Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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A true Rock Legend, so talented, amazing drummer, musician, a great voice, with a beautiful smile. Your a inspiration, thank you for the Music and memories,
Broken hearted 💔RIP Taylor Hawkins, forever in our hearts
Love and prayers for your family and Dave and the band 🖤

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Joann Hunter


Thank you for the years of amazing music may you rest easy

Gary carter

New york

I was so devastated to hear the news. Taylor, we love you so much. Your smile can brighten a gloomy cloudy sky. I will pray for your family, friends and bandmates. We will never forget what you have given us. Fly High Taylor xo ❤

Kelly Davis

Purcellville, VA

Thank you Taylor for sharing your talent and letting me feel the music. I saw a few live shows and was moved each time. RIP man.



Rock in Peace Dude!

Julie LP

Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Foo fighters helped me get up every time I fell down. Taylor helped. I got his smiling face, his energy. . My respects to him and his family. I think a person with such a beautiful smile would only fit in heaven.

Dave, Pat, Nate, Chris, Rami you know you should never give up...

Rıfat Ruhullah Sanaç

Elazig, Turkey

I never knew I could be so saddened by the loss of a man I didn’t meet…it was my privilege to watch you perform many times and truly thank you for being you…as Dave would say “we don’t say good bye..we just say this…”



The Foo is and always will be my all time favorite band. My sincerest condolences to Taylors family..including his band family and all the other fans. He will be fondly remembered forever. Rest in Peace Taylor


Red Deer Alberta

“Hearts will never be practical u til they can be made unbreakable “my condolences to the Taylor family, the Foo Fighters , this will take sometime to get over 😢loved Taylor’s smile & his cool style & his beautiful drumming 😢

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William Watkins

St. Louis

Fortunate to meet Taylor before the 2017 Casper, WY show. All he wanted to do was go watch the Vikings game, but said he would come back to take a picture after. Explained I didn't care about the picture and to just put on a hell of a show - he (and the band) did. #fooever


Denver, CO

Taylor, I can barely make out the words to tell you how bad I feel for your family and your friends right now. We are just fans and we know in return that you love us. I just really wish that your fans could have helped you through a bad time. With all our love.

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Robin Wahlberg

Columbia Missouri

Taylor, there are no words to express how sad I am by your passing. I am praying for your wife & children. I'm praying for Dave as well and all your Foo brothers & their family. Rest in peace & love. Until we all meet again 🙏💕🙏

Kathe Stahl

Philadelphia, PA

From Perú, we will miss you a lot! Our total support to his family!

Gabriel y Lucía


I travel from Perú to Argentina to see you and the guys without knowing it would be your last concert. We will miss you, thanks to you, Foo Figthers hasn’t been a big part of my live.

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Lima, Perú

Taylor Hawkins, I’m so sorry that we won’t see your infectious smile anymore but thank you for adding so much joy to my life ❤️



Thank you for your contribution to music. Thoughts and prayers to the Hawkins family & the band.
RIP Taylor!


South Bend, IN

My heart broke when I heard the news. I saw the Foo Fighters live twice. Once in Toronto (2005 tk my three kids who were 12,9,and 6 -their first ever concert). The 2nd time was London, Ontario in 2008. Taylor, you were simply one of a kind, always smiling. est in sweetest peace!

Chantelle Andrews

London, Ontario, Canada

Oliver, Annabelle, Everleigh, I hope you will see this and the hundreds of other tributes that are being left on this page. While we can’t bring your dad back you must know what an impact he had on this world and all of us. You have to know that you were his greatest joy!



Taylor losing you is devastating to me and we have never even met. It is u bearable to know I will never be at a show seeing your smiling face and witnessing your undeniable talent. No one could replace you. I am so grateful I was able to see your performances! Rest In Peace Bud

Susan Halaska


mi corazón está quebrado y sé que es el sentir de millones en el mundo. Ojalá que todos los que lloramos tu partida encontremos consuelo pronto. Yo prefiero creer que tu ser no se ha ido y que nos acompañarás eternamente brillando con tu sonrisa.
Te quiero "My Hero"

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I was always so intrigued by your smile, it somehow gave me hope and brought some light into my darkness.

