Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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The greatest! Thanks for so many beatsTaylor! It will sound forever, keep on rocking wherever you are! From Paraguay with all our love.


Lyon, France

Taylor Hawkins,
My heart aches thinking about you being gone. I am beyond devastated about your passing. You were an amazing musician, drummer, friend, idol, dad, and husband. You have been an inspiration to many and continue to be even though you’re gone. We will miss you.

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Sam B

Cuando haces bien las cosas y pones el 20000% de amor en lo que haces lo reflejas, gracias Taylor por tanto definitivamente me has inspirado a mi y a mis hijos , siempre estaras en nuestros corazones

René Valero

Mexico cdmx

Taylor, the world has tragically lost an amazing drummer/musician💔
Foo Fighters will never be the same without you 🖤
RIP 🥁🎶🎤🖤💔


Boston Mass

rest easy, taylor. the stars shine brighter for you.
love you forever.



Thank you for the music you created. It helped me through some very hard times throughout the years and I can't be grateful enough for that. I'll miss you. Rest easy, Taylor.



I will always remember you, with that smile, that strength, that energy, complicity with the guys in the band, that enjoyment... they really were an incredible drummer and a good soul... transmit all that love through music , and that is why I am writing this.strength and love.♡♡

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Only The Good Die Young.... Gracias por todo, Taylor.



I feel strange at how grief stricken i feel having not even met you in person but you touched my and many others heart and sul in ways that not many people can. I cannot even imagine how your family , friends and the band are feeling right now. You will be sorely missed😪

Richard Mckee

Belfast, Northern Ireland

i’m am absolutely devastated, i’m so sorry taylor you deserved longer. i’m so sorry to dave you have been through so much. i’m so sorry to foo fighters you all lost such a great person. i’m so sorry to taylor’s family i’m sure he made y’all laugh all the time. i miss you taylor.


Fly high Taylor! Things will never be the same without you here! Millions of prayers to your family, the Foos, and anyone else who loved you! That infectious smile will never be forgotten!


Rest in peace Taylor 💔 heaven gained an angel too soon, keep on rocking up there T 😢 You will be greatly missed 💔

E & J C


Rest in peace Taylor 🙌🥁
And sending my condolences to the family & the band!

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Elvin Johns


Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. There aren't enough words to describe how much you are missed.
May you soar through the heavens. 🦅
Massive love. 🤍



See you somewhere down the line, my friend. 🤟🏻

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Salvatore Todaro


See you somewhere down the line, my friend. 🤟🏻

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Salvatore Todaro


Taylor, We will miss you so much, I’m truly devastated by your death. I hope you find peace where you are now. We Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Manuela CM


Sem palavras ,melhor baterista que já vi ,R.I.P 🥁🖤

Alberto Domingues Cerqueira

São Paulo Brazil

I still can’t believe it. Totally lost for words. Thank you for all the music that you’ve made. It helped me through tough times. Lots of love to the family, rest of the band and the millions of fans. You’ll never be forgotten ❤️


The Netherlands

Pude haber ido a tu último concierto en Buenos Aires, no lo hice por el dinero, el trabajo, los hijos, la vida, si arrepentimiento matara ya no estaría acá. Desacansa en paz ❤️



Biggest love to the Hawkins family and the Foos at this devastating time. Thank you, Taylor, for the energy and power you shared in your music. You will remain a force of joy and healing in this world for so many. ♥️




Realmente fue un noticia demasiado inesperada, contaba los minutos para verte nuevamente con esa energía, emoción y sonrisa que caracterizaba tus presentaciones. Ahora eres otra brillante y maravillosa estrella en el firmamento del Rock and Roll. Descansa en Paz!

Mile Lopez


A truly devastating loss. Taylor was and always will be a legend. Our love and prayers to the foos, their families and the fans.

Wesley Wakeford

South Africa

Absolutely devastated. Dave, I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow you are enduring right now. Taylor, your energy, unbelievable talent & that smile. Your drumming inspired me to learn to play, Foos have seen me through the best & worst of times. Can't believe you're gone. x



💔 I will miss you were a cool drummer. I wish to express my sympathy to the family and the guys in the band RIP Taylor



Taylor, you brought so much joy and love to me and everyone you ever meet. You made the world a better place with your beautiful sound. We all love you Taylor, god bless you and may you you Rest In Peace with your sound forever.

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Man these past 2 days have been rough. Can’t help but feel bad that I got so much pleasure from watching you play yet you were clearly struggling. Sending all my love to your family and friends. You will be greatly missed my hero.



