Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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I watched countless videos of Taylor killing it on the drums and speaking about life. Unfortunately, I was not able to witness the legend himself, live in person. I had tickets for this years tour and was excited to watch him. May he rest easy, prayers to all family and friends.

Chris M

Los Angeles


It hurts to see you go, it's like loosing a brother I never knew. You and the Foo's created a world of music that has helped carry me through my life. I was so close to seeing you live in May. You'll live on through your music, family, friends, and fans!

Rest easy

Nick F

Brevard, NC

T, nunca esquecerei o sorriso, a voz, a forma descomplicada de agir, falar. Nunca esquecerei o ritmo - o corpo todo, a 'persona', tudo era ritmo. E a luz!, nunca esquecerei essa luz. continua a iluminar-nos a todos, sim? deixaste tanta saudade. ♥



one of the greatest drummer... I am sad since I heard you left us and I don't even know you personally...
We will miss you for sure , Keep on rocking Taylor.. say hello to your idol Freddie.. #RIP #foofighters



I hate the feeling the I can never see the Foo Fighters Live like before. We all miss him so much.


Bonn Germany

Dear Taylor,
Thank you so much for everything you did. You and Dave helped shape the soundtrack to my childhood. I can only imagine how happy you would be to know that your drumming was a huge influence on many young musicians like myself. You will be sorely missed 😥😥

Calum Phillips

Derry, Northern Ireland

You will be greatly missed, Taylor. You were a great drummer, with a great personality and infectious smile. My condolences to Taylor's family, bandmates, and friends outside of Foo Fighters. ❤️

Angie Close


The world is less bright without Taylor’s light. My heart goes out to his immediate family, including his brother Dave Grohl.



Thank you for your music and the memories. Music heals. You and your bandmates gave me strength many times. We love you, Taylor. See you on the other side.


Vancouver, Canada

i Foo Fighters sono la mia Vita,sono un batterista rock…cresciuto con Dave e con Taylor,una notizia devastante che ha segnato la
Storia,come la loro musica e il loro amore per il rock e per far emozionare chi ascolta.
Tutto non sara’piu’ come prima, r.i.p. Taylor

Davide Greco

San Pietro Vernotico (BR) - Italy

Still cannot believe this. Totally heartbroken. Thinking about you every day. Love you forever.

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László Reszegi

Debrecen, Hungary

Semplicemente Grazie ❤️

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Such a sad tragedy been crying every time I listen To a Foo song since this happened and that is every day R.I.P. 😥💔🥀🙏


Brossard Qc.

Such a sad tragedy been crying everytime I listen to a Foo song since that day R.I.P. Taylor 😥💔🥀🙏


Brossard Qc.

Such a sad tragedy been crying everytime I listen to a Foo song since that day R.I.P. Taylor 😥💔🥀🙏


Brossard Qc.

Taylor, you have been an incredible drummer and an even bright light in this world. I will never forget the moments I saw you perform live with the Foos and I will cherish these moments forever. Rock on in heaven.



Sending all the love to those who grieve, Taylor Hawkins was a force to be sure, Foos family I love you guys so much. Taylor Hawkins will live forever in all the music he ever made and beyond. I am so heartbroken for The Foos, his family and friends and all the fans. 💔🕯❤️

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Dearest Foo Fighters. I can only imagine what your going through in this mourning process. As a fan I am heartbroken from Taylor's passing. His drumming was the heartbeat of your music that reminds me why I love rock n roll. Your music helps me cry, rock out, be happy.



You’ve inspired me in ways I couldn’t begin to describe. I hope to meet you upstairs someday - Thank you 🖤



Dearest Foo Fighters. I can only imagine what your going through in this mourning process. As a fan I am heartbroken from Taylor's passing. His drumming was the heartbeat of your music that reminds me why I love rock n roll. Your music helps me cry, rock out, be happy.



Sad you had to leave so soon 💔music heals my soul and I’ll be forever grateful for what you and your brother Foos have given
Much love to your family ,your amazing band, and your friends all over the world
We will miss you always Taylor Hawkins 🎶💔

Allison Wilcox

Ontario, Canada

I went to admire the street painting to honor you, for my surprise the artist was there and I had the chance to contribute with an OM,
🕉️ full of light & joy for you Taylor, U gave us light & joy with your eyes and smile
❤️ your family and FF bros.
alive in our ❤️s

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Mexico City

Prayers to your family and your Foo Fighters family. I was devastated to hear about your untimely death. I have always dreamed of the day that my guy and I would make it to see FF and knowing that will never happen makes me sad. This band has a special place in my heart ❤️ 💙 🤍



I was devasted. I could not believe it was true.
Now, some days passed and seems to go better.
THANK U for being what you have been for me and all of us. For Your Art.
R.I.P. and give a BIGHug to all my loved ones that are now where U are, expecially to my


Rome, Italy

No one plays like you anymore. Sending all my love to Taylors family, friends and fans all over the world. I really miss him.

