Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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You were so very loved by your fans. Soar peaceful. We will miss you. God bless his family and our boys. Thoughts and prayers

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Colleen Kolasinski

Cleveland Ohio

So saddened to her the news of your death Taylor. I don’t know you but the Foo Fighters music lifts my spirit. Watching you live was amazing, that smile, the stamina and the voice. You will be missed by so many but you will always be part of the concerts in my car. Sleep tight. ❤️


Birmingham, England

My deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences.. Much love to family, friend and band mates... Rest in Love Taylor... ❣️

Kimberly Fowler


You and the Foo Fighters are the reason why I am strong. Your music gave me strength when I was at my lowest point in life. My heart is aching so bad. My heart goes to Dave and the Band and to your family. You’re a legend! Rock in Peace great drummer in the world!!! ✨🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🥺



Absolute pleasure of having the chance of watching you do what you did live on stage,amazing gift you had
God bless 🙌

Tony K

Milton Keynes uk

Although we did of course not know each other, you, Taylor, where kind of close to me. Your music, your way to play the drums, your positive appeal, where able to guide me through very dark times in my life and brighten up the good times even more. I miss you!



Im feeling immense sadness and disbelief.
Thank you for giving me such joy with your music that has got me through good times and sad times. It will live with me and my family forever.
Say hi ti Keith Moon btw!!!



Yesterday morning i woke up to the next notification: "Taylor Hawkins
died", and my heart stopped beating for a long moment. He really was
one of the greatest drummers, and an amazing person. Much love and
support for his close friends, he will always live in our hearts. 💔🕊

Maya Kaz


I still can’t believe it! I just saw last week in Lollapalooza Chile and you were doing the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. You were so fun, natural and kind with all your fans here, in Argentina and Paraguay. We’ll miss you a lot, please keep rocking in heaven, angel ❤️

Karla Calderón

Santiago de Chile

Dear Taylor.....You are a legend. Always were. And always will be. Being a fellow drummer, I know we are the beating heart of a band. You brother, were a heart that had double 16 beats!
Dave..This is not the end bro. He would want the music, the rock .. go on. Love you all.

Abhijeet Basu

United Kingdom

See You Taylor.
Smile like always!!!



Hearing the news of your death was devastating. Thank you for everything you have done that made the Foo Fighters who and what they are. You will be greatly missed.


United States, Florida

Love and support to your family and friends in this difficult time ! You are a legend , you were a legend and you’ll be a fucking legend !



What a great sadness the loss of Taylor I only ask that God give comfort to his family and close friends for this great loss, a lot of strength and a big hug kisses to heaven Taylor you will be taking care of everyone and Rocking from heaven love and peace.

Heidi Escalera Giadrosic


I still can't understand how it happened, but I only know that those first 3 presentations they had in Argentina will remain in my heart and I had the great pleasure of enjoying them. Today a great drummer is lost and clearly a great person. thank you for so much

Jesica vasallo

Rosario santa fe argentina

Es un momento en el cual el mundo entero se para, dónde nadie entiende que es lo que pasa y se siente mal. Siendo Fan de los Foo Fighters tenemos con mis amigos el dolor de haber perdido uno de los nuestros. Fuerza a la familia y a los Foo Fighters. Fuerza Dave vas a salir

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Diego Sosa

JB Molina / Argentina

Hi, I’m Joaquin and I’m from Chile. A week ago a sae from my own eyes playing the Foo Fighters in the Lollapalooza Chile, and now i’m really shocked and sad about the news, that was my first and last time that i saw Taylor. we miss you Taylor, you have a place in our hearts ❤️🌹

Joaquin Toledo


You inspired so many. Your gifts touched even more. For some, like me, the joy you and your brothers brought to rock and roll saved us. You were never a coattail rider. Thank you Taylor. If there’s a festival on the other side, I can’t wait to see you on your kit again.