The sun lost a ray of light the day you left this world.

Shine bright Taylor 🤟🌞🌟


Perth, Australia

The world has lost an amazing person and they even better drummer. He was humble enough to meet his fans and take a picture and if his death was a result of his emotional state I pray that the world changes because people should not fall so far. Wishing Comfort to all who knew hi

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Alicia Pozsony


Having been a fan for over 25 years its like losing one of our own. He had an energy like no other and thats a fact.
My heart goes out to the boys and his beautiful family. Us kiwis are here when your ready to fight the foo again boys! Much love 💘


New Zealand

Thank you for everything your music and spirit has done for me...I will never forget...
Extra love, prayers and comfort to your family and foo family



You have been on my mind ever since I heard the tragic news. It was almost like losing Kurt, all over again. I can’t imagine what your family and your musical family are going through right now. RIP brother.

Barbie Willis

Chattanooga Tennessee

My deepest condolences to the band. I’ve pondered for the past few days why this loss has effected me so much. To mourn so deeply for a life I didn’t know? But, I think it’s because the entire Foos band made me feel like family. My love is being sent to the band.

Jama Sullivan

Indianapolis, IN




Taylor, your passion and love for music moved me like no one other than Dave. Your sound shaped my life and I am so thankful to have seen you live once in my life. The energy you played with will never be matched. You are the best fucking drummer in the world. Love you always

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Jordan W.


Always with me, Always with you


Wales, UK

Taylor, words can not express enough...... the way you hit those skins, sang, and brought smiles and love of the Foos to everyone, I have to say I didn't know you personally but your lose has saddened me deeply, RIP... you are truly loved and missed...... Foo fan FOREVER!!!!!

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It’s said that some lives are shorter than others because they shone so bright while they were here.

Definitely Taylor. Dude did more in his years than most do in a long lifetime!

David Zeemering


My son played Nirvana non stop..but I didn’t mind.I was drawn to the music.He was so sad when Kurt died but so happy when Dave started Foo Fighters.I started to listen and fell in love with the music .A 64 year old broken hearted over the loss of Taylor,Dave’s brother.Condolences

Cathy Gillis


I saw you first with Alanis and then you joined my favorite band and made it awesome!! Everytime I saw you play you were having fun... keep having fun wherever you are...we love you Taylor !!

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Patrick Hale

Orlando, Florida

Your talant your energy and your life will be dearily missed i for 1 only discovered the foos late in my life but I sure as hell am guna miss you rest in peace and keep rocking those drums

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What an amazing person you were Taylor. An inspiration to so so many. Your drive to create some of the bestest music ever will live on. Hope you are having fun wherever you have gone!


Wales, Uk

Our hearts will forever drum n sing for you, now n forever. Rest Easy, Taylor Hawkins.

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Tamworth, Australia

RIP Hawk❤️

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While I didn't know you personally, I somehow feel I do. We grew up together, as you were in my kitchen, my car, my living room, my ear, my heart, my soul. A part of me has left with you. Now so many of us are left standing here wondering what to do. Rest in peace brother.

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Chrissy Mag


While I didn't know you personally, I somehow feel I do. We grew up together, as you were in my kitchen, my car, my living room, my ear, my heart, my soul. A part of me has left with you. Now so many of us are left standing here wondering what to do. Rest in peace brother.

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Chrissy Mag


You will be so greatly missed, you're contagious smile and energy will be remembered forever. You’re passion for drumming inspired me and this is something I’ll never get over.
A few days ago, I got my first tattoo in your honour❤️
Rest in peace

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Kitty June Barker





I didn't know you, I'm not even sure I knew of you until I heard of your death (not a huge foo fighters fan) but for some reason your death has brought me deep sadness. You had such an energy surrounding you and this made you loved by many. Fly high Taylor, you will be missed.


