Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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Love and Peace to you wherever you are! You will never know how how much of a beautiful person you were to so many! I was going to see you this fall! You will be so sorely missed!! I am so very sorry! I hope you found peace! Love you!


Oakland Ca

Fly high Mr. Hawkins. You will forever live on in my heart. May you forever Rest In Peace and I pray that Our Heavenly Father brings comfort to your family, close friends and your millions of fans thru this very difficult time. GOD SPEED to you Sir. You will be terribly missed.

Marie Dear



You and the foo made my life breathable. Words cannot express how your music saved my life many times. I hope that the foo fighters fam and your family will also find comfort in the music that many of us been. Thank you.



Sending love and light to Taylor’s family, his Foo family, especially Dave. Foo’s have such a special place in my family. My son was raised listening, rocking along at 3, took him to his first show at 8. Taylor was a bright light, I’m going to miss seeing him shine. Rest in Rock


New Hampshire

Always remembered, I'll never forget playing some of your riffs as my first songs.
RIP Taylor Hawkins

Nick C

My heart aches, listening to your music is the only thing keeping you alive in my world, never meeting you feels strange to mourn so hard but I know I’m not the only one. My heart goes out to your wife and family and to Dave and the band..your music keeps you alive in our hearts

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Coventry, England

I hope you knew how loved you are! You leave a void in our hearts that can never be filled! I'll always remember my first concert of the Foos in 2009 in a small venue in Berlin. Since that my heart beats in your rhythm.
Love to everyone who loved you. RIP

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Dear Taylor, every occasion to see you rocking live was a perfect day, when you inspired us by your energy, smile and best drumming ever. We will always remember you this way and love you forever. My hugs are going to your family and band mates in this painful time. With Love!

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Words cannot express how much I’m feeling for Taylor’s family and friends. I never met him, but he and the Foo Fighters have played a large role in my life.
May the happy memories bring comfort to those closest to him, just as his music has comforted me throughout the years.

Karen Wheelock

Madison, WI

I still cannot believe that Taylor is gone, a life lost far too young. I'm heartbroken that we will never see him again, he has left a massive hole. I send my love to his wife, kids, his family, and Dave and his bandmates. RIP Taylor, may your drums be heard as thunder on earth

Cheralyn Jones

Coventry, England

Sending love and strength to your family and friends and to all those that were touched by your amazing energy.
I hope you are up there banging on the ceiling ❤️

Fi and Steve


Foo Fighters, you are my favorite band and have been for over 20 years!! Your lives, our lives have changed forever but the magic of your music lives forever 🤘🏽 I cry, I grieve, I feel deeply for Taylor's family, all of you, I am so very sorry for your loss 🤍

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Gem Gillard

New Zealand

Rest in peace to a great drummer. Foo Fighters lost a great hero! You will always be remembered a legend.

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South Africa

Thank you Taylor for all the great songs and the 2 live performances I was able to see. You’re amazing skills on the kit and on the mic will be with me forever

Duane Poole

Simpsonville SC USA

I'd give anything to go back to 2015 and see you all again 💔

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Gem Gillard

New Zealand

Saw you in Madison, WI in about 2005-06 when you opened for Bob Dylan. I was with my daughter, and I will treasure those memories. My heart breaks for each of you. Prayers and hugs to all. Godspeed Taylor......Godspeed. Your amazing talent and personality will be with us forever

DiesburgMalloy Sheila


My heart and prayers go out to Taylor’s family, loved ones, friends and his Foo Fighter Family and Fans. It’s been a week & I’m still in shock. Such a precious human being was Taylor. Hearts are broken. His memory and love lives on in our hearts forever. Rest in Beats Taylor 🫶🤘

User Submitted Image

Lisa Dominique

Indiana USA

💖A piece of us is missing. I have no other words aside to say thank you for being such an inspiration in our life.

Your charisma, enthusiasm, warm spirit, and music lives on ..🌸. Taylor admired you Dave. Our hearts go out to Taylor’s family and the Foo fighters.