North Carolina, USA

It's almost a year to the day that I lost my wife after a long illness! The Foo Fighters, were our favourite band and we saw you together so many times. I'm devastated by the news, the world has lost a great performer and my heart goes out to hai family, band mates and friends


Milton Keynes

My dad introduced me to FF 8 years ago and I learned to play bass to their music. Dad on drums me on bass. We’d also sit in the truck and blast FF at 11 Volume and sing along. He cried the night you died and a piece of all of us died with you. We love you. RIP

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Rest in peace Taylor. We miss you !

Jarkko Vento


Thanks for visiting our country and enjoying all the love of your fans before leaving this world. RIP TAYLOR

Yanina Aguilera


Weird how someone you've never met can influence and touch your life so much. This is a loss that cuts deep. Heartbroken for your family, your friends and all your fans. Never forgotten, everlong. Rest in peace Taylor xx



Endless sadness

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Taylor, your smile lit up a room and your energy was so infectious, you will be missed dearly. I am so lucky to have seen you play with your bands numerous times. Rest In Peace ❤️ See you on the other side!


Salem, Oregon

My saviour, inspiration and hero
It’ll never be your cold day in the sun for you always shine far too brightly.
Forever in my heart

Alice Hilton


I'm at a loss of words. These are the types of deaths you aren't ready to experience. Taylor, you are a mentor, a teacher, a professor to many young and inspired people who want to grow up to become a musician like you. May you rest in peace. Forever King. Love you and miss you.

Sebastian Guizar

Houston TX

We'll all miss you, Taylor. You made a great band even greater. I never got a chance to meet you, but I know you're rocking out wherever you ended up. Rest easy, Taylor.

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Aberdeen, South Dakota

Te vamos a extrañar un millón Taylor, lejos el mejor baterista besos al cielo ❤️, tuve la
Dicha de verte el Lolla 2022 fuerza a la familia y a tu querido grupo ❤️🕊



Your music, talent and charisma will always stay between us. Rest in peace Hawk!


Lima, Peru

Legends never die! Thanks Taylor for your contribution on music. For inspiring so many people with your talent and joy for life! We love you so much! Forever in ours hearts. Long live to rock! Love you. Rest easy, rest in peace♥🕊

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Bárbara Cruz


Una pena enorme invade mi puto corazón te vi en vivo a una semana de tu partida sin regreso..le dije a mi pequeña mira cuanta energía ese hombre es un seco y ahora ya no mas ..siempre estarás en mi pues tu gracia .alegría.. es lo que predominará siempre ...dulce viaje gracias

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Rest in peace Taylor. Thank you so much for all the energy and the good vibes you gave to all your fans. We miss you.....


Compiègne France

Taylor, I’m sorry it’s over for now but your heart will beat in every one of us as we mourn you celebrate you and remember you., So it’s not good bye because we don’t say that ..Rest Easy T and Thank You ~Everlong 🕊

Mel Barnett


Rest in peace you, i will never forget you. Actually the world never forget you. You were insane good, kind, talented, and a the Best fucking drummer ever. Always in My heart Taylor. My condolences to tour family and the foos, Dave be strong We are sending you all love 🖤

Gonzalo Nahuel Avalos


There goes my legend
Watch him as he goes

Nanco Klein


Thanks for your art, for your life, you'll be missed! Good trip Taylor!



Another Legend took too soon, been a fan from the start the band & the fans gonna miss you so much. Inspirational musician & Person. R.i.P Taylor

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George Howe

Durham UK

rest in peace and you will live forever in the music you left on earth and in the hearts of the people we love what you did in life, now wherever you are it's your turn to give music to new viewers

Jesica vasallo

Rosario santa fe argentina

Taylor quería agradecerte por todo lo que nos dejaste. Tu música, tu carisma, tu energía, tu pasión, tu risa. Fuiste un persona muy importante para todos los fans de foo y de la buena música. Seguirás viviendo en nosotros con tu música.

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Your talent, your energy, your music and your smile helped make the world a better place. I've seen you play literally every chance I got, so lucky I did.



