Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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Taylor….you were the best! So very sad. They built a stadium for you and the Foos before the Super Bowl, and seeing all of you was one of the best days of my life. Sending love to your family, Dave, the band, all Foo Fighter fans everywhere. ❤️


Atlanta, GA

Such a wonderful talent left us with such a huge void. My heart , love and condolences to his family, friends and the band members who i imagine totally devastated. Been listening to the foo’s everyday since. Fly high Taylor you will be immensely missed




Words can’t express the influence you’ve had on myself and countless others not only as an amazing musician, but an amazing man. Until we meet at that Great Gig, rest easy brother.

RIP Taylor Hawkins - a true drum god.



I'm so desperately sad that such a talented, enthusiastic, amazing human has passed away so soon. I've been in awe at your journey with the Foos, as well as your friendship & brotherhood with Dave. The world is a darker place without you shining love & light on us all 💔💔💔

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Durham, England.

Your smile lit up the world!

My sincere sympathy to Taylor's family and his Foo family xo



Your music and your drumming has moved me for so many years. The idea that I'll never get to see you play again breaks my heart. I can't fathom it. Thank you for all the smiles your music has provided me and so many Foos fans. We'll miss you.


San Diego

Your love of music, of life, of your fans, was infectious.
A musician's musician.
That smile never waned, and never did your energy!
Thank you, Taylor! May God have a special place in Heaven for you!

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Eddie Boyd

Glenside, PA

My deepest sympathy for the loss of Taylor💔. He was an inspiration and had a wonderful contagious smile. May he rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, children, family, and the Foo Fighters.God Bless you all❤️


Your smile will never be forgoten. Thank you Taylor for bringing so much joy to our family with your music and intensity. Rock in Peace.

Claudia, Hector, Miguel and Samuel


When I play the Foos, all I hear now is your drumming, I'm honed in on it. Rip Taylor, your gone but never forgotten, heaven's a louder place now 💔😎🤟


Newquay UK

You will be missed. Rest in peace taylor. ❤



Your legacy will live on forever. The world is a less happy place without your beautiful heart and soul. Sending love to Alison and the rest of your family and friends.

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Pennsylvania USA

Thank you for sharing your music with us all. You are sorely missed. ♥️



RIP dear Taylor! Your talent and beautiful soul will be missed for many years. I know you have joined our dear Freddie Mercury!

Sandy Richardson

Taylor— you are missed beyond measure. We were all blessed to have experienced your gifts that shared every time you walked on stage. Dave/Pat/Chris/Nate/Rami— our hearts hurt with yours; may your memories keep Taylor close to you. Dave— sending you a shit ton of extra ❤️❤️❤️.


Annapolis, MD

The first law of thermodynamics tells us matter can neither be created or destroyed. Which means, somewhere, you are still out there. And for that, I am grateful.



Foo Fighters music helped me heal some pain after losing my son Adam when he was 21. Listening to your songs gave me some strength . Fly high Taylor! You gave so much joy to this world! Prayers and love to your family, band mates, friends and fans! 🙏🏻💚



It's been almost 2weeks and I'm still crying everyday



You were enormous and with your departure you became eternal, thank you for making the world a better place, thank you for shining and giving us your light. We are very sad because we will no longer see your passion and dedication, but such is life. Rest in peace, sweet prince.

Josías Espinosa


Sadly, I've never seen the Foo Fighters live but have watched countless videos, interviews and tributes over the past week. You were truly a beautiful soul with amazing talent. My heart goes out to all who knew him. Rest easy Taylor.

Lisa D.

I have never felt a loss like I have with losing Taylor. Even though we never met I grieve as though I've known him forever. He was so down to earth and such an impactful caring person you couldn't help but love him. Prayers go out to his family.

Paige M

Ottawa Ontario Canada

I am praying for comfort, courage and peace for all of you guys.

