Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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Taylor you were an amazing musician and you gave so much to the band and the world. But your warmth and kindness, your passion for life and enjoy every moment doing what you love has been your legacy that will last forever. We will always miss you. Yo now go and rock the heaven!

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One of my biggest dreams was to watch the you play live, I know that I'm just one of thousands who felt the same way. We'll always miss the music.



Taylor you were a true hero and aspiration of mine. I’ve loved the foos music since my cousin first played the music to me and my favourite part and still is the drums. It’s such a shame that you have passed but you will in my and many others heart for years.



We will miss you, dear Taylor 💔 Play your drums in Heaven! Sing the Foos songs with the Angels.

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Stefano Delfrate

Chiari (Brescia), Italy 🇮🇹

Taylor was such a joy to watch. Inspired me to learn the drums. Hope I do him proud! Sending love and comfort to his beloved family and band mates.



Still in shock. Have seen you live 17 times and will always remember you’re epic skills both in drumming and singing. You truly are the best drummer ever and you will never be forgotten . Sending love and peace and prayers to your family, friends and your band mates 💔

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Angela Baikey

Wiltshire, England

Con el corazon destrozado, gracias por venir al Lolla !!! Te extrañaremos 💔



We will deeply miss you, Taylor 🙏🏼



Con el corazon destrozado, gracias por venir al Lolla !!! Te extrañaremos 💔



Gone from this Earth, but not from our hearts. Sincere condolences to the Hawkins family, the Foos and fans globally. RIP 💔

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Jenn P

London Ontario Canada

may your spirit and joy live on in your children…

henrietta armbruster


Thank you, Taylor, for allowing us to listen to your soul through your drums! It will echo forever in our hearts ❤



Your spirit will be missed, but you will live on through your music. Rest in peace. I wish for support and strength to your family and friends.

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Charlotte, NC

So deeply saddened and shocked when I heard you had passed. You were truly an amazing musician and had a smile that will forever be in my memory. I don’t know you personally but you touched my life all the same. I’m heartbroken for your family and friends. May you Rest In Peace❤️❤️


New York

Thank you for everything Taylor. Your energy and passion for the drums and music was infectious. You helped me become a better drummer and musician. I’m going to miss you so much. You left a huge mark on the world and that will never be forgotten. I love you so much man. R.I.P. 💔

Noah Klibonoff

Nashville, TN

La fragilidad de la vida es inexplicable y nos manda al suelo de golpe. Siempre hemos pensados que nuestros héroes son inmortales, Taylor inolvidable! Tu legado siempre seguirá vivo! There goes my Hero!



Rest in peace Taylor. You will be always remembered as one of the best drummers in history.
Blessing to the foo fighters family.



The joy you put out into the universe is there forever. You created so much for us to love, and love never dies. Thank you, Taylor, your talent, energy, smile and spirit will never be forgotten.



Absolutely devastated another rock legend gone have a massive fucking party up there with Chester and the others 💔

Steve and Lucy Smith


Ty, gracias por todo, gracias por siempre ser una luz para todos en momentos difíciles con la música levantaste ánimos, corazones rotos y problemas que parecían difíciles, donde quiera que estés espero que sigas rompiendo en la batería como siempre! TE AMAMOS POR SIEMPRE❤️



Ty, gracias por todo, gracias por siempre ser una luz para todos en momentos difíciles con la música levantaste ánimos, corazones rotos y problemas que parecían difíciles, donde quiera que estés espero que sigas rompiendo en la batería como siempre! TE AMAMOS POR SIEMPRE❤️



My life has gone into a short standstill... The fact that this loss that the foo fighters family and fans are going through is untimely and tragic is a big understatement...My deepest thoughts goes to the Hawkins family, the Grohls and the band.. Rest in power❤️❤️

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Trygve Tverli

Trondheim, Norway

One of the best Drummers is gone. Thank you so much and rest in peace! 🖤



Taylor you are a huge inspiration musically and creatively for me. I still can’t believe you’re gone. My prayers to Taylor‘s family and to the Foos. Thank you for everything you have given all of us.

Dan Snow


I am so sad, but I can’t fathom how his family and friends must feel. We will miss you Taylor. That infectious smile, laugh and killer kit skills. We love you. Now and forever. Foo for Life…

Kim A


taylor is one of my inspirations, i looked up to him and i still do. i haven’t slept since his passing. i miss him so much, i’m always thinking about him. he was an amazing father, husband and friend. it was all so sudden. we miss you taylor, we love you. rest in peace.