Canberra, Australia

Wish I were with you, but I couldn't stay.
Every direction leads me away...

This is unfathomable. Rest in peace Taylor. You will be missed 🥁 🤍


On the 25th of March I decided I'd go to Rock in Rio staring at Taylor on a poster. Sadly the next morning I learned of his untimely death. I am so sadden by this. I send my condolences to his family and friends, as well as to all the Foo fans.

Cláudia Reis


My sincere condolences & deepest sympathy goes out to Taylor's wife Alison, and their children Annabelle, Oliver, Everleigh, and the entire Hawkins family, Dave & the band, and to all his friends. May God bless his soul & may he rest in heavenly peace. Love ya brother ✌ &💙

Gord Grob

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Our emotions have been overwhelming since the news of your passing. My heart breaks for your beautiful young family, for Dave & the guys and for the fans, who fear the worse and mourn the best! Rest in peace T 💔


Brighton, UK

I've been listening to Foo Fighters since I was 10 years old. The various albums bookmarking various times in my life. That's what makes this loss so personal. Shine bright in the sky Taylor, you glorious, glorious man. Your infinite energy is now returned to the universe.


New Zealand

The Foo,'s and Taylor have always picked me up over the last 20 yrs with their awesome Music! I absolutely loved how energetic and full of life Taylor was 💔💔 I got to see the Foos in Glasgow 2019 best concert ever! Will always have the awesome memories rest in rock Taylor ❤️💔

Cheryl Bimendi


7 days in to the news you died and our hearts are forever broken😔 words can’t explain feeling of you leaving this earth.
So much love from us to your beautiful family and to The Fighters , Dave especially he was your brother , may you watch over them with your wings …

Chris and Linden

Forster nsw AUSTRALIA

My sincerest condolences to the Hawkins family, band mates and fans world wide. I was lucky enough to experience the awesome Live energy of TH twice in my life, back in 1999 at Brixton Academy and Glastonbury festival in 2017. Thanks for the music, unforgettable!



I was lucky enough to attend two Foo Fighters concerts. One in Atlantic City at the Borgata and at Bamboozle Festival in Asbury Park. Both shows blew me away and I will always remember Taylor's infectious smile and energy during the shows. Thank you for being so amazing.

Jennifer Kunz

Jersey Shore

The greatest guy in the greatest band of all time. I have listened to the Foos nonstop all week. Taylor added something so magic to all those tracks. He will be insanely missed. Love to the Foos.


Adelaide, Australia

Taylor, so sad of your passing. You were a great man, an unbelievable drummer and an entertaining entertainer. Thankyou, for bringing peace to my mind, for being a part of the foo fighter family and for all the great times you played in Adelaide. I true soul, a beautiful human.

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Jay Hicks

Adelaide Australia

My thoughts are with your family, friends and fans. You were an inspiration and so talented. There's a hole that has been left by you that will never be filled. RIP sweet Taylor. Xxx

Cordelia Cooper


I love the Foos. Had tickets for this year in Madrid had Manchester. Thank you for the memories and the enduring beats that will live on. To Taylor’s friends and family I’m sorry for your loss.Take time to heal. ♥️

Pete Murphy

You have touched the hearts of so many,
You have given us so much wonderful music,
You have influenced so many young artists…
Taylor Hawkins, your magic, your music and your name will live on forever…
Thank you so much for keeping Rock alive.