Jessica Villar

Dickson TN

Obrigado por tudo Taylor, sua alegria me contagia sempre que te ouço nas musicas e foi assim que me tornei seu fã...você e a banda me fizeram sorrir em momentos difíceis e sou muito grato a isso. RIP Taylor, nós te amamos e você sempre estará vivo em nossos corações🖤



Taylor meant so much to the music world. His humble joy seemed contagious. Some friends and I from a handful of music podcasts collaborated on a tribute that we truly believe honors him well. Here's the link, in case anyone would like to reminisce with us: www.itchrocks.com/94

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Aaron Brummet

Of course his heart was two times a same sized human when he passed. He put 300% energy into all he did. All that he gave to his family, the Foos, and his fans took a toll. You will hawk on with us always. Thank you for your artistry and fucking passion. 🙏

Nicole Obrien


It is no wonder your heart was so big when you died...that's how you were in life. You loved your family, the Foos and your fans so much. Thank you for your fucking passion and zeal. I didn't know you personally, but am still grieving the loss of a kind, human musician and human.

Nicole obrien


My turning point was discovering the Foos and falling in love with Taylor - your smile, attitude, and passion. Thank you for helping me through every challenge. You have been with me longer than anyone, and will always be part of my identity. Love to everyone feeling the loss! xx




Your talent was so inspiring, to the point where i bought my own drum kit, after 1 concert! You are amazing!

And I always fancied you.



Christchurch, NZ

Everything still feels so unreal. I've always heard it said, "a band is only as good as its drummer." And you were that good drummer, not just good, but the best..will sorely miss you. Love and light to your family, your Foo Fighter brothers, and everyone who loves you.



Thanks for the memories and the music, for your enthusiasm and smile.
I was lucky enough to see the band live and I will cherish that evening close to my heart for ever. You will never be forgotten. A big hug to your family, bandmates and friends.



After being a fan for 26 years I finally got my number one bucket list wish... my own ticket to come see you in Birmingham 2022. Just wanted Dave to point in my direction and call out "mother f###ers". Just wanted to feel the music in my chest. Utterly gutted to lose a music lege

Kerry Pottage

Messingham, Uk

After being a fan for 26 years I finally got my number one bucket list wish... my own ticket to come see you in Birmingham 2022. Just wanted Dave to point in my direction and call out "mother f###ers". Just wanted to feel the music in my chest. Utterly gutted to lose a legend 😢

Kerry Pottage

Messingham, Uk

I've bn lstning to ur music snce highskul & hve been a fan since.Smething about u was always captivating & ur energy was so lovely.My attention wud always draw towards u.Ur music has done so much for me.I have a son now and i will show him how awesome u r. I luv u ur home nw



I've bn lstning to ur music snce highskul & hve been a fan since.Smething about u was always captivating & ur energy was so lovely.My attention wud always draw towards u.Ur music has done so much for me.I have a son now and i will show him how awesome u r. I luv u ur home nw



I cannot thank you enough for being part of what shaped my personality and me as a person, Thank you Taylor, I'll keep you in my heart forever, God bless you

Alexis Gonzalez


Taylor, Your beautiful smile and your amazing talent will be missed so so much. Love to you, your family, friends and Foo Fighters. Rest in Peace Xxxxxx

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A true legend! saw you play in Ireland many years ago and was so excited to see you in Abu Dhabi this year but sadly was not meant to be. Rest In Peace Taylor Hawkins. Gone far too soon. Our thoughts with all your family at this time ✨✨



Taylor - You were the greatest of our time ...

Richard Gower


As a drummer, I have looked up to you and have admired your playing. As a person, I have admired your love of people and music. You will be missed greatly.


