Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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It has been almost 3 months and still in disbelief. I haven't done so much drumming in my life. You made me a better drummer...wanting to be like you, I tried to play like you. You were one of a kind and will always be loved and missed. See you on the other side and play hard!

Shane Wright

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In the words of Dr Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened’. I cried over his loss but grateful to have shared witness of the light of a great human living his dream!! May his family & friends know how fortunate they are to have had Taylor in their lives.


Honolulu, HI

The Foo Fighters were the sound track to my teenage years and beyond. I'll never forget being 17, clinging onto the railings at my first Foo's gig with my best friend. Thank you Taylor for those memories and for the music. I hope you knew how much you meant to so many x



I gotta say your music saved me. I was in an awful place and it was the foo fighters who helped me. Taylor brought and delivered some incredible music to all of us and we are more then grateful to them. You will be dearly missed Taylor. Thank you so much for helping me.


In 98 I attended a show. You stopped the performance an proceeded to inflect human goodness an kindness by getting a woman out of the crowd that was in a bad situation. I came away knowing there are good ppl out there. You will be missed an my sympathies to your loved one’s.


Fort Wayne Indiana

Foo Fighters are the reason I wanted to learn how to play the drums. Taylor is the reason I wanted to get a set of Tama Starclassics whenever I could afford them. I hope you're at peace, wherever you are.


Ontario, Canada

My condolences to our large Foo Fighters family, he will be missed may THE SUN GOD RA be with us ALL

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Yzadora Roxanna Castillo

San Jose CA

Your character and charisma encouraged me to be myself, have fun, and enjoy the little things in life. Your music helped me overcome many of life’s obstacles. Thank you, T



In 2020 my friend got me hooked, In 2021 I was able to see you guys at Bottle Rock. I fell deeper in awe of you guys and especially Taylor. His infectious smile, amazing drumming. His loss is tragic and my ❤️🙏go to the families. I got this in his honor.

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my mom would always tell me about how taylor hawkins was her favorite member of the foo fighters



Rest In Peace to a legend. You are so missed.

Madeline Jackson


So sorry for your loss what a beautiful man. Love always



I'm coming to your tribute show. I should be seeing you in two weeks but this is how it is now. Fly high Hawk xx


Sompting, England

I wish I was as awesome as Taylor Hawkins, what a awesome energy ♥️



I just want to thank you for making my life a better place. God bless you Taylor



You will be missed. Saw Foo Fighters three times. Was about to be our fourth. The band was always playing in Toronto either just before our wedding or around our wedding anniversary. It was awesome to share great times. Hope your drumming wherever you are ❤️

Samantha Torrance

Ontario, Canada

Still can't believe you are gone. I will miss you and I can't even begin to fathom what your family, your friends and bandmates are feeling. So sad to see you go.



Taylor, you touched so many people with your music, smile & love for your family, bandmates and fans, that you will never be forgotten. You left this earth way to early! I was hoping to see you play with my 12 year old son who is also a drummer & inspired by your talent. RIP ❤

Tammie Wholihan

Los Angeles

The world will always remember the name Taylor Hawkins. Thank you for being such an important part of my life, and for creating music that I will listen to and love for the rest of my life.



Despite the time that has past I’m still at a loss for words. I want to simply thank you for the music and the legacy you left behind. I meet you once and never expected you to be so sweet and kind. Thank you this memory. I will forever cherish this. R.I.P.



Taylor, you taught us all how to love better, and more freely. You were a masterpiece of a person, and we will always greatly miss you. Rest in rock. 🦅🥁


Los Angeles, CA

Words can’t describe the immense sadness I feel, I’ve traveled many miles to see the best band in the world with of course the best drummer ever, your an Animal !! you are so missed!!! You will never be forgotten!!♥️

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Krissie Douglas

Reno Nevada

Music has always been important to me on an emotional and spiritual level but I wasn't a concert goer. After Cornel passed, I vowed to see all those bands I always said I was going to see. FF was first and still the best. Thank you for everything!