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Ivor Traynor

Queensland AUSTRALIA

Perder a un músico y una persona como Taylor es una autentica desgracia, te echaremos de menos, gracias por tu música y tu talento y mucho ánimo para los familiares y compañeros en la banda…
Fuerte Abrazo



🙏I'm still in shock, sad too sad. I can't believe this is happening.
Fly high Taylor, I will keep you in my thoughts 🙏



So saddened by the loss of Taylor you will always be my hero the drum solo at Queen Elizabeth stadium 2018 will always be the last memory r.i.p

Jason smith


It’s hard to find words, you were a great drummer, a great person, I love music so much and music always helped me over bad times. I wish your family, the band members a lot of strength



Still can't believe it 😢......gone way too soon a absolute legend........always smiling .....was soooo looking forward to London this year .....fly high where ever you are taylor rip my man ❤❤❤😢😢😢

Gurman Chris


Rest In Paradise Taylor!
Grew up listening to your music and have seen the foo fighters more then i have seen any other band. I still cheerish being apart of one of your fav moments. When Rush took stage with you guys in Toronto and seeing Grohls reaction. Heres a pic from Italy.

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Dear Taylor,
Thank you for the music, for your smile, for being my motivation. We will never forget you. Your music will be played all over the world untill the end of time. Fly on in peace dear Taylor, and play some kick ass jam sessions up there with Charlie and all the rest! X


The Netherlands

Taylor, your light did not leave those of us that admire you and your music. It didn’t dim or diminish. Your light rose to new heights! You will be missed by all of us that loved your music. Although we never met, you will forever be a part of the family that is Foo Fighters!

Samantha Miller

North Carolina

Such a sad and tragic loss to the music world, your energy &enthusiasm was second to none, you'll be sadly missed, found memories of you in Belfast will last a long time your legacy will last longer 💔

Mark shaw

Belfast Northern Ireland

We love you Taylor, best drummer and people.. Rest in peace T❤️

Dominik P.

Czech Republic

È passata una settimana dalla peggiore notizia che avessi potuto ricevere la mattina appena sveglio... tutto è cambiato da sabato scorso... mi manca qualcosa... questo cambierà radicalmente il mio modo di vede le cose la vita e il futuro..
Il mondo è un posto peggiore senza te.

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Turyn Italy

Rest In Peace Taylor 🕊



I'm going to miss this man forever........ his smile that was brighter than the sun....... his infectious giggle and his zest for life........ RIP my friend I hope you are rocking out somewhere and causing chaos xxx..... Heavens going to be a little louder with you in it xxx🌹💔

Emma Irwin

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I can't even begin to convey my feelings. Thank you Taylor for the joy and love you and the Foo brought to me. You got me through some very hard times and I am so very grateful.
I send thoughts and prayers to all concerned. Especially Taylor's family, Dave, and band mates

Julie Banasik

I can't even begin to convey my feelings. Thank you Taylor for the joy and love you and the Foo brought to me. You got me through some very hard times and I am so very grateful.
I send thoughts and prayers to all concerned. Especially Taylor's family, Dave, and band mates

Julie Banasik

RIP Taylor 💔



I will never forget how he sang Sunday rain for the first time at a Bangkok concert. Thank you for the music! You will always live in our hearts.


Tallinn, Estonia

What an enormous loss, condolences to the Foo, the families and Dave, hugs from afar, this loss is devastating and you’re dealing with this twice. Wishing all the strength to move forward from this.

Dori Mueller

Waterloo Canada

RIP Taylor. As a 15 yr old boy he is one of my all time heroes and inspirations, not only because of his technical talent and skill in drumming and music in general but because of his great attitude and kindness towards everyone. He will never be forgotten.

Jack Cole

Gold Coast, Australia

Thank you for the incredible music you gave us. I will forever muss you❤

Pat Garcia


My mind has been consumed with thoughts of Taylor and my heart filled with sadness.
Thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones RIP Taylor xx

Carol Bond


So much love for an incredible talent and a beautiful soul. Have been a fan since 96 and am so lucky to have seen the band several times over the years. Taylor, your epic solo at the last London gig was insane - a memory I will treasure forever. We love and miss you greatly 💔



😎👍 I write only as a brother pro rock drummer. Taylor, the only way to pay my respect is to honestly place you in my drummer heart library as the the most “on-it!” Below is an early pic of Taylor, with one our close friends.

