for what you must be going through


howell Michigan

The loss that we feel is overwhelming. Thank u for your contribution to music, & allowing this one time terrified teenager to sit on your throne. Over the last few years I have shared your music w/ my girls. The little one wants 2 drum like “wild Taylor”. Your memory lives on

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You were an amazing musician that was taken from this world way to early. A master of your instrument who lite up a room with your presence and smile.
Rest in Peace and may you beat your drums forever and wherever you may be x

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Donna Francis

Edinburgh, Scotland

Rest In Peace Taylor. Not only were you an awesome musician but a great human being. The world is a much sadder place without you but your memory with love on forever as you touched millions of lives❤️



No words can describe what a void has been left in mine and alot of people's hearts.
Shine bright up there amd rock on xx

Rebecca Wiltshire

Taylor, the light from your smile alone was enough to brighten the world. Your talent, your energy, your sass, the obvious love you had for your wife and kids and friends will live on forever. Thank you for sharing all these things with the world. 💜.

Jenn and Ben

Baton Rouge

May you Rest In Peace. You will be missed much more than you can imagine.😢😢🙏🏻🙏🏻

Bob culver


It’s hard to say how much we will miss that smiling face & huge personality of Taylor but fuck we will man, you were the best, RIP Taylor😢

Kerry Hurley


Rest in peace Taylor. Thank you for the talent you shared with us. Your smile will never be forgotten. Fly high with the other greats. Prayers to his family and the band.


New York

RIP Taylor. May your spirit live on. You were a a true legend. I was fortunate to see you play with the Foos numerous times. You will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with your family and the Foo Family during this most difficult time. Fly High Hawk


Toronto Canada

Sending my love and strength to Taylor's family, friends and Foo family. This world has lost a bright, shining light. May his music and memory live on.

Lisa Gee

Adelaide, Australia

There are people in this world who leave lasting impressions on our hearts and souls and share with us their amazing talents and warm nature. Taylor was one of those people. And damnit that smile could light up a stadium. This just is not right. He will forever be missed.



Dear Taylor thank you for everything you gave to this world. Your talent, heart and soul. You are one of my favorite drummers to watch and I am thankful for all of the music you left us. RIP Taylor, we will never forget you.
To the Hawkins family you are in my thoughts & Prayers

Sherry Dibble

Beaumont California

Sending so much love and healing to Taylor’s family, and Foo Fighters family. My heart is broken for you all. It was a week ago today that the world got a little darker and colder. He was truly a light. Wishing you peace during this time.

Denise Chapman


Taylor, your music provided the backdrop to my life since my teenage years. It got me through so many dark times, happy times too. Your smile and talent inspired me over and over again. Thinking of your family, friends and band mates . You’ll always be missed. ♥️

Lisa Mulholland

Kent, UK

Taylor was always a a top tier drummer for me, but more than that he was always an incredible soul, all the stories I’ve heard have been nothing but things about how kind, caring, and amazing of a person he was. This one hurt but I know how much he will be missed. Rest Easy Buddy

Noah Michael

Portage MI

I'm so sorry darlin that you won't be here to see just how much your fan's, friend's and family will miss your beautiful smile... R.I.P.Taylor your gift of music will live on through us forever


Clt. N.C.

I'm so sorry darlin that you won't be here to see just how much your fan's, friend's and family will miss your beautiful smile... R.I.P.Taylor your gift of music will live on through us forever


Clt. N.C.

This is a picture of me before Dave’s broken leg tour. I am pretty broken up about you leaving us. You were such a bright light when all I saw was darkness. Foo got me through some real hairy moments. Thanks for all you were. Long live Foo Fighters!

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Mary Avery


There is no shortage of things I will miss. So many fond memories I will always cherish. While it hurts, I'm forever grateful for the joy, comfort, & inspiration he & his music brought me, & for the many times I was present to witness his immense talent. Thanks T, for everything.