North Carolina, USA

Taylor, your bright light will always radiate. It will help those struggling in the dark find the light.Thanks for everything...the passion, the music and the person you will always be remembered as. Everlong your fan! ❤️



you were golden. thank you for stepping into this world, cause you were an angel. you are missed daily by us all.cant believe you are gone. death has nothing to do with someone so bright, so full of life and joy like you. doesnt seem real. see you next lifetime,we will meet again



Talor, you helped me through some very tough times in my life with your music. God bless you and your family.

bob giese

st louis

I’ve never been so sad to lose someone I never met, but I loved and admired him so much, so talented and beautiful inside and out, he was and is my inspiration. I will miss him as long as I live and hope I meet him eventually on the other side. A legend, my hero 💔

Vicky Riley


You will be greatly missed, Taylor. One of the greatest drummer of this generation, or ever for that matter. Truly an inspiration. Keep shining your light down on us all. ❤️

Joey C

Hudson Valley, NY

dear, foo fighters I send the love and healing towards you. you may smile in pictures, laugh with close friends, and celebrate the passing of taylor. but, please take your time to grieve and heal. you don’t have to come back into the light if you can’t.

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Love Taylor and Foos



My heart goes out to Alison and the children. This is such a devastating loss for us as fans, but a million times worse for Taylor's family, Dave, and the Foos. I hope they are able to find comfort in knowing how loved Taylor is and how much we miss him. Fly high, Taylor.

Cindy LeFebvre

North Conway, NH/Belton, TX

You created so many pleasant memories and smiles on your life's journey, and we will all forever be grateful. From the shows to your interactions with fans/others, you were one of a kind and will be greatly missed by anyone who came across you.

Thank you Taylor. For everything!

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St. Paul, MN

This is how I’ll remember Taylor Hawkins - smiling and full of joy

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I have mourned big for you. I am
Just another fan from a tropical country. But
The love is big. My last pre pandemic concert
Was yours. You touched people just by your existence
And it will trascend for ages.



I was so in awe of your talent, energy and smile Taylor. I'm truly devastated for your family and friends. Thank you all for sharing him with us. A bright light went out that day.

Amy McEvoy


Soar high and free. You will always be missed and never forgotten. Thank you for all that you gave us. ❤



You were an inspiration to so many! Thanks for the memories.. I’ll never stop being a fan.. RIP Taylor 🙏🏽😇


Cape Cod




Words cannot express how much Taylor and the rest of Foo have been a big impact on my life. I mourn everyday for this unexpected lost. Gone, but not forgotten. Taylor lives in all of us through his love and the music he created with his family, his brothers. Foo Fighters one lov

Justin Lehere

Buffalo, NY

Taylor, you made the world a better place. Your passion for music, phenomenal talent and infectious smile are just a few reasons why. We all miss you and are sending so much love and warmth to your family and the Foos. Thank you for the music x

Kath H

Birmingham, England

Fly high Taylor. You will forever be apart of the history of Rock n’ Roll and will always be remembered. Rest In Peace ❤️🕊

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Rhys Mucci

Heaven needed the greatest drummer of all time. You will be missed Taylor Hawkins & you can never be replaced. Here’s to hearing you play again one day in the great Beyond. Thank you Taylor for just being you!



Dear Taylor...will be missed forever...but your drums, and your songs...will be here forever for us fans...god bless your family and the foo fighters members today and forever #riphawkins

Yuri Oberg


Taylor Hawkins, you will be greatly missed. I have listened to Foo Fighters since I was 3, but unfortunately, I never got to see them live. I wish that I could've. Your talent is unbelievable. I hope that the band is doing ok. Peace!

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Miles Burdiss


Millions of people have felt this loss as if Taylor was a close personal friend. Only a very special person can have this effect on so many across the globe. Taylor, you were all heart and our hearts will miss you, love you & carry your legacy, always. In Your Honour.

Jessica S


Rest in Peace Taylor, You will never be forgotten.



❤️ my favorite band your drumming made me smile and turn my
Radio way to loud.



It's a cold world without you, Taylor. It's like the sun has dimmed and grown cold because you're not in the world. You will be endlessly missed, you precious angel. RIP.

Deb Brown

Orlando FL USA

Just a note to let you know you are greatly missed . You and Dave are the Foo Fighters. I miss your smile behind the kit. You will forever be a Foo.
Thank you for leaving us great music memories. 🙂

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Jamie Carr

Baytown, Texas

You shall be missed so much by so many. Thank you for making all our lives that much brighter. Deepest and most heartfelt condolences to all, but particularly those closest to Taylor



I was disbelief when the news came out, I'm still so torn up about it. Rest In Peace Taylor Hawkins.