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united kingdom

There goes my hero! Such an immense loss.
My condolences to his family, the foos, and all his other friends.
All the best ❤️

Paul Kruidenier

the Netherlands

RIP Taylor, you will be greatly missed. I was privileged enough to see you perform in Pittsburgh a few years ago and you were an amazing drummer, and just an awesome guy. Prayers to your family and friends 💔😢🙏


Pittsburgh PA

Taken way too soon, you made a major impact on the world with your kindness & music. Even though I have not been able to see the band play live, I have all the music that has been put out through out the years. RIP Taylor Hawkins, you will be dearly missed!

Lori Wolfe

St. Charles, MO

Taken way too soon, you made a major impact on the world with your kindness & music. Even though I have not been able to see the band play live, I have all the music that has been put out through out the years. RIP Taylor Hawkins, you will be dearly missed!

Lori Wolfe

St. Charles, MO

That big smile, energy and kindness... I saw you drumming live and I was overwhelmed and I wanted to take my daughter to see it too this summer... She will just have to believe me. Rest in peace legend



I miss you already. you didnt deserve this. im lighting a candle every night for you. your my inspiration and im only 13 years old. crazy to think ive been listening to foo fighters since i was born. death is scary but hey! your with chris, kurt, chester. everyone loves you <3

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I can’t stop the tears. Devastated and heartbroken for your untimely death. You left this world too soon. My deepest condolences to your family and the Foo Fighters. 💔



dear Taylor, thank you for you. Thank you for your music and talent. Just thank you for everything you have given this world with your life during your time here. I send all my love, hugs, and thoughts to your family, friends & other fans across the world. Rest easy Taylor

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Tia Gorry

Wales, United Kingdom

Absolutely shocked to hear of Taylors passing, Absolutely brilliant drummer, a very nice bloke. Will be sorely missed, bang those drums in heaven mate. RIP Taylor 🙏

Adrian cridland


Absolutely shocked to hear of Taylors passing, Absolutely brilliant drummer, a very nice bloke. Will be sorely missed, bang those drums in heaven mate. RIP Taylor 🙏

Adrian cridland


Thank you for sharing your talent and your zen energy with the world. You will be greatly missed. Fly high! 🙏🏼♥️🥁🙏🏼

María Morales


My heart is broken. One of the best drummers ever. For my favorite Band, I wish God bless you all and his family.

Livia Prebianca


Devastating loss, love to his family and the band. What an incredible talent and man….always smiling. RIP beautiful Taylor💜

Linda McBride

San Marcos, CA

Sending my deepest condolences to his band family, family and friends. We, the fans family, are mourning the loss of an amazing man along with you all. All my love thoughts and prayers to everyone ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Kathleen Ayers

Chesapeake, VA

one more victim for the drugs! Rest in Power 🙏



You’ll be missed deeply and I always wanted to watch you live when you guys came to Portland OR but was never able to guess now I will have to try to see the rest of the band unfortunately without you RIP Taylor Hawkins your legacy will live on

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Paul Swanson

Portland Oregon

What an incredible loss to the Hawkins family and Foo Fighters. I hope you all find comfort in your time of grief. Taylor’s fans will be here for you when and if you need us.

Bill Morris


The most gorgeous, talented drummer and singer, Taylor you were just awesome. So devastated you are gone. All my love to you,your family and your Foo Fighters brother's. Gone but will never be forgotten ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Annie Harrison


Taylor.. aún siento que voy a despertar y esto va ser sólo una pesadilla, pero lamentablemente está pasando, gracias por todos esos años de música que nos diste, gracias por hacer del Rock N Roll no sólo un género musical, sino, que un estilo de vida. R.I.P. HASTA SIEMPRE DUDE 🙌

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We will forever be fans of your shiny light, Taylor Hawkins! You’ve become a family name in our home; we 80s babies & our 7 & 4YO were so excited to see you at our first Foo concert on 8/2. Thank you for sharing your light & gifts with the world. TeamLuck (Foo/unicorn bday 2018)

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Mis, Rick, Otto, & Ida Luchsinger


August of last year, my dream came true to see the Foo. The energy of Taylor on drums the vibe of the band was amazing. My favorite concert forever. So glad I got to see his talent in person. Rock on Taylor 🤘. Music lost a good one. 😔

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Columbia, MO

Thanks for the rock. Thanks for the laughs.
Taylor Hawkins you will be eternal 💔



I've been a fan since learning to fly, you sir was the most amazing drummer in the world, going to miss you and your smile so much Taylor and I know you would want foo fighters to carry on 💜 the sky is your neighborhood now don't keep it down though we will rock with you 🤘🏻


Coventry, UK

Muy triste por la perdida de este fenómeno increible. Mis condolencias a toda su familia principalmente y a todo foo fighters. Mucha fuerza para pasar este horrible momento



I really sorry for their loss of your family and your brothers of Foo Fighters, I hope their find the way soon to goes on. Thank you Taylor for one of most incredible shows have i seen in my life last 15 of March in Ciudad de México. We see you in the other side. Rest in peace.