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Taylor is in heaven rocking with the angels. So sad for his family and friends …What a great man , husband and father . See you on the other side ….❤️



Taylor Forever.

Cynthia Callaghan Claussen

Fresno, CA, USA

Oh Taylor. You've left broken 💔 all over the world. You are the bright light shining. Hold your brother David close. You are missed.


You are the reason I love the FF, you blew my mind watching you & your big cheesy grin. I couldn't believe my luck when I finally got tickets for the UK tour opening in Manchester in June 😭😭. My heart breaks for your family, FF & your friends. ❤ u Taylor 💔


Manchester UK

To never see your big grin or hear your unmistakable groove and your angelic voice hurts the most. FF fans are different, we're family. To see Taylor just go forever puts a hurt so bad on our hearts, as if we just lost the closest family member. Rest easy brother Taylor. 🦅❤️

Humza A


In 1998 my dad took me to see the Foos at the Wellington Town Hall in NZ. I was 12 and it was my first ever rock concert. Needless to say the experience left an impression that changed me forever. Thank you for all the joy you have brought us through music. RIP Taylor


New Zealand

I can’t believe you’re gone. I’m still in utter shock. You were the best of all time and will forever be remembered. You’ll have an amazing time in the sky jamming with all the other legends. Miss you always.


Brisbane, Australia

RIP Taylor. Thanks for sharing your music with the world. Grew up watching you play, definitely a huge influence on my drumming.


Georgia, USA

This one hurt bad. One of my all time favs. RIP Hawk 💔

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Teri Ramirez

Chicago, IL

I met Taylor so randomly on New Years Eve 2003 at the
House of Blues in LA. I couldn’t believe it we were just standing next to each other and I looked at him and me being a huge fan I just said
“What’s Up, and Happy New Year” he was so cool to me and it meant the world to me


San Diego

One AMAZING drummer with a beautiful smile. You will live on in the your music - which will be there forever. Gone too soon Taylor. My thoughts are with your family, friends and the rest of the Foos. Rest easy xxx

Anne Baxter


You will always be remembered as one of the best drummers in the world with the most infectious smile and a heart of gold. I love you so much, Taylor! May you rest in rhythm! I'm dreaming of a great jamming session between you and John Bonham


Bali, Indonesia

Gonna miss your smile, gonna miss your vibe, gonna miss the chemistry with your beloved D.
But will make you proud rockin’ on and keep you alive in my heart.
And make you laugh again year after year with: crazypantsday.com.
LOVE! 💔🖤🤘🏼


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Will miss you Taylor . RIP ❤️

Tara Venus


I love and miss you, Taylor!!😇💗.. Always and forever in my heart!!🎶🎵🥁💔❤💔😥

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Toronto, Ontario 🇨🇦

Rest In Peace, my beautiful Taylor.. I love you😘💗 so much and I miss you ❤💔❤💔😥.. Always and forever in my heart!!💝💐

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Michelle Gonçalves

Toronto, Ontario 🇨🇦

I am so, so sad that this gentle soul who radiated joy, love and life has left us. But so, SO grateful that he was here. Fly high and shine bright, Taylor. I hope you knew how much sunshine you brought into so many lives just by being you x



I was listening to music in my car. One day I played My Hero repeatedly 4x. The other day I had my playlist on and came across Kalapana’s “Naturally”, and it immediately reminded me of Taylor. Listen to the lyrics! It’s such a beautiful song! Taylor is flying “Naturally “!

Geiger Lee

Honolulu Hi

Our beloved foo fighters my heart aches for the early unexpected loss of your brother friend band mate please know the sun will shine brightly again some day and the music that y’all will create will be a lovely tribute to Taylor I love y’all and am sending warm hugs

Karen Lee simmons

Atlanta ga

Our beloved foo fighters my heart is aching for the early unexpected loss of your brother friend band mate please know the sun will shine brightly again snd y’all will create your best music yet in honor of Taylor I love y’all and am sending y’all warm tight hugs

Karen Lee simmons

Atlanta ga

I am truly heartbroken over Taylor’s passing. I never met him but enjoyed his talent, joyfulness and sense of humor. As a person who lost their dad when I was 12, my heart goes out to his kids. I want to send my sincere condolences to his family, band mates and friends. 💔