Taylor always came across as such a down to earth , lovely sweet guy. That amazing smile & his absolute zest for life & music was truly inspiring & brought so much joy along with the rest of the band. A truly amazing person & incredible drummer. Missed so much but never forgot



My heart broke. Think of you everyday



You‘ve been gone for months now but it still feels so surreal. I miss you and your incredible drum style. Just another legend that died too early. You are a hero

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Thank you Taylor for the unbelievable music, letting us be a part of your hilarious personality, quirky outfits, and hot AF sex appeal. A true drumming genius, who never let the fame get to his head, when Taylor passed, it truly felt like a close friend had died. RIP 🤘🏻


Melbourne Australia

T - You have been the soundtrack to my life, thank you for the music, The laughs, The inspiration and the love. Fly high Hawk.

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Lewis Hughes

South Wales - UK

The world is less without you.

We will miss you!

Thank you for the last two decades of brightening up our lives

Fly on T 🦅

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Still shining bright 🌟🌟🌟 x



Dear T, thank you for your kindness, warmth, and generosity, and for always greeting us with a huge smile and taking the time to talk to us, from day one you made me feel welcomed and loved, like I finally had a home. I will miss you and love you forever.


Bogotá, Colombia

There hasn’t been a day that has passed since you left us that I haven’t thought of you. You’ll be forever missed and always loved.



Thanks for everything. I’ll miss you forever, my hero 🦅

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Thiago Ravache

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Can't explain the feeling of your loss my heart goes out to your family and your band family and everyone else who have been touched my your love, kindness and respect , You truly will be missed by all us foo fans xx Go e but never will be forgotten xx ❤️

Jane phillips

Birmingham, UK

You meant so much to me, the joy and happiness you brought to my life, all music I would never had discovered if you hadn't showed me, all nerdy facts about your musical heroes, your laughter and 🖕. I love all that you were, you will be forever missed. I'll dream of you, angel

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Your music, smile, and personality brought me so much love when I needed a lift, comfort when I was in pain, understanding when I felt alone, & endless amounts of unbridled joy. So I say thank you for everything you did. The world will be forever changed by your time here. Miss u



Taylor, thank you for your energy, humor, and music. It is not the same without you, but I am thankful to have music that you have left us with for a lifetime.

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Kelly McGrath


It still feels unreal—my deepest condolences to his family and friends. When I think about him, I first remember the following photo I took after the show in November 1997 in Hamburg. It was so windy and cold, so Taylor waited freezing for the bus inside the building.

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These 2 tribute concerts are going to be bittersweet. I won’t be attending either but will be watching live on internet eating KFC and drinking champagne. I know the FF and all the artists, will have a blast even under the circumstances because that’s what T would expect.

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Ohio 🇺🇸

Taylor will always be in our hearts. He was an inspiration and his smile was a light shinning in the dark. Such a nice, talented and humble person. I love you Taylor

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Belén Curbelo


So deeply sorry 😞 you are strong, a kind soul, resilient! You are a FIGHTER! So, so sorry for Taylor and then Virginia. Your music (and your books) are literally saving my life EVERYDAY! We all are mourning with the you, guys 💔💔💔

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Ana Ramos


Thank you for the great tunes.
You will forever be missed.


Charelston, WV

Taylor, thanking you for being an amazing person on and off the drum kit. Your music means a lot to me and I am forever grateful that atleast we have that to remember you. My love goes to your family and your band mates. We miss you a lot.


Queensland, Aus

Everybody who met you in person will agree that you made a big mark in our hearts. Always ready to go a a big hug and that smile…that smile.
I’m so happy for those times got to meet you and I will alway cherish them. Your memory and your music will live forever.
Always. ❤️

Anna Alverhag


Words cannot express how much we will miss you. Your love for music will live forever in our hearts. Thank you for that love and passion you had for the music. That is a legacy.
Rest in peace, legend.


The Foo Fighters are my absolute favs and Taylor's bright light and amazing talent contributed greatly to the massive love I have for this amazing band. Rest easy Taylor. Much love to Taylor's family and the band ❤️



While you're known for your drumming and witty banter, I loved it when you'd come off the drums for a few songs out front. Nothing better than a song along with the Hawk like Under Pressure!

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Julie Shiff

Milwaukee Wisconsin

Thank you ❤️



Rest in Paradise Tayler 🕊
Foo Fighters you guys are my life. I went through the worst of worst and nearly almost died 3 times in my life from abuse. Those 3 times the song Best of you and My Hero always played in my head. I know Taylor will have My hero in his 💐🤍🕊

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Meritza Aguilera

Los Angeles

Life is fragile. My heart goes out to Taylor’s family, friends and those who knew him well. For the fans, we will miss the exuberance, the energy!! and that killer drumming. Thank you Dave & the whole gang who’s made this tribute come together. The Show Must Go On. ⭐️💔⭐️

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Jude Hannah

Vancouver, B.C.