Kaitlyn Estona


Shine bright Taylor, like the star you were.
You will be forever missed ❤️

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Suffolk, UK

Condolences to everyone, family, friends, colleagues and fans. Taylor’s passing was way too soon and he will be greatly missed by all. Rest easy 🌹

Paige Atkinson

Perth, Australia

Holy Shit,this news knocked me on my arse...don't think i've been affected about a death as much as i am now since Freddie Mercury passed,fly high Taylor goodnight & god bless 💔 my thoughts are with your lovely family & rest of the Foo's 🥁

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Shine bright Taylor, like the star you were.
You will be forever missed ❤️

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Suffolk, UK

Taylor, thank you for the joy you've brought to the world, broken hearts you've healed, lifting us from darkness, sharing your gift, and being yourself. You will be dearly missed. To all of the Foo and Hawkins family, may you feel our love and light always. RIP Taylor

Laura Forst


this one is hard for me. being a drummer myself, he was one of the greats that made me want to start playing. if it weren’t for taylor (and many other amazing drummers) i wouldn’t even know who i am. grieving this is hard because i’ve never met him but his legacy means everything

User Submitted Image

Ryan Claxton

Milwaukee, WI

Rest In Peace. Thank you for the music God Bless ♥️

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Erin S

Louisville, KY USA

We had the privilege of waiting out a flight delay at an LAX bar seated next to Taylor … we chatted like we were old friends and I made it clear I was a huge fan… he was so down to earth and just an awesome fucking guy … I’m just crushed … Fly high Taylor 🤍

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Danell and Randy

Boston MA

Gone too soon. You always look so happy and always smiling. Your incredible talent is irreplaceable. 💔



To Dave and the band, thank you for sharing that big bright light named Taylor with us. I hope knowing the impact you and Taylor have had gives you some comfort to ease the pain of his passing. The music you made saved many of us—literally. We love you forever. #FF ❤️

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Lisa Neuman

New Jersey, USA

I knew Taylor and Taylor knew me. We never met yet you and the guys are part of my heart. It’s broken now but you have a piece so please hold it close. I will never forget you my friend.

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Janeen Kuczero

Lafayette, IN

A true legend. RIP. I will never forget the 2018 rain show at Fenway. July 22nd Sunday night

Andrew G


What a extraordinary human. You will be missed...your talent will live on forever... my thoughts and prayers with his family. The band ...everyone....this was a hard hit! RIP TAYLOR ROCK ON ..FOREVER IN OUR 💕

Christy Stewart

Kearney mo

Truly Heartbreaking 💔. My condolences to Taylor’s family and the band members. The sky gained another bright star. Rest In Peace.

Mary Jones

Thunder Bay ON Canada

I am so sorry for your loss. May Taylor live on forever in the songs which have helped many of us survive. Much love.

Bryttany Cochran

Calhoun Ga

Words can’t even … the loss is great… the pain is real … the love is endless😢💕💕

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I never thought that my love of a band (and seriously the people in the band) would culminate in me introducing my son (center) to you all. Taylor, you inspired both my son and me so much. The music you created has been and will always be a major part of our life. We love you.

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Matthew Walton

Denver, PA

So incredibly heartbroken at the loss of Taylor, such a blinding light of awesomeness talent. The world is a dark, sad place without this kind soul in it. Much love to his family, his brothers The Foos, my sisters and brothers who all hope and pray this isn't the end.x

Hel Lloyd

Yorkshire England

I hope that you knew how much your music helped so many get through their lives, whether it's a celebration or a sad occasion we can turn the music up and feel good. We will miss you on this side, hope to hear your beautiful music on the other side someday.


Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I'll be missing you
Thinkin' of the day, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
I'll be missing you
Somebody tell me why
One black morning
When this life is over
I'll see your face

User Submitted Image


St. Louis, Mo

Taylor, Hawkins Family, and Foo Fighters. I can't even begin to imagine the pain you all are in right now. Your fans feel it too. I feel so lucky to be alive at the same time as Taylor and all of you. Heal up and know your fans love you and are thinking about you all every day.


Always so sweet when I asked for a pic - thank you for the soundtrack to my adult life. You will be honored always ♥️

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Dawn Robinson


Devastated. You were such an amazing down to earth man and even though you were always at the back of the stage, your presence was inspiring. Will miss your drum solos. RIP

Carley, Davydd and Jett

Melbourne Australia

Thank you for the music and the memories ❤️‍🩹🎶

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My condolences to Taylor’s friends and family, he has influenced so many lives in so many ways and his passing hurts so many world wide, Not only for the music he played, but for the experiences, passion and love he shared.

Garret S.