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Sally and Monica

You were such a phenomenal dummer and performer. I love the Foos and will miss seeing you behind the kit. A huge loss and not sure how they will recover. I’m so blessed that I got to see you at MSG after Covid! I will never for get it. RIP ❤️

Kristen Etkin

Weymouth, Ma

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Sally and Monica

Absolutely shattered at losing Taylor. Thankyou for coming to play in my home state Tasmania as promised after the mine accident here. Tassie will never forget you, our ears are still ringing. Sending my love to all the Foo Fighter families. xxx

karen lane

Kalgoorlie Australia

Still can’t believe that you‘re gone 😢 Rest In Peace, Taylor. You are missed so much. Love & Prayers to the Foo Fighters and Taylor‘s family & friends ❤️



Taylor, I only got to see you once at Big Day Out Gold Coast in 2000, but it was unforgettable and one of the best memories of my life. I have adored the Foo Fighters for the past 20 years and words can't express how thankful I am for all the music you so generously gave us.

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Brisbane, Australia

Watching Taylor on stage with Dave opening for RATM in 1997, they did a double drum intro that has always been stuck in my head as one of the greatest moments in a concert, and I became a Taylor fan right away. To the Family, the Band and all us Fans, my sincerest condolences.



Taylor - you were magic. Simply magic. Your loss has left a void that we'll never be able to fill, but we're all a little better off for the time that you spent sharing that magic with us. Gone, but never EVER forgotten. Rest easy, we'll keep the tempo.


Fort Myers, FL

Descansa en paz Tay ❤ mis condolencias a su familia y amigos, en especial a Dave Grohl que era su mejor amigo, y es como un padre para mí. Siempre te recordaremos.

Marinés Ramos


A devastating loss.



Taylor, you’ve left a HUGE emptiness in my heart…I didn’t even know you , yet I loved you so much. I may no longer be able to see you on earth, but it brings me joy that you are rockin’ the Heavens with my sister Heather. You were both gone too soon and are missed very dearly💔💔

Erika F.

Dale City,Va USA

Thanks for the memories, Taylor! ❤️


St Louis, MO

We love you so much, Taylor! We love you, guys! Fly High, man! Your beats will make everyone happy in the heaven!

Meire Menegueli


My daughter was learning an alanis song (drums) for her school and she will perform it at her first real concert. every time she plays everlong we both cry !! Rest In Peace Taylor x our heart goes out to your family and Dave xx



Taylor. From Alanis to Foos, to Coattail Riders and Birds of Satan - your talent, musicianship, infectious personality and beautiful smile has left an impression on us all. I have always felt in some way connected to you and this is such a heartbreaking loss. Fly high. X



Taylor, thanks for rocking our world. I will always miss you ,Brother

Michael Silipigni

New Jersey

Such a sad, sad lost. Unfortunately I never met Taylor but him and the rest of the foo fighters band came to Ireland a few times and was the talk of one of thee best bands live ever!
Thank you Taylor for the music, Rest In Peace 🌹🤟🏼 🥁


Northern Ireland

It's been dark days since u've gone.U are & always will be this shine light that make our days better.U were a fuck artist,a such human been that is hard to find.U'll be missed 4ever.I deeply hope that someday the FF & your family would be able to find peace in their❤️.Love u TH.

User Submitted Image

Daniela Taffarel


I have been a Foo Fighters fan since I was a kid. Thank you, Taylor, for the music. This loss is devastating as a fan and I can only imagine what those closest are feeling, I know the devastating loss of someone so close unfortunately. My heart is with the band and his loved ones

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Alice B


I can not find the words, To express how heartbroken I feel. My thoughts are with Taylor’s family and most of all with Dave , Pat, Chris, Nate and Rami
Taylor you will be missed forever 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Abigail Callaghan

Penzance Cornwall United Kingdom

just don’t know what to say, I am lost for words. I still can’t believe you are gone. You will always be remembered. This is just so sad. Thinking of your family at this very sad time. Xxxxx

Teresa hill-daykin

Nottingham England

Taylor, I hope you know how much you impacted all of our lives. Your passing has ripped my heart in two. To Dave, I can’t imagine you having to go through losing him. My most heartfelt condolences to everyone affected by his passing. Peace to y’all ❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer Miller


From playing with Alanis to the Foo Fighters....the music you played, got me through some dark times in my life. Thank you for that. Your music will live on through us (your fans) . Please watch over your immediate family, friends, and fans especially Dave. Fly high Taylor ❤

User Submitted Image

Kim Harwood

Windsor, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

Thank you for the memories & time you gave us. You will live on in all of us.
You know our love will not fade away

Molly Flynn

We never met, but in January your music brought me out of a delirium riddled coma. After 2 weeks my amazing but stumped Icu team saw my Foo tattoo and decided to try playing you guys to wake me....I only wish you were here to read this Taylor. I owe you my life. Rip my friend.

