Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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Fly High, Fly wide and soar with the Angels. Rest in Peace Taylor.

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Major Donald J Mikler


Unabashed energy personified. Chevy Metal show at Kaboo and last year’s Ohana. He was everywhere at all at once. A musicologist and a musician. I’m sad for his loss, for his band, his family, and the world. A beautiful set of concerts that showcased his musical life & influence.

Bill Kane

Con Tylor se fue una parte de mi adolescencia, de mi juventud y de mi vida. Siempre fue una inspiración de lo que es un buen artista.

Vuela alto, Hawkins.

Checho Ortega

Medellín, Colombia

El mejor recital que vi! Inolvidable! 20/03/2022 ARGENTINA

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Was a pleasure to watch you play all these years! You are missed!

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Was a pleasure to watch you play all these years! You are missed!

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You were my biggest musical inspiration as a drummer and singer. Your energy, humour and smile remain unforgotten. May your work and spirit live on and make this planet a better place. All the best to you and the Foo Fighters family. With love, respect and gratitude...


Hamburg, Germany

Taylor,your bright happy light is surely missed and a empty place in everyone's heart.. and now a huge emptiness in the musical industry that cannot ever be replaced. I know you're doing well now up with all the happy musicians and making beautiful music together!


Va Beach Virginia

Taylor- you’ve been in my ears since I was 11 years old. Thank you for being with me through all of life’s ups and downs since then. The world is dimmer without your light, but we will move forward attempting to bring that light you exuded to others.

Ashley Procter


I still can’t hold my tears back when I watch a movie from anything with Taylor! My best concert memory is Stockholm when Dave broke his leg, Taylor just kept playing the drums and kept us in the arena♥️



Your the only reason i got into drumming what a sad dae when u passed REST IN LIFE....MY FRIEND


New Zealand

u will be missed


I was really shocked and devastated to hear the loss of Taylor Hawkins. I was fortunate to see you play at the fed ex forem. Concrete and Gold tour. Your still my favorite band .



P.S Over and Out



There are no words to describe the loss of a being as wonderful as Taylor, always cheerful, kind, energetic, one person out of a thousand that I will always remember. You are sorely missed! :,(

Maria Candelo


Taylor, you were my first drummer crush, starting with the day I saw you play with Alanis. We all watched you flourish from a wacky talented kid into a brilliantly talented man. I will ALWAYS miss you.

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Los Angeles

7 months later & I still can’t understand that you’re not here anymore. So many people so deeply affected by a loss of somebody they never knew. They broke the mold when they made you, Taylor. A beautiful soul gone FAR too soon but never, EVER forgotten x



There’s not a day I don’t think about Taylor, he’ll forever live and be loved in my heart 🤍



My house rocks Foo songs daily. My granddaughters and I wildly dance to your vocals on Led Zeppelin’s Rock & Roll. ❤️ that the Laguna Beach memorial gives musicians a place to share their talents. That’s SO way cool, just like you. Your beat will go on & on & on & on. ❤️you Taylor!

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Pam M

St Louis, Mo

thank you for everything you gave to your fans. we love you and miss you and we hope your family finds comfort in knowing you reached so many people with your music and life. rock on, dude.



In my 32 spins around the sun, nothing has ever hurt like this. Over 7 months on, the pain is still palpable and the grief continues to strike at any time, such as yesterday listening to Aurora. Thank you for the memories and my 13 incredible Foo Fighters shows. I loved you x

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Jack Morrison

West Sussex, UK

I will miss you, your energy and your music, everytime i play drums i think of you and your huge talent. Every hit and kick will be in your memory. Love to your family.

Simplemente Memo


Taylor, Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world. I am devastated at the news of your death. Sending love to your beautiful family and your Foo Fighters family. May your memory be a blessing to all who knew you. RIP


Burlingame, CA

R.I.P Taylor.. i will NEVER forget you xxxx

Carol Rossi

I will miss you Taylor. You are my favourite drummer. I never saw you live but I listen to you every day.