Merci pour tout ce que tu as apporté aux FF ainsi qu'à ton public: dynamisme, puissance, sourires, etc.
Amuse-toi bien là haut, avec tes idoles!
Pensées pour ta famille au sens large...

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Not just a fantastic drummer in the best band in the world but something much bigger, part of our lives and you will always be missed 😥 thinking of your family and all the Foo's. Fly high Taylor RIP


Essex UK

Was incredibly lucky to have seen you and experience the intensity of your drumming man. You could fill a stadium with your noise the way some people could only fill a room. Truly heartbreaking. Foo’s forever

Rock in Peace 🤘🥁


Llannefydd, Wales

You were my inspiration and for many many people too. We will love you forever!
You're forever in our hearts!

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Czech Republic

Una perdida devastadora, mis condolencias a su familia y amigos, la música esta de luto,



I had a dream to see the foo fighters in Israel with Taylor, Dave and the rest ot the bend but that's not going to happen. The world of Rock and roll lost one of the best drummer. So sad. R.I.P Taylor. We love you and miss your



The night before the morning I learnt about your passing T, I had a fantastic dream about meeting you and Dave (not the first time dreaming about you guys)
You will never stop inspirng me, never stop making me want rock,
you will never stop destroying the drums in my speakers

Ville Bernstone

Stockholm, Sweden

Taylor played with so much heart. Truly one of the greats.
Enjoy the rock concert upstairs!


The Netherlands

I have never felt this sad for losing someone I didn't personally know. It's a heartbreak I'd never experienced. So so so sorry for the loss of an incredible human being and awesome musician. Love you forever, Taylor <3 hope you keep rocking wherever you are.



Jagged Little Pill was the first album I ever bought after I watched a live performance that included Taylor. Soon after I picked up the sticks for the first time. I’ve been playing ever since. I found my instrument and my voice because of Taylor. Thank you!

Paul Shanahan


Hard to know what to say to you all. Every song I listen to I hear every beat of Taylor's drums, it's what makes a song, I'm going to miss that sound so much. You are all in our thoughts and prayers, we love Taylor we love all of you. Be safe, stay strong, we are all with you❤


Newcastle, North East, England, UK

I've never met you in person but the way that you shone light into my life is one of the craziest things in my life. You inspired me from afar and I am forever grateful. Your love for music drove me to places I never knew I would reach. Thank you so much for everything Taylor.


My heart is absolutely broken and I'm still waiting for a misconception or something to be announced. I'm a drummer myself and Taylor Hawkins was my idol. It was him who always kept me going, who gave me hope, joy and strength. Rock music will never be the same without you. 🤍🖤

Elli Fuhrmann


My Condolences to Taylors family and bandmates!! You are a legend that will live on forever!! I am greatful to have been to many Foo shows to see you make musical magic. 🤍🤍 Rest in Peace. ❤️

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Sharon Rekker

Ontario Canada

We in the foo family are devestated by your untimely passing. You were an integral part of the band, and we all considered you to be like a cool brother, who made it big. The world is a duller, less vibrant place without you in it.

RIP Taylor.



I’ve only just recently started listening to the foo fighters a couple of weeks ago.
I started by watching every live show I could find on YouTube. And I enjoyed every single one and it was all because of Taylor. His energy made it spectacular. I love and miss you T. RIP.


A lovely man Taylor, your rocknroll spirit keep in my mind and never fade away, we will miss you🥀, we Will met eachother ini different stage must be different person, eventhough your wasnt there, but your drum beat energy still alive in our mind

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And ananta


Non c’è Dave senza Taylor…né Taylor senza Dave.
Il cielo tuona a ritmo di Learn to fly…vola libero e in pace ❤️

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A tear and a smile embraced. An anonymous shout of grief and gratitude will be my tribute.

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Andres Rippe


Rest in peace my dear! You live in my heart for Everlong!

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Daniel Franco


Taylor was the best drummer I've ever seen live. He possessed great energy and he'll be sorely missed! RIP Taylor

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Conor McInerney


I can’t believe it yet.
When i was a children , you inspired me and i began play the drums.
RIP Taylor

Cami Espínola


Thank you for everything. Ever since I discovered Foo Fighters as a teenager, your music became my escape, and as I grew up, it always stayed with me. Your soul will forever live on in the music that delights us. Rest in Peace.



I miss you Taylor, I know it hasn't been long but I wish you the best, wherever you are. we all miss you, you were such a kind soul, I never got the chance to meet you but I know you were an amazing person. we will all miss you greatly.



Taylor Hawkins is one of my most favorite musicians. When I watched the band preform, my favorite part was watching Dave and Taylor communicate. I loved the way they spoke to eachother without having to say a thing. I hope Taylor and his beautiful spirit find rest.