Leigh Anne

Washington State

The world is a darker place without Taylor in it.
The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

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Mark Langdale

Leicester UK

RIP Taylor, what a drummer, what a talent. You will live on in memory of being a talented musician with a beautiful soul

Morven Sutherland

Scotland UK

My beautiful love.. I miss you💔💔😥.. you will always and forever be in my heart..I love you so much, Taylor!!!🥁😘💐

User Submitted Image


Toronto 🇨🇦

Thank you for touching my heart and soul for 25 years! Gone too soon. Remembered everlong 💔


New Zealand

Man, this whole thing just sucks! Count me among the broken-hearted who feel that 50 years is just not enough time for a good kind man to be here changing things one positive interaction at a time.


Raleigh, NC

Such an enormous loss, gonna miss this incredible musician and wonderful person. Much LOVE

Todd Justice

Glen Rose Texas

Thank you Taylor for your amazing energy! You made so many people happy. You will always be missed...

User Submitted Image

Marie Nissanka

Wellington, New Zealand

I LOVED your passion for the drums and for life itself. You were a huge rock star, yet always seemed so genuine and down to earth. Your smile was infectious, and I will miss the outrageous pants you always wore! I know that you are sitting in a kit somewhere up above, slaying it!

Pam M

St Louis, Mo

It was such a sad day when we heard of the tragic death of Taylor. To his family I offer you my sincere condolences from my family and myself and also to the Foo Fighters,so sorry Dave and the rest of the band. My deepest sympathy Tony x

Tony Cheyne

Hull England

Still missing you after this amount of time has passed. Still hard to believe. Thank you for all the music with the Foos and The Coattail Riders. Thank you for everything. Foos- I hope you will all be all right.


Woolwich, London

Thank you for your inspiration and energy, both on and off the drums. You've helped shape the person I am today, and for that I am grateful. Stoked to one day see what you have going on in the next realm.

Bryan Ellison

Bay Area, California

A very sad day, thinking of your family at this very hard time. You are very much missed. RIP Taylor Hawkins.



The sadness and loss that ive felt over the past weeks is slowly returning to the joy and happiness that Taylor and the Foos supplied in abundance. I will carry those memories for a long time. Thank you Taylor and keep on rockin!

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Jay Miller

Merritt Island, Floridaa

Finally going to be my turn to see you guys smash it out in Australia in December & now one of my biggest regrets that I won't. Taylor, you were one of a kind, you were kind, unique, the love Dave had for you made my heart swell, your personality was adorable. We love you.


Melbourne, Australia

Still can't believe it...
Thank you for the music Taylor... You'll be so missed! Gone, but never, ever forgotten!!
🤍 Fly high Legend 🤍



One of the best Drummer in the World. R.I.P.

Tommy Maier

One of the best Drummer in the World. R.I.P.

Tommy Maier

There is no words, you were the greatest drummer and the best soul this world could ever met. We'll miss your joy, your voice and your enormous talent that gave to a lot of us the strength that we need to keep going.
We love you T, forever.

User Submitted Image



I grew up in a home that listened to everything from Nana Mouskouri to Celtic Music to Peruvian tribal music - I had to find stuff like ska, punk, rap, and rock on my own. With all that said, Foo is my desert island band and my condolences to the Hawkins family, band, and fans.



My tribute for you….🖤

User Submitted Image



tyler you are at peace now fly high with them angels!! I cannot stop watching your amazing solos on the drums you are the best..simply the best ...one talented amazing g person...sending all my love xxx



I’ve been trying to figure out what to write. You are so loved & so missed. Your kindness, creativity, infectious laugh, everything. Sending love to the band, your family, friends & fans.

There will never be another like you. Fly high, Hawk!

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Love and Light



My prayers and thoughts are with Taylor’s family and the band, especially Dave. My heart aches for him right now. I can’t imagine the pain everyone is feeling. Just know there’s millions of fans sending their love and prayers to you all. Taylor was loved soooo much.

Denise Lobody

NW Indiana

You'll be missed Taylor

User Submitted Image

Juanita Bassett

New Zealand

You will forever live on in the music you made and the
in the memories of your loved ones and millions of fans around the world. You are a star, shining bright in our lives, keeping us company, the drum beat keeping time as we work and play. Your star will never fade. ✨️



It's hard to sum up how much I appreciated Taylor's contribution to Foo, drums, and humanity. So I wrote him a letter in heaven. https://coryreeder.substack.com/p/taylorhawkins


Los Angeles

Taylor, your music will forever hold a special place it my heart. Foo fighters has been the playlist to my life and your drum beat-my heartbeat. I am so grateful to have watched your amazing presence on stage and I can’t thank you enough for the joy you’ve brought me. Rip legend💜



Muito obrigado por tudo o que tu fez pelo rock e pelas pessoas. Ainda difícil acreditar na tua morte. Faz muita falta aqui. Descanse em paz T. I miss you, for real.