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Rodney D Willis

819 Greenhills Dr. SE. Cleveland Tn.

Sad sad loss to this world, when you create music and words that touch the hearts and souls of so many, you will be forever with them. You guys have kept me going over the years and through my cancer fight, my heart breaks for your loved ones, may they feel our love ❤ x


Derbyshire, UK

Thank You Taylor for your smile, for the music. Love You and forever in your memories and hearts.
See You later in the outside. RIP



You touched my soul with your smile and your pure love of music
Keep on rocking with the angels …….

Laura Avizius

Brookfield, IL

Rest easy, Taylor! You are already severely missed! We all love you! See you on the other side!

Sarah Allen

Vancouver, WA

Hop you can see how much you meant to everyone worldwide. You’re irreplaceable. Thank you for everything.



Beautiful, light filled, pure soul Taylor... I will remember you with joy until my heart plays its final beat... May your family and bandmates gain strength from the knowledge of how loved you are.... Rock out up there, light up the sky brother 💔💔😪



An icon, a talent, a legend, an inspiration, a hero to so many and all these things added still doesn't equate the loss to your family, your friends, your fans and the world of music. To me, you were always the sunshine of the band, that smile, your energy. You'll be missed 💔



Taylor left a void. The world feels a lot emptier knowing his energy, his presence, his laughter and his talent is gone. He made a big impact on me growing up. This feels so untimely and so wrong. Feels like I've lost a long-time friend. Sending much love to everyone affected. 🖤

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Tiago Cruz

Samora Correia, Portugal

One of these days your heart will stop and play it's final beat. It happened too soon. I hope you find your peace wherever you are now. Your fans, family and friends will miss you a lot. My thoughts go out to the Foo's and the Hawkins family. Farewell Tay



I did not know you personally, but you radiated every time you were somewhere, with your smile and positive attitude that lifted up the place. Your family must be devastated during this tragedy. It is such a hard time to go through... Love, courage and human vibes for them all.



Gracias por mostrar los mil colores de la música . Espero que tú alma descanse.


So grateful to have seen The Foo Fighters perform live, one of those moments I’ll never forget. My deepest condolences goes out to the Band and Hawkins family. We miss you, we will never forget about you and we love you. RIP Taylor Hawkins 🤘🏻❤️

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Los Angeles

Your talent, your gift will live forever through your contribution to music. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Rest In Peace



Taylor, you had been, and will continue to be, a big part of my life and a huge inspiration to me as a drummer. I miss you and your music even though I have never have the privilege of meeting you, you will never be forgotten 🥁🥁



We will miss you Taylor. Your drumming legacy will live on in the music you were so kind enough to release upon the world. My condolences go to your family and friends and we will all miss you greatly. RIP.



Thanks for bringing so much joy to me and so many other people’s lives. I’m so grateful for the music and all the shows I could see. Not only a drumming legend, your beautiful voice is the closest I witnessed to being at a Queen stadium concert. Rest in peace my hero

Alex MacKenzie

Reading, UK

A beautiful soul taken too soon , fly high T . No words can describe how we all feel 💔



Well fuck man that was one hell of a ride! Life is NOT the same without the Foos. Rest easy King! I'll try to keep this party rolling until it's my turn to rest. Fucking love you! 💔😭🖤


The Valley

I love your smile, your energy & music. You will always be loved & forever remembered Thank-you for being you xoox

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Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been sad since I’ve known about your passing.. thank you for helping me and comforting me with your music and spirit. The world was a lot more beautiful with you in it. I’ll forever be sad about this. But thank you for coloring my world with warm colors for so many years.



RIP to a great one of a kind drummer, singer. The demons in your life stole you from us but your memory will live on forever.


St louis