Jessica Hughes

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Gone too soon. RIP Taylor


Czech Republic

Your spirit and kindness will be missed…..you were a talented musician and a great person to boot. RIP Taylor

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Taylor was apart of something that gave me and so many others comfort that now hes gone a chunk of that comfort is gone, we miss you and we love you Taylor❤❤❤


Taylor was one of the reasons why I stared drumming. I remember the first time listening to Foo Fighters when I was a kid and I fell in love
I miss you already Taylor

Matheus Melani


My sincere and deepest condolences to Taylor's family,friends,and the guys in the band. Your spirit will live on through all the wonderful music you have blessed us with. Now rock the Heavens.



i will never be able to find the words to say, i am heartbroken. i hope you’re keeping everyone awake with your drumming in the skies.

forever grateful for the impact you’ve had on my life <3



I will always remember you, with that smile, that strength, that energy, complicity with the guys in the band, that enjoyment... they really were an incredible drummer and a good soul... transmit all that love through music , and that is why I am writing this.strength and love.♡♡

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Taylor sentirei uma enorme saudades, você foi o maior baterista do mundo e com certeza uma grande pessoa um grande amigo de todos, siga o caminho da luz e obrigado pela sua arte, siga em paz❤

Alberto Scremin Furtado

Brasil Curitiba

In Austria we were so excited to see you guys again in this summer... And now this...
I'm absolutely speechless about this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, your kids and your band mates at the foo fighters! You will be missed!!! Drum and Rest in Peace!



Taylor Hawkins will always be remembered and loved. Stay strong everyone. Time shall heal all of us. All my love goes out to his family and the band. 🖤 "People I've loved I have no regrets. "


Sri Lanka

Taylor, you will be missed by millions. Thank you for everyone you did and achieved. We love you forever.



You were and will be forever a great inspiration for many of us who follow your career as a drummer, a guy with a charismatic soul and a talent, we will remember you forever as a great guy with an incredible personality, Much love to you, to your family and bandmates! we♡you Tayl

Carolina Zamora

Sydney, Australia

My love and thoughts to your family and all people Foo. You were a powerhouse, a joker, a hard worker and a wonder to watch. I was in awe every time I saw you. You are leaving a huge hole, one I don’t think you knew would be this gapping.



Taylor, you are flying w/rock & roll angels but we here on earth will miss you terribly. No more awesome drum fills, funny antics & clear perfect harmonies. You left way too soon, but will not be forgotten. Condolences to family & Dave & Foos. Rest in spirit, PJ

Paula Jo Hepler

Connecticut USA

Thank you for everything you have given to us, Foo Fighters fans. I am glad my children saw you perform.
Absolutely heartbroken and can't believe this is actually real. All my wishes go to the Hawkins and Foo families during this terrible time.
We will never forget you, Taylor ❤


London, UK

Tive a honra de ir no show do FF aqui no Brasil em 2018 e pude ver de perto a grandeza dessa banda que amo e toda a alegria, energia e talento do Taylor na bateria.
Que você possa seguir em paz, sabendo que deixará muita saudade.

A família FF, meus sentimentos.

Daiana Tavares

Campo Grande/MS BRASIL

Lo siento mucho por su familia y su banda. Se perdió un gran artista. El mundo de luto por tu repentina partida. Muy lamentable noticia. Descansa en paz 🕊

Gabriela Belisario


RIP Taylor!! Thanks for the music you and the Foos go me through some tough times in my life and some amazing times too!! You will definitely go in the Rock Hall of Fame!! Won’t be the same without you!!
Sending my love to all your family and friends!!

Rest Easy!



Rest in peace my dear! You live in my heart for Everlong!

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Daniel Franco


Thanks for the amazing shows Taylor.What legendary moments to see you performing.I won’t forget seeing you in BA/Argentina or Sziget in Budapest singing Under Pressure was an unforgettable moment. Loosing you is the biggest tragedy ever happened in the music industry.RIP Legend



I never met you but have been a fan from the beginning. Your music has helped me celebrate good times and reminded me to be strong in dark times. You are so missed and will live on in our hearts. I hope your family and the band find comfort in the outpouring of love.


Chattanooga Tennessee

Thank you for energy, the music and more importantly just being you.
It was a pleasure seeing you drum your heart out and sing.
Rest in peace.