René Pérez Servín


Just recently saw you live in Monterrey back in Oct. Can't believe you're not with us anymore. Rest in Peace!

Rob M

Monterrey, NL

As a huge Rush fan and Foo fan, this is extra difficult. Taylor was such a cool dude. The Foo Fighters won’t ever be the same — he was irreplaceable. I truly feel for the whole band, as they lost a brother. Rest In Peace Taylor. Thank you for the music and the memories.

Marc Campanozzi

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Feeling blessed that I got to see you live 3 times, gigs will never be the same again. Life is going to be shitty without you, miss you already.


I can't believe that you gone & i will miss you but never forget you
Rest in Peace

Robert Zitzmann


Can't believe you are gone. Such a beautiful light has been taken far to early. You will make heaven rock. Love you Taylor 💗



I'm going to to miss you Taylor.You are my favorite drummer. I want to say thank you for everything and that it was my honor to have enjoyed your musical contributions. Rip My Hero.


Hamilton Ontario Canada

I remember the first time seeing a foo fighters music video and it was The Pretender. The moment Taylor started banging on the drums my mind was blown. The energy he brought, the smile he had each time he was playing was such a beautiful sight. I’m going to miss you Taylor. RIP

Saul JR

So heartbroken for this tragic loss. I was just waiting for you to come back in Milano and make me happy once again. Goodbye Taylor, you'll be hugely missed. Great, talented and a light soul. Love u ♥️

Alessandra Terreni

Milano, Italy

Taylor, you were an amazing person, an amazing drummer, we all will never forget you


A legend, taken way too soon💔 I'm absolutely devastated knowing I'll never see the Foo Fighters play again, with you. Prayers to EVERYONE who loves you, especially your immediate, & Foo Family. I'm sure you're already planning jam sessions with Chris, Lenny, David, John, Freddy♥

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Maer Bonczyk

Levittown PA, USA 🇺🇸

Overwhelmed and saddened. I just don't have the words yet.

Fly high Taylor❤
Heaven is a big bang now....🌌🙏❤

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Taylor, your music changed my life and all I can do is say thank you. It's sad that we will never hear a new song with you behind the drums, but also, we will never forget everything you have done. In our memories, you'll always be alive. Rest in peace, Taylor


São Paulo, Brazil

Saying you'll be missed is an understatement. Whenever I hear thunder I'll know it's you banging on those drums with the beautiful infectious smile of yours. RIP



Rock In Peace while we try and rock on here in your memory. You'll always be in our hearts, minds and spirits.

Jamie M

You'll never be forgotten!!! Your legacy, your energy will always be remembered!!! One day we'll be all together again. Thank you for everything!!! So sad that the good ones become gods too soon ❤

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Mariane Costa

Mogi das Cruzes - SP- Brasil

Es una pena enorme el enterarse de la.partida de Taylor, acá en el Perú aún no habíamos tenido el gusto de recibir a la banda, pero esta noticia nos destroza a todos los fans de FF de Perú. Mucha fuerza chicos, en especial a Dave. Se los quiere y la mejor de las vibras.

Daniel Chávez


We are heartbroken 💔 you leave behind a huge legacy, but also a hole that won’t ever be filled. Thank you for all of it; only the good die young. We love you, Taylor Hawkins! #club606

Amie Sue 606

New Mexico

I can only thank you for all these years of company, support and inspiration that you gave me with your music. Thank you for your art, for the last show that I enjoyed like never before here in Argentina. I'm going to miss you a lot. Rest in peace dear Taylor, love you so much!❤️


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Absolutely STUNNED about the passing of Taylor Hawkins.
Deepest sympathies to the family of Taylor and his friends and bandmates.
I will miss him very much.
Long live Taylor Hawkins!

PS. love his pants


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As a little girl from Orange County who loved rock n roll, Taylor always reminded me of home. He always will. No one had as much enthusiasm for their craft as he did and that is what should be celebrated forever. A band is only as good as their drummer and he was the best.


Earlier that day we had to say goodbye to our sweet old dog and then find out about Taylor. Needing both more than ever to counteract the other & I can't. My life will never be the same. Thank you for being who you were. It's incredibly dark without your light here.