Archie - age 8


The world is a much lesser place without the Hawk man. Drumming lost a great. Music lost a god. 🤟🏼

Martin Fox


Taylor had the world by the balls and he knew it in his own tank top shorts wearing way. He is still with us in all of his music and it makes me smile even tho sad … Bless his family

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Nancy Newman


I will always love you 🤍



Taylor, I always thought you were a great drummer and really enjoyed seeing you on stage with your bandmates. I remember the Concrete and Gold tour, noticed you were wearing EVH pants, and bought a EVH outfit to wear to my next FF show. You are so missed. Thank you; and RIP.


Maryland, USA

You've inspired me in way's that no other drummer could ever. Ever since I was six year's old I wanted to be in a band like you and at sixteen here I am drumming for one.

You're a legend to me and so many others, may the Hawk R.I.P

Eddie Stinnett

West Virginia

ever since i saw what your brothers did for you, i haven’t stopped crying at all. You will be eternally missed but, now that you’re an angel, look down on your brothers, children and wife and let them know that this isn’t a goodbye but a “see you later”. ❤️


My heart&thoughts r with the taylors &family its very sad that we lost him I miss him everyday RIP taylorhawkins we luv u more than ever [email protected] we lost a very special beautiful sole in u ur forever loved &forever missed we love you buddy #davegrohtaylorhawkins

Hawkey Leanne

Kearney Ontario Canada

We miss you Taylor. You were to many of us an Idol and a loved person. May you Rest in Peace now. We love you and miss you so much.

Sophie and Alessandro Gerbaudo


I'm a former professional musician myself - and older than all the Foo Fighters, other than Pat. Like Taylor, I've also been a 'music tragic' all my life, but I've never felt sadder about the loss of any musician and that's a true sign of the genuine esteem I held Taylor in.

Glenn K


To all that lost an amazing friend, drummer, and family man my deepest condolences, watching this band from afar their music and songs got me thru a lot as well as their humor, but I have learned in life if you close your eyes and listen to your heart you will hear and feel him



Sending condolences to the Hawkins family will be sorely missed rip Taylor

Beverley sposito

Bristol UK England

Loosing someone that you love is never going to be a easy thing to deal with. I just lost my guitar player Denny, that I grew up with. It's been almost two years. And I still hurt bad . Please except my condolences for Taylor and I hope everyone's pain turns into happy memories.

Brian Wicks

Florence, Oregon

I don't have the words to how much we miss you taylor, I had the privilege to see you in show a year or two before you passed you will be forever remembered and forever loved ❤️



It has been more than nine months and it is still hard to accept that Taylor is gone... Is it weird to feel so sad for losing somebody you never met, but hurts the same as losing a friend. See you soon, Taylor!


Your kindness, enthusiasm & generosity radiated with every interaction with fans. You were the anti- rockstar. No ego and love for all. It was inspiring. Your music means so much to me and although you've left us all too soon I will carry you in my heart forever. Rest in beats♡

Donna Marie

Cape Cod

I'm now taking comfort in knowing you'll always have my back. The world does not shine as brightly without you, but I'm certain you're shining brighter than ever. ✨️

Love and prayers to your family, friends and fans!

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Stefanie Decker


I’m so very sorry for this huge loss! My love goes out to Taylor’s family & brothers from the Foos. Thank you for being the calibre of a man & musician that you were. My dream was to meet you and the Foos. Not just because of the music. That’s a given. The Foos are so much more.

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Angel Buziak

Warman, Saskatchewan

I didn’t know what to put on this board because I didn’t know how to phrase how much You effected my life. And it’s crazy because Ive never met you, but you changed my life. And I am forever grateful for all the joy, inspiration and goodness you spread in the world. We love you!

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Taylor was one of my greatest influences. Not only as a drummer, but as an example of a person. He was kindhearted, funny and humble. I will never forget him, and I would like to thank Foo Fighters for the amazing music they have provided in my early teen years.


United States

Taylor’s music was and is getting me thru the most difficult time of my life. I listen to him (and the foo’s) while receiving weekly chemo infusions. It takes me away to a place of peace, wonderment and joy. Much love and for always grateful x


South Africa