Un grand vide! Tu vas nous manquer 🖤



The Foo Fighters have gotten me through so much in life. Taylor had a big part to do with that and still does. He inspired so much me as not only a musician, but as a person as well. I cried do the first time in over three years when I heard of his passing. Truly heartbroken. RIP

Ryan Hippern

Nova Scotia

Such a sad day we didn’t get to here you live but Taylor you will be missed by ALL. Keep banding on them Drums up there, rest in peace Xx


Manchester UK

Foos will never be the same without you
The reason I bought a drum kit, in order to try to play like him.
Thank you for everything you gave us, you are a true inspiration,
Your music will live forever

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Adrien Martin

Paris, France

Taylor was such an amazing talent and from what I saw an even more amazing person. Watching him perform was one of the coolest experiences of my life. It's hard to believe he's gone so soon. Thoughts, prayers, and love to his friends and family ❤️

Austin B.


I hope you are having a great time upstairs; jamming with Freddie, Kurt, Bowie, and others. Music will never be the same without you. We all love you, man, and we will miss you so much. Our heart is with your family and friends. Rest in peace.


Lawrence, KS

Your energy drumming, connection with the audience and the band, all those Queen covers done on stage, funny pants, your smile..oh man. As a Foo Fighters fan, I will miss uou so much. Thank you so much and rest in peace

Diogo Silva


We watched you play at Pinkpop a few years ago with our daughter. She was 8 years old at the time and a massive FF fan. We all loved the show, but I think she did the most our of all the thousands of people on the field. I am glad she got to see you. Thank you❤️

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Ignal Cavalera


Conoci tu musica cuando eras baterista de alanis morrisette y ahi me enamoré de tu forma de tocar la bateria,tenias a simple vista que eras una simple persona a pesar de ser famoso,luego de la mano de dave crecistes musicalmente hablando,te vamos a extrañar taylor,un gran vacio

Ana laura Aquino


Prayers and condolences to his family, friends, and band mates.
Thank you for inspiring others with your music and fun personality. Rest In Peace Taylor.


Chesterfield, MI (USA)

Thanks for everything Taylor. Your music has had more of an impact on my life then anyone could even imagine! You inspired me to be drummer and your music was and always will be with me through the good and bad times. Enjoy your time jamming with Freddie Mercury! Thank you Taylor



The Foo Fighters mean the World to me. I am so incredibly sorry!
Taylor was an amazing drummer and a shining light in dark times. I will always be grateful for his contribution to this incredible Band!



We were so fortunate that he believed in the Foo Fighters and joined the band. Being Dave’s drummer was no easy job but he nailed it.
Taylor will always be remembered for his great drumming, music and enthusiasm.
We miss you Taylor!

Elsa Alves


Your love and passion will always mean so much to me. Love you so much Taylor



Gone so early. I hope that you can watch everybody you love from where you are.
A max Of courage for your family, your friends, the band and Dave.
The fans are et will be there.
We all know that you’ll be somewhere, on stage or elsewhere. 🥁🌹🤘🏻



Taylor I will forever miss you, you brought me so much joy with your music and your infectious laughter. You were one of the greatest drummers and I will surely miss you. Rest In Peace ❤️💐
A picture of you i took when I met you in Detroit, I will never forget that night.

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You don’t want to believe that this has happened. Even though I never met him it’s like he left a print on my soul with his music. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. What a tragic loss. 😞


Canton, Michigan

The only thing i hope is that you, beautiful Taylor, has haď the best life and that you enjoyed it. We re going to miss you, you were everything that is ok in a drummer. Love💞❤



Taylor was a force of nature. You could see by his smile how much he loved what he did. My deepest condolences go out to the family, the band and all the fans. Gone but never forgotten. Rest In Peace Taylor

Cheryl Koziel

Moncton NB Canada

You left early .... But you left behind a story in the world of music that we will never forget. We already miss you .REST IN PEACE TAYLOR 🖤😢

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Maria tanti

Greece Thessaloniki

Rest easy lovely🤍Taylor was a amazing and beautiful soul. You made me follow my drumming dreams as I learnt so much from you. Ur such a inspiration to me and so many others🤍 ur my hero and we will miss you so much fly high and rock on in the sky you beautiful man 🤍🕊🎸



What a sad day! There are no words... we will never forget you ... thanks for your music ... rest in peace🙏❤



I can’t imagine this world, rock n roll, or our beloved Foo Fighters without you, your magic, your smile, your love for music and your community. FF, NHC, Chevy Metal, Coattail Riders, Peak to Sky, so many memories. Live life like Taylor played the drums❤️. Forever in our hearts.

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Que agujero más grande dejas en nuestros corazones, mucho ánimo y todo el amor del mundo para tu familia y amigos. Grande Taylor!! Allá donde estés

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Les légendes de meurent jamais

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