Kathleen Hatch

I’m struggling to find the words. I am so very sorry and so sad. My thoughts are with you, your family and the rest of the Foo’s at this unbelievably sad time. My heart is broken for you all, rest in peace Taylor x

Alison Rounce


There goes my hero but he will remain as the best drummer in the world and a foo fighter rock on Taylor Hawkins 🤘🤘🤘



Our family is deeply sad. We love dancing and singing on your songs and we will go on.
Music lost one of the best drummer. Forever Taylor



Taylor you were always a beacon of energy and light on stage and I consider myself grateful to have been able to see you 3 times. I was there when you blew the roof off Madison Square Garden and it has replayed in my head ever since.
Rock on you legend. Taylor Forever!

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Blake Pedersen


Taylor’s energy was absolutely infectious. He was the backbone of the Foos. My best memory is of him watching Nandi Bushell drum to Everlong at the closing of the LA show at The Forum last August. The sheer joy in his face was shown in his smile. Prayers to his family and friends


Fly high! Your smile , energy, warmth and free Spirit... Will be missed!
May You rest in peace!!!♥️



Rip Taylor thinking of all your family xxxx

Amanda mckeown

Liverpool UK

Forever remember never forgotten

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Samantha Gilbert

West Bromwich Uk

Im deeply sorry and devastated by Taylor's lost. He was the spirit in the band with Dave and they make us feel he is the bro, the hangman of every fan. He was the big smile, the warming friend. I feel so broken. We gonna miss u so bad. Condolences for family and the foos

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Rocio Rojas Leal

Córdoba Argentina


I am so incredibly grateful for everything you've given me. You've touched me with your music and your awesome and fun personality. You've inspired me to pick up drumsticks and become a musician myself. You've got me to meet some very wonderful people. I will miss you.



Taylor, your unique playing style and vivacious personality have inspired my everyday since I first heard and saw you play. The world won't be the same without you but your legacy will run long.I am forever greatful, RIP



I’m blessed to have seen your amazing talent and energy live in concert. Positive thoughts and condolences to the Foo and Hawkins families. Thank you



Rest in peace to you Taylor. You will be missed by everyone.


Bologna loves you.
Bologna lost a friend.
Thanks for all your energy, thanks for your smiles.
See you on the otherside.
Heaven is a Big Bang now.
Love you Bro'.

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Rest in Peace beautiful Taylor, I will miss everything about you but mostly that wonderful smile. ❤💔❤



Nuestras más sinceras condolencias para la familia Hawkins, el resto de los Foo Fighters y a los fans, por la irreparable pérdida de Taylor. Siempre le recordaremos y llegará a la eternidad a través de su música.

Father & Son


I am glad that you were here. Thank you for all of that you've done. Fly on. 🤍🕊

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I have long been a massive fan of the Foo Fighters, the band, it’s music the whole essence that made up the iconic band that was the Foo’s. Tragically Losing you Taylor is just heartbreaking, the world of rock music will never be the same again. The best drummer there ever was. x

Christine king

Rochester Kent England

I'm not sure I can ever comprehend what's happening anymore. This amazing man is one of my biggest inspirations and I'm not sure I'll ever be okay with this. I'll miss you forever, Taylor.



Rest in peace Taylor ❤️😘. I never met you but you and the rest of the guys in the band have been there for me thru bad and good times. We will all miss your fantastic smile and the person you were. Your energy onstage and your talent and voice. You'll be greatly missed!!!

Kat Jacobson


Your going to be drumming in heaven man with some other legendary rockers but you’ll be missed on earth forever 🤟



Rest easy Taylor. Thank you for being the greatest drummer for The greatest rock band in the world. You will forever be missed. We love you.



You’ve changed my life Taylor. You will forever be missed. Thank you for being a huge inspiration, not only too me but too your family, your friends, Foo Fighters, and many more. We’ll forever carry your legacy and talent with us. You’ll forever live on in our hearts and soul.



There goes my hero!
Te vamos a extrañar, genio! 💔 love you!

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A cold day in the sun. R. I. P.

Gerald Unger


Sending love and strength to your loved ones. You will live on trough your music forever❤️. Music changes so many lives and makes the world a better place; the Foo Fighters definetly make it a better place.



It feels like i lost a family member, even though we’ve never met. So strange, but as i am listening his music for almost 20 years now, makes me thinking about him every day since then. I guess thats makes me feel like this. Rest in peace my HERO! Our life became so much less…


Hungary, Budapest

Dear Taylor, you have been taken off this world way too soon. When thunder hits next time it rains we will know who is causing it. Your heart may have played it's final beat but your beats will go on forever. We will all miss you,
Rock in Peace Taylor Hawkins.

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The Netherlands