Leonardo Ody

Porto Alegre, Brasil

Gonna mias you Taylor, you have inspired my drumming so much and still forever will. Hope you got an amazing kit up there jamming out with all the other amazing people


Queensland, Australia

Gone but never forgotten. The sky is a neighbourhood and you are my hero, so at times like these i will simply say... one of these days i'll be up in the stars tonight to hear you once again. Sleep well xx 🤘

User Submitted Image



Just missing you

Mark Griffin

Watford England

Ride On! ❤️

Kalle Sjöstrand


Descubrí FOO FIGHTERS hace poco tiempo y creo que Taylor fue uno de los bateristas mas completos que escuche y vi en una excelente banda de rock , RIP Taylor y resignación a la flia.

Diego Vega

San Luis - Argentina

You will be missed!



We will miss your personality, skills and the genuine fun you seem to have at shows! I saw Foo fighters many times since 1995 thanks again

User Submitted Image

Elliot Sirota

Costa Mesa

Only think I say Is thank U Taylor.. my heart Is brocken. 😔
I remeber you 4ever in my heart AND my ears.
Fly fly my Hero ❤️

User Submitted Image



Only think I say Is thank U Taylor.. my heart Is brocken. 😔
I remeber you 4ever in my heart AND my ears.
Fly fly my Hero ❤️

User Submitted Image



Only think I say Is thank U Taylor!! My empaty with FF family, wife AND children. My heart Is brocken 😔
I remember you 4ever in my heart AND my ears.
Thank for all. Fly fly my Hero ❤️

User Submitted Image



You're a legend. Your fans love you and always will. We miss you and we are so glad we got to see you grow as a musician and a person. Love to your family, your bandmates and your friends.


Dallas, TX

There I things you are never ready for, losing you was one of them. You were, a wild light blinding bright, a warm smile, a chaotic energy. I just wish I could have thank you for saving my life. But for as long as I live, you will live in my heart and in my memories. I miss you 🖤

User Submitted Image

María José Núñez

Mexico City

So sorry for the loss of one of your brothers, sending love to each and everyone of you, Fly High Taylor x Always in our hearts ❤

Jane Phillips

United kingdom


User Submitted Image


New York

Missing you in Israel...

User Submitted Image

Shirah Gantman


The joy you brought to everyone’s lives will never be forgotten. Your talent, humor and love will be missed.



As long time fan of the Foo Fighters, I can only imagine the loss that you are still coming to terms with. I wish nothing more than your hearts will heal one day.

Brad Coes

Noonan, New Brunswick, Canada

May U Rest, Eezee! And thanx U 4 Everything 4 Everlong!

Markus Salminen

Finland, Vantaa

I will never forget the PURE JOY &CRAZINESS Taylor Hawkins and the FOO'S have brought ME and my SONS.I have always been a MASSIVE FAN of Mr GROHL and soon felt the same about MR HAWKINS.


Glasgow, Scotland

Last saw the Foos in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, August 2019.
You rocked the place! Was planning to go to Manchester this year first concert since Covid Lockdown.
Still shocked Taylor has gone, thanks for the memories - RIP

User Submitted Image

Kevin Cowling

Motherwell Scotland

I was at a Thundercat gig just after the news broke, and he told a story all too familiar to many drummers such as myself around the world. A story of watching recordings of Taylor Hawkins & Alanis, blowing literally everyone away. He was an inspiration to a generation.


Newcastle, England

Dear Taylor, Had the chance to meet you, interview and the band. Year 99. They kicked us out of Pacha for being naughty. We ended at lady pepa.You were SUNSHINE.You were pure light. You became GENIUS. I cried so much still am. Not fair. 🥲

User Submitted Image



Cariño y fuerza a la familia Foo Fighters!! Se extrañara tu batería que es inolvidable y tu hermosa sonrisa Taylor!! 🌹



Just the nicest and best stick man there was. Sense of fun made us enjoy any performance we had the privilege to share so memorable.
Thank you 🙏 RIP Top Man .


Hampshire England

The Drummer's Drummer. Still can't take it in. Much love to your family Hawk and to Dave and the guys 💔

User Submitted Image

Alexander Murray