Thank you Taylor for the music and memories. Your memory will live in my heart forever. 💔

Brenda Harkless

Thank you for everything you have done for this world, thank you for being the greatest person you could ever be, thank you for all the music and joy you have brought us. Fly high and rock on brother 🤘🕊

Alex Harsvick


RIP Taylor ❤️


Northern California

I am totally heartbroken. Things will never be the same but he will live on through his music. I am lucky enough to have witnessed his love and dedication to the Foos. What a talent, what a guy. The world has lost another beautiful soul. love to all of his family and the Foos x

Gemma Plumer


I still can't believe he's gone. He was fantastic. I honestly can't find the world to say how sad I am about this and how sorry I am for his family and the Foo Fighters family


Heaven always takes precious people away before their time. Until we see each other again Taylor.

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Gisela Padrí


You will be missed immensely. Each time we lose another talent and soul in rock n roll it leaves a void. Rest in peace TH. Your legacy will continue to live on.


Vola alto querido Taylor .. tuve el agrado de verte tocar esa tremenda batería las 3 últimas veces que vinieron. Lamento no haber podido ir esta 4ta vez, pensaba q la próxima iba a volver a verlos tocar .. se va una parte importante de mi vida .. gracias por tu magia y tú carisma

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Thank you Taylor. We will miss your music so much. The best drummer i heard ever. You were the main inspiration when i started drumming. Love



Heaven always takes precious people away before their time. Until we see each other again Taylor

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To Taylor Hawkins. The sunlight that’s never covered or dimmed by a cloudy day. I remember the reason I really got into Foo Fighters was because of the shared love we both had for Roger Taylor. Thank you for inspiring me to play drums and for being authentic to your playing. ❤️🙏



Suaimhneas Síoraí Taylor

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My memories of watching you and the Foos on MTV every Friday will be cherished forever. Your impact has been left on many generations and I will never forget you Taylor Hawkins ♡


RIP Taylor. I didn't know you, but it felt like I did man. I'm going to try to teach my kids to live and love life with the passion you did.

Nate Schaefer

Tacoma, WA

I am heart broken and so utterly sad for Taylor's family, which includes the FF family. The world is poorer for this loss.


Ottawa Canada

I pray for his family and the foos so they can find peace on these moments.



I could go on and on about the impact that Taylor has had on my life, he is one of the reasons I am who I am today. He has been a massive influence and has helped shape my love of music and drumming over the years. You will live on forever in our hearts, T ❤️


Gateshead, UK

Taylor. you will live forever in our hearts, you are the best drummer I have ever met, thank you for giving me the best concerts of my entire life.

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Viviana Galán

Bogotá, Colombia

I'm so sad. THANKS. 💔



Taylor’s smile could warm the coldest person. You could just tell he had a beautiful soul. When Dave wrote about their friendship it brought a tear to my eye for the beauty of it. Different tears now. I’m heartbroken for everyone who loved him. Fly high, legend. 💔



We miss you so much Taylor, you have inspired me to play drums and I’ve grown up listening to your music ever since I was little. Thanks for rocking🤘Rest In Peace.

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Prayers and condolences for the Hawkins' family and Foo Fighters' family for this tragic loss. One of my favorite Foo Fighters' memories is Taylor and Luke Spiller performing "Under Pressure" at Intrust Bank Arena in 2017. The world lost a truly gifted musician. ❤️

Tara Nolen

Wichita, KS

My heart is broken and I am still in shock, you brought so much love and happiness to millions of people all around the world. I hope you knew how much you were loved. Thank you for everything.
Love always

Steve Hughes

Watford Great Britain

I feel that rock n'roll is a big family, and we lost an important member. I loved your energy and your power. One of my dreams was to see you with the band live but unfortunately it won't be possible anymore.. Rest in peace Taylor ⭐



May you be well supported, follow your mission up there, making everyone smile with your contagious joy.
We love you! 🌻❤️

Tatiane Tay


I’ve waited so long to see you in a live concert but I couldn’t because of the weather 💔⛈ You will never be forgotten. I am just a fan. Never met you in person like a lot of people but you and the FF are an important part of my life. Thank you. Rest In Beats.