You will forever be so missed Taylor, I’m just grateful that I got to see you while you were here. You were such a bright light and things will never be the same again without you. Thanks for all the great music!

Beth Elaine

Forever loved, R.I.P. Taylor 🖤



Thank you Taylor. For everything. You were such a ray of light burned out too fast. Thank you for coming to Shaky Knees Festival last ROCKTOBER. My first concert back from Covid was that concert. We stood outside all day to be on the rail.

User Submitted Image

Mary Lou Alto

Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you for the music and the inspiration, Taylor. Your drum solos were my favourite part of watching the Foo Fighters live and I can’t believe I won’t see your blonde hair flying behind a drum kit again. The world is going to be a little less bright without Taylor Hawkins ❤️


Wiltshire, England

Taylor, I was supposed to see you play on the 18th. I always knew how magical that night could’ve been. For as long as I could remember, I could always see you be the musician I’ve always wanted to be. My favorite drummer, my favorite band, a husband, a father. I miss you T 🖤

Mika 🖤

Los Angeles

The music you made saved me…I follow the drums in every song because of you and Dave. I will always be grateful for your gift of music and for the smile you always had. Rest easy, Taylor. 🕊🤍🕯


Rochester, Ny

Our daughter fell in love with drumming because of you. We are so pleased she saw you doing the thing you loved and burst into tears hearing of your passing. You were her first idol. Our thought are with your family and friends. Thank you for the memories. ❤️💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


North Wales, Uk

My daughter and I had tickets for her first time seeing you guys this year. Sadly couldn't get tickets for the tribute, but will be watching on paramount plus. Go well. ❤️



You and your music will be always remembered! I feel blessed for having seen you at Lollapalooza here in Argentina, your last show... THANKS to the universe for Taylor and his inspiring talent! May God bless his family and Foo Fighters!💜🇦🇷

User Submitted Image

Mariana Vitarello


My heart goes out to the Hawkins family and the Foo Fighters. I hope it brings some comfort knowing how loved he is. He was such a bright light is this dark world. I discovered their music when going through Chemo and I clung to every word. Taylor was such an inspiration to all,

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I love you Taylor. You are so missed. The Foo Fighters are my all time favorite band. Love to the band, Taylor’s family and friends.

Mischelle Mitchell

Utah USA

What a legacy of laughter, love, & music you have given all who knew you personally or musically. Sending my deepest condolences to Taylor’s beloved family and friends.

Sally Nunnery

2 generations of Foo Fans, mom and daughter. I took Jess to see you at Leeds Fest. She loved it! I have seen you play many a time over the years. We were devastated by your loss x Love to your family and friends. RIP Taylor… fly free. x

User Submitted Image

Gail and Jess

Rishworth, Halifax. UK

2 generations of Foo Fans, mom and daughter. I took Jess to see you at Leeds Fest. She loved it! I have seen you play many a time over the years. We were devastated by your loss x Love to your family and friends. RIP Taylor… fly free. x

User Submitted Image

Gail and Jess

Rishworth, Halifax. UK

Simply put, the biggest loss in music since Mercury and Jackson. I still after all this time cannot comprehend this untimely death. It hurts so deep. I want to give you all a hug 😢

Vicky Mansfield

Bournemouth UK

We lost one of rock music’s greatest drummers. Prayers go out to his family, the band, and Foo fans world wide. Gut wrenching loss! Listening to him anchor the Foo Fighters is one of life’s greatest joys! THERE GOES MY HERO 🥁🎸🎹🎤🎼💔

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John Hughes

Tampa, Florida USA


User Submitted Image



You will always be in our memories and in our heart!!! Thank you for being TH and FF! It was a pleasure to see you play and sing W FF

Ricardo Batista

Sao Paulo Brazil

Taken far too soon. We’ll miss your smile, your wit and your talent ... oh, and your dreadful taste in pants! My love to the band and the family. 💔

Nikki Jones


Gone to soon, never forgotten.



Never met you. You just seem like a really lovely bloke and your friendship with Dave is an inspiration. I’ll never Forget my first Foo’s gig and your incredible inexhaustible talent both on drums and vocals. You will be and are, dearly missed. ❤️



🤍 gone too soon, that smile, that energy, will never be forgotten 🤍