Cleveland, Tennessee

I read a tribute of you as sunshine on legs, so true! There goes my hero, watch him as he goes. RIP Taylor and thank you for the music! X

Sarah Long


Prayers to the band and family. This is beyond sad


Fredericksburg va

I remember seeing Foo Fighters in NOLA at the Jazz Fest. You could feel the love the band members had for each other. Nobody stole each other’s spotlight. I’m devastated for his wife and three young children. His friendship with Dave and the band was undeniable. Taylor RIP 💔❤️

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Aileen Kelly

New Orleans - 2018

To the family, friends, and band mates of Taylor Hawkins. I am so sorry for your loss. Taylor was so brilliant and such a bright star I am sure he is greatly missed by you all.. May peace and love surround you today and in the days to come as you reflect on his life and legacy.



I can’t even tell you how much time and effort I put in over the last 15 years to copy your every move behind the kit. From Foo Factor to Too Fighters and all the bands in between, so much time studying while admiring your greatness. You are and will always be MY HERO!

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Jay Cabrera


Genuinely devastated. I met Taylor in 2007, he and the band came into my store for a coffee. He was so nice, so down to earth. My heart just breaks for Dave,the band and the Foos family. Rock in peace Taylor. You were the best 💔🤘

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Manchester, UK

You lit up the world with that smile. You will be missed, but the memories live on! Sending love to all who are hurting from this tragic loss. This was at the Chevy Metal show after Bottle Rock 2016.. your shine was infectious. ❤️

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Teresa McKinney


You didn’t even know the impact and impression you would leave on us all. You were a legend and you didn’t even know it. I will miss you, we will miss you, the world will miss you. Fly high Taylor. There goes my Hero.


Cheshire, CT, USA

Taylor Fucking Hawkins What A Legend. Bang out those songs in Heaven my friend. Peace and Love



This has been a tough one to get my head around. We have lost one of the greatest musicians and human beings on the planet. I'm so pleaded that I got to see you play and sing live Taylor. Thank you for being the inspiration to my youngest son and his love of drumming. ❤️❤️😔❤️❤️

Dabe West

Wetherby, UK

Still finding the words to describe this immense feeling of sadness, devastation, and emptiness…as I continue to try to come to terms with your passing, Taylor. A human I never met face to face, but realised that you (and all the Foos) have been with me majority of my life. RIPx


Perth, West Australia

Fly high and keep on shining, Taylor. You'll live forever in our hearts. Xx

Karina Cox


4.99 pants, fanboy, incredible energy, presence, skill & dedication. very much needed, so so sorely missed. deepest thanks combined with unbelievably inconvenient and uncontrollable sobs. poor repay for what you gave, all I can master atm.



Never will I ever forget that moment Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were discussing vibrators on stage, during the Foo Fighters show at Pinkpop 2011 @ Landgraaf (The Netherlands)

Rest In Peace Taylor 🖤


I saw you only once on a concert in Prague 2017 - so much power, joy, fun…great and funny man. Rest in beats Taylor. My deepest condolences to your Family and Foo Fighters band!


Brno, Czech Republic

I am so very sorry Taylor for not listening to your amazing music while you were here. Since your passing I find myself drawn to your music and grieving for you and your family. You were an amazing light that will forever shine. Rest In Peace beautiful, Rest In Peace.

Mary Ozga

I still can't believe you left belovev Taylor Hawkins 💔
In these last 13 days I haven't stopped looking at you playing live, your energy, your heart beating in every beat, your search for perfection, your sweet smile, your beautiful complicity with David. For ever in my ❤️

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I still can't believe you left belovev Taylor Hawkins 💔
In these last 13 days I haven't stopped looking at you playing live, your energy, your heart beating in every beat, your search for perfection, your sweet smile, your beautiful complicity with David. For ever in my ❤️

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My heart is crushed for everyone who loved you Taylor,especially Allison & the kids, Dave & the band. May they find comfort in the memories of the love they shared with you & may those precious memories bring peace to their broken hearts. I'm not sure when I'll stop crying 😢💔

Scarlet Johnston


Thank you for all the music Taylor! Thank you for dedicating your life to music and the craft. We will all miss your energy, your unique feel on the drums, your beautiful voice, your infectious smile, and your endless love for music. I hope you know how loved you are.

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Los Angeles

I still can’t believe you’re gone.Thank you for the music,the beats,the beautiful smiles,and wonderful shorts.I will love and miss you forever.Heaven is a Big Bang now, rest in rock Taylor. Xxx



Rest In Peace Taylor, an incredibly talented musician gone way too soon.
Sending Love & light to the Hawkins family and his Foo Fighters family.
God Speed

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Renee Bennett

Gold Coast, Australia

Wishing peace to those who knew and loved Taylor, and to those of us who came to love him through his music and his beautiful spirit.


New York

Thank you Taylor and the Foos for filling my teenage years with lots of great rock n' roll, may you rest in peace and all my condolences to the Foos and Taylor's family.

Enrique Nicolás

Asunción, Paraguay

Everlong. 🕊

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Another shining light faded too fast.
Thanks for all the memories , the smiles & the music.
Such a tragic loss , God bless & rest in eternal peace x

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Graeme , Jeni


So sorry to ALL Taylor's friends,family,bandmates & fans around the world.💔We shall NEVER forget all the music & memories!!!
& especially Taylor's beautiful heart & smile.FOREVER MISSED & LOVE & HUGS to ALL.Theres a new 😇 angel up there now watching over all of us xo😥

McDougall Annette

🇨🇦 Ontario,CANADA

I saw you in 97 and can’t believe we won’t see T again
What a man what a band mate what a friend what a father/ husband
The world will be a darker quieter place now his star has burnt out 🖤

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Leeds U.K.

Thanks for the music, the backbeat, the memories and your light!🥁🙏

User Submitted Image

Dean M


My prayers go out to the foo fighter members and families. Dave it’s going to be ok you have a strong foundation of family friends and of course your mother. I know it’s going to very hard at times, but your love for life your music and books will help millions.

Kenneth platt

Asheville nc

I'm absolutely gutted about Taylor Hawkins passing away.. I've been a fan of his when he was alanis morissettes drummer and I've been A fan of foo fighters before he joined i was thrilled when he joined the foo's.. he was the most underrated drummer in the world... rest in peace


Tasmania Australia

rest in peace Taylor Hawkins I love you, you were amazing at drumming and singing.. I'm shattered.. you are a legend.. my condolences to his wife and kids, and also to Dave Grohl he would be a mess they were like brothers . Sending my love to all affected by this massive loss..


Tasmania Australia

you'll be missed by many Taylor Hawkins... RIP ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏 his infectious smile, laughter and that love of playing the drums will always remain with us...he was so passionate about what he did.. and it showed... sadly 10 years ago my father passed away of a Heart Attack aged 50.RIP


Tasmania Australia

God bless to all the Hawkins family , The Foo family.
Such a tragic loss , rest in eternal peace Taylor .

Graeme , Jeni


Te amo mucho taylor! Vuela alto amigo.....


Vuela alto heroe!! Te voy a querer toda la vida...
Por siempre estaras en mi corazon amigo..

Andrea Rieger


I first saw the Foo Fighters live in Dec 2005 at Earls Court, you guys blew me away at every gig since. Dave introduces the band and the loudest cheer is for Taylor Hawkins, held in such high esteem. Your power was absolutely awesome, thank you for the music & memories. RIP Sir

Mark Jones

Lancaster, U.K.

Heartfelt condolences to Taylor’s family, Dave and the Foo Fighters family, his friends and anyone who knew him or was touched by his music. There are a lot of us. We’ll never forget you Taylor; your memory lives on in all of us. Long live The Hawk!