Tracy Weakley

With love to Taylors family and the Foos especially Dave, so sorry for the devastating loss of this vibrant, beautiful soul. We love you all, heartbroken. Cherish 20 years of memories of your gigs in Scotland, honoured to have shared that. Fly high Taylor with our love with you x

User Submitted Image

Alice Brown


My best Foo memory- Music Midtown ATL when the crowd began to sing back the melody to Best of You-first time an American crowd had. It’s living poetry how we love someone we never met but who knew us. RIP Taylor; you did this life right! Love, prayers and gratitude to the Foos❤️🎶💔

User Submitted Image

Angel Evitts


I feel blessed that in my trip on this planet I had the opportunity to share in the experience of your incredible talent. For that I am forever grateful.

Pat S.

Kentucky USA

I'm so sorry and in such shock. I love this band so much and prayers for all the families, friends and fans. Rip Taylor Hawkins you will be missed. Dave keep your head up, Taylor would want you to go on. Love you all.



The Foo Fighters were my first rock band I saw in Toronto. His smile literally lite up the entire stadium! Amazing drummer he was. I cannot believe the impact his passing has taken on myself and my husband. May he rock on in eternity bliss with Kurt. Love to FF Family and Hawkin

Natasha Annijczyn

Guelph Ontario Canada

I've been a foos fan since the 90's. It wasn't until three just few years I truly realized what an impact they'd had on me, both in life and in the music I wrote myself. I've always been in awe of Taylor's drum skills and how it inspired my own drumming. RIP TH 💔

John Tyndal

Oroville, CA

I was honoured to have seen Taylor play on several occasions with the Foo Fighters, originally thinking that nobody would ever be as good as Dave on drums. I’m privileged to have been proven wrong and Taylor will, alongside Dave Grohl, Everlong be My Hero. Xx

Zena Chapman

Cambridge U.K.

We will miss you greatly. Thank you for the music. Thank you for the warmest and brightest smile. Thank you for sharing your infinite talent with us. Thank you. Fly high and rest in beats, Taylor. 💙

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Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us. You will be forever missed. I’m so glad I witnessed your greatness multiple times. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


San Antonio Tx

I didn't know Taylor personally, like most of us. But I feel connected to him through his music. Like an old good friend who has only gone on a short trip and whom I will meet again later. I wish the whole Foo Fighters family much strength in this difficult time. With love!

User Submitted Image

Katja Hinze


May you rest in peace. I've been a huge fan for years. I've also seen some great local acts you have deeply influenced. I love watching you sing. Always My Hero. To the Foo family my heart, and thoughts are with you in this difficult time.


Carthage, NY, USA

Taylor was someone who could make you smile and laugh with his performances whether that was behind the drums or singing Queen interacting with the crowd. His talent, joy, and chemistry with Dave on stage will be something I will forever miss. A beautiful soul gone too soon.

Jennifer Meredith

Glasgow, UK

Thanks for the memories Taylor,Ive enjoyed the foo fighters a lot and I know 'Everlong' is gonna be hit different

Lauren Moore


Taylor I am devastated at your passing but will love you forever, as i have 20+yrs. Your passion, skill and love for music was inspiring and mesmerising. I was due to see the band in London this year, FF will never be the same without you. May you be at peace. I love you, man 🥰

User Submitted Image


Wales, UK

Taylor your spirit and smile will always be remembered. I will crank up the music and always cheers you! My heartfelt condolences to your family, friends and the Foo Fighters.
Rest Easy Taylor♥️