Ana Da Silva

Asuncion, Paraguay

You have had such an impact on my life. I still remember sitting on my dads lap watching you guys preform and being amazed at your talent. You are one of the reasons that I picked up that guitar. I am so grateful I got to see you guys preform one last time. I love you.

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He was such a huge inspiration to me. I literally can’t believe that he’s gone. It’s so tragic and horrible. The loss of an artist that affected me most

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I discovered Foo Fighters thanks to my father, a while ago. I haven't stop listening to them ever since. Taylor became a model for me since I'm a drummer. His energy and passion when playing always inspired me. I was supposed to see them play next summer. We will miss you Taylor❤



I still can’t believe Taylor is gone. His spirit will live on through music and memories. Sending huge hugs to the Foo Fighters, the fans, Taylor’s family, friends and loved ones as we all work through this tremendous loss together. Xo

Lisa B

Toronto. Ontario, Canada

Taylor, you will be massively missed man I’ll never forgot how I felt when you got up there and started singing somebody to love. Thanks for the music Taylor!



I didn’t even know about you for that long, I don’t even really know you at all! But you’ve left a mark on me. You’ve left a mark on everyone Taylor. I’m so sorry you had to go so soon, you will truely be missed 🙁❤️

Kate Gentle


Taylor, you inspired a whole generation with your talent, your smile and your energy. You will leave FOREVER in our hearts through your music. Thank you Foo Fighters for creating the the soundtrack of my life, I will be forever grateful with all of you. 🖤

Laura Acosta

Bogotá, Colombia

RIP Taylor Hawkins. You and the rest of the Foo Fighters have been such a huge inspiration to me, and were the main reason I got into music. I never got the chance to meet you but I was lucky enough to see you and the band play twice last year. You will be greatly missed.

Ben Jones

Taylor, you and your many bands got me and so many others through good times, bad times and in between times. You will never be forgotten ❤

Suzy Barbee

New Castle, Colorado

Taylor 25 years you've been part of the music I call my best friend. My beautiful best friend's heart is shattered and I know they will never be the same again without you. Our arms are wide open and here to embrace your Foo family. Rest peacefully sweet Taylor we love you ❤



Thank you for so many wonderful memories of fun at your live shows, and great music. You are just an incredible soul, that laugh and smile. You inspired so many and will continue to do so. You will be missed beyond measure. Rest In Paradise 🥁🎼❤️🙏🏼😢



Rest easy king, there goes my hero❤️


Wales, UK

Turns out Freddie Mercury, Eddie van Halen and Lemmy started a new band and they were looking for a drummer. RIP Taylor 💔🖤



Rest in beats 😢😢😢



His work and talent will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything! And there goes my hero (re)encounters with another hero, The Professor Neil Peart, a guaranteed show in heaven! Foorever Taylor! 🕊🤍🥁


Pernambuco, Brasil

Thank you for everything you have given us fans. You are one of the best
drums my ears and eyes ever had the pleasure of seeing and hearing. Heaven just got one bad ass drummer!!!! Rest In Peace Taylor the world is going to miss you dude.

Brandy Thompson


I have been a foo fighters fan since 1997 and was able to see you play live 3 times and I am so sad about Taylor passing . I love how he loved music and would talk about his passion for music and about other bands he loved that I love. Rest in the stars Taylor you will be missed.

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St Augustine , FL

Dear and Beloved Taylor, Foos, thank You for have a place in my heart since (seriously) 2010. Taylor, I will NEVER forget the way you performed your drum. An UNFORGETTABLE sign of Foo Fighters's Music. Love. Ilaria

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Mantova (Italy)

My favorite moment was when he brought his son on stage at the concert in Bridgeport. There are no words to describe the loss. Many tears shed memories of his voice