You were an awesome, legendary drummer Taylor. R.I.P

Betty R


Thank you for everything you gave us with your entire heart and soul. Words cannot express how much we miss you, your talent, grace and smile. Condolences to your family and friends. Rest in peace young man x



Thank you for the music. Rest in peace in rock heaven x


Cheshire uk

It has been 2 weeks and I am still having such a hard time with this! Taylor should still be with us! So hard to accept he is gone! Such a beautiful person and great friend to Dave! Miss him so much! 😢

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Toronto, Canada

Taylor's spirit in music was always so awesome to see. Seen Foo Fighters live several times but my daughter will always remember Taylor chucking drumsticks into crowd- Wasting Light tour. She got one of them and loved how fun and memorable he made that first rock show! 💙🥁



Taylor….. I’m just gutted man…. Thank you for being you.

Chris Smith

Charlotte, NC

Taylor, I will miss seeing you everywhere. You're smile and laugh and your lust for life. Your absolute dedication to the music you made will make people happy forever! My deepest condolences go to your family, friends and the band.

Maureen Johnson

Baxter Iowa

Dude what a beautiful soul, sexy man, and mischievous imp, not to mention a god on drums.... what a life you lived the dream and stayed down to earth your legend will live on.

User Submitted Image

Mairi Lewis-Smith

Nelson, NZ

Dude what a beautiful soul, sexy man, and mischievous imp, not to mention a god on drums.... what a life you lived the dream and stayed down to earth your legend will live on. This photo was on the fb page, I love it, I'd call it 'Taylor Stylin' - credit @magdawosinkskastudio

User Submitted Image

Mairi Lewis-Smith

Nelson, NZ

My FF story is…I was going to a) see Foo Fighters at b) Redrocks in Denver! Two firsts for me. They had to cancel , I went into mourning. Finally had the opportunity to see them in Austin a few years ago. Best live band ever! I will forever mourn the very hard loss of Taylor. RIP


Thanks for the music. I pray you are happy now. You will be truly missed.



We will miss you forever Taylor. Your infectious smile, wit, and charm will always remain in our hearts. To the band, sending all my love and prayers to yall. To Taylor's family, sending love and healing light to yall.

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Thank you for sharing the joy of music. To say that you will be missed is quite an understatement. May you Rest In Peace. I know you walk with the angels now❤️ I continue to pray for your family, as well as the millions who love you.

User Submitted Image


Emmaus, PA

My Deepest Condolences to the band and to his family and to all the fans

Vicki savage


It's hard you not being here anymore, after 25 years of you being a massive part of my life its been so hard to take, love you guys, RIP Taylor



So much joy and light left the world when we lost Taylor. I never knew him, never saw the Foo Fighters live, but always lived their music. Part of the magic was the evident love between Dave and Taylor. Blessings to him, his family and friends and all who adored him.💔

Helen Fitzsimmons

New Jersey

Rip Taylor Hawkins.. will miss your smile!

User Submitted Image

Sharon Swinney

Rip Taylor Hawkins..will miss your smile..wish Dave and the band and your family peace!

User Submitted Image

Sharon Swinney

Dallas tx

R. I. P. Taylor. Such a great loss. Still in shock. You always will be my hero. The world is not the same without your smile, your music and your entire person.



You will be missed so much Taylor. You and your music have been a huge inspiration to me over the years and it's hard to imagine the Foos without you
Condolences to the Foos Family and to your family xxxx

Sue Flanagan


Such a talented beautiful person. So tragic. RIP Taylor and condolences and much love being sent to Taylor's family, Dave and the Foo Family and fans. Such a beautiful light, the world will shine dimmer now. I am amazed at the grief I feel for someone I sadly never got to meet x

User Submitted Image

Jan MacFarlane

Auckland, New Zealand

I can't even begin to comprehend how Taylor's wife, children and family are feeling along with Dave and rest of the Foo Family right now 💔💔

Take care and be there for each other at this most difficult time... sending all my love and thoughts to you ❤️.


Kilkenny, Ireland 🇮🇪

You were a beast behind the drums but one with a big heart. We will miss your enthusiasm and big smile. Gone too soon 😢. We're going to miss you 😔. Solidity too your wife and children and Foo Fightersfamily. ❤️‍🩹