Sophie R

Calgary, Canada

Taylor, the news of you passing away hurts so bad… You are and will always be a beautiful ray of sunshine for me.
Thank you for all that you’ve given us: the music, the emotions, the strength, your kindness, your smile, your humility.
I’ll love you and honor you forever ❤️

User Submitted Image

Cristina Forgione

Bologna, Italy

Shocked and sadden on the passing of Taylor. To have the pleasure of seeing him play live is something I will hold dear and to see how much his peers thought of him after his passing tells you what a fantastic person he was. Keep playing those drums wherever you are 🖤

User Submitted Image



I'm absolutely gutted and have been for a week now, it's kinda funny, when my mum died in 2015 i didnt feel a thing, its been a week now since Taylors passing,and i feel pretty shit. I've know my mum ALL MY LIFE and I've really only known Taylor for 20 years. I'm 48 now.

User Submitted Image

Kerry Docherty


Taylor your huge presence and massive smile will be sorely missed 💔 heartbroken for you, your family and the Foos. Rip you legend xx



Thank you for the voice, the energy, the music, the magic 🖤
Forever threaded into the theme tune of my life 💖
Rock the other side Taylor, I’m sure Freddie’s waiting for a duet ❤️‍🔥

Nic Morley


We had tickets to see you again in June, it would have been the absolute highlight of my year. The world will be a sadder place without the sunshine of your soul. Sending strength to your family and the band - the worlds greatest. Rest in peace Taylor.

Carla Hilton

Chelmsford , Essex

So shocked when i heard Taylor had passed, still in shock one week later

Kerry Docherty


Though we never met, you have been in my car,beside me when I was going through Tough times and good. You always made things better. Thanks for everything Taylor!

Derek Adkins


I am an old rock and roller,I love to watch Taylor Hawkins on drums and singing...he will be greatly missed by all who loved him.
Prayers for his wife and children as well as Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters.


North carolina

"How lucky are we having something that makes saying goodbye so hard!"


Ireland 🇮🇪

You were such a bright light. I loved your energy behind those
drums, you played with such passion. You made us feel the music
not only hear it. You touched my soul & I know those closest will miss your presence deeply. Thank you for sharing
a part of you on this earth.

Kristin Walsh

Portland, Oregon

Taylor, you were truly special.
From the moment I heard your first beat, I knew it.
My music hero... along with Freddie Mercury, Phil Linott and many alike, whose passion did not go unnoticed.
Thank you for inspiring us!

User Submitted Image



Devastated at the loss of Taylor, my heart goes out to everyone who loved him. Foo's were there for some through tough times in my life, my daughter was stillborn, I named her Taylor. Played Walking After You to her every day whilst pregnant. Her memorials have Foos lyrics


Glasgow, Scotland

This week was filled with sadness and thoughts of Taylor, his family and the Foo fighters family...
I can't realize...

Tina Kleemann

Rastede, Germany

Taylor was engine of the band...I loved his sound. Big loss for music. I don't have words I share my pain with all of you.



I am saddened by the passing of Taylor Hawkins... no words can express how I feel. I wish I had the privilege to have met Taylor and the rest of the Foo-fighters band in person, that would have been an amazing experience. Taylor was a wonderful drummer... gone way too soon :( RIP

Cindy Jovanoski


Watching you live was one of my favourite moments. You were loved by so many and will be missed so much. Love from every Foos fan


Hull England

Your beautiful energy and incredible talent opened my eyes at 7 years old to what it meant to be inspired by someone for the first time. Thank you for the 23 years of awe and joy that followed, your music has carried me through everything and you meant so, so much.

Rosie Bisset


Taylor you touched us all with your beautiful spirit ✨ God gave you a beautiful gift to share with us all 🥁 we all were blessed to have you here on earth with us. you will forever be in our hearts 💖 we love you ❤️ rest in the arms of Jesus ❤️✨🕊️🌹

Michelle Baker

Concord , NC

Greatest Drummer of all Time! What you brought to the stage amazingYou hear you in each song, in each album in each note you drumming made an impact, no other band can say that in the history of existence and now you are gone! The world felt it you will be missed

Carrie A

Hudson Oh

'What if I say I will never surrender'
RIP Taylor Hawkins
70cm x 50cm
Acrylic on canvas
'Life is funny. If you don't laugh, you are in trouble'
Taylor Hawkins
-A beautiful soul taken waaaaaaay too soon. Love to all your friends &family and to anyone suffering with depression

Vicky Steane


Words can’t describe how we’re feeling 💔 Thank you for all the best days of are life, seeing the foos is what we lived for. Taylor you’ll always be in are hearts RIP ❤️🤘

Jane and mirky

Aldeburgh England

There goes my Hero 💔 R I P Taylor Xx


I saw you in Sydney and your talent was amazing you will be missed by me and everyone around the world...love and hugs to your family and to the band

Monique Kaleth


I saw you in Sydney and your talent was amazing you will be missed by me and everyone around the world...love and hugs to your family and to the band

Monique Kaleth


I am absolutely devastated at the passing of Taylor i was so looking forward to June . Your amazing work lives on in all of us. Sleep well 🥰🌹🌹💔

Karen Pilkington

Lancashire uk

There are no words big enough to express my deep love and sorrow for such a huge loss. Hold your families tight. I will be here...keeping you in my prayers. Keep each other safe. Your music saved my soul so many times. May you find some comfort. that the love you gave is returned

Denise Dillon


It's been a week and I still feel numb, Foo fighters have saved me so many times, the first time I heard "All my life" live, I knew you would be drumming with FF forever. Thank you for the music and the amazing smiles, you are truly, truly missed

User Submitted Image



There are really not words to articulate the level of sadness this loss has left me with, so the unbearable grief you all must be feeling.. to say it isn't fair isn't doing it near enough justice. Love and light to you all. 💛 RIP ultimate peace Taylor.🌠


Bakersfield, CA

You are loved and missed. You were a bright light in a dark world.. As someone said. You are sunshine in human form. Sleep well. ❤️

User Submitted Image



You are loved and missed. You were a bright light in a dark world.. As someone said. You are sunshine in human form. Sleep well. ❤️

User Submitted Image



I just want to send loving vibes to everyone who's been touched by the foo fighters in anyway. To me, they've been there to help me celebrate the good times and get me through the bad
Much love to the family, the foos and everyone touched by Taylor's amazing spirit ❤️❤️

Jenn Johnson

Brigden, Ontario

We love you Foo family!!! Taylor is so loved all around the world and he can never be truely gone because we will not let it happen! Our thoughts and prayers and most of all love is with you all during this time.



So very sorry for your loss, so young and beautiful……


My heart aches knowing I'll never get to see the Foo's with you there.Bless your wife,children and Dave and band.Your greatness will live on in the music.RIP TAYLOR 😔❤ Heaven is a rockin place



Taylor, an iconic musician, drummer, singer with an infectious smile! A fresh ray of sunshine in a human body. RIP and play on in heaven.



A legend and a hero with the voice of an angel and a feel behind the drums that will never be equaled. Long live The Hawk ❤️


I walked down the aisle to Everlong 4 years ago and was so excited to be hearing it first hand in June in Birmingham. Absolutely gutted I won't be but even more gutted that the music world has lost an absolute legend. RIP Taylor ❤️

Lizzie Grigg

Devon, England

We'll miss you, your energy, your smile, all that you gave us, all that you left on the stage... It truly was an honor to hear you do what you do best! My feelings for your family, friends and all the FF fans that are grieving all around the world! You'll always be remembered ❤️

Inês Pimenta

Torres Vedras, Portugal

Taylor Hawkins Simply the best 100 per cent the real deal,the stories coming out in days after his passing proves this,what a fantastic musician but more importantly what a great man he was a great Father and Husband son and brother the type of person anybody would want to be


Glasgow Scotland

A legend and a hero with the voice of an angel and a feel behind the kit that will never be matched. Long live The Hawk ❤️


Rest on peace Taylor,see you on the other side..your will never forget....

User Submitted Image



Heartfelt condolences to his beautiful family, Taylor will live on through his music and memories, it was The Pretender that got me into this incredible band, I used to love watching Taylor on his kit
Thinking of his band of brothers especially dave
Stay strong guys.

Lynnette crook

St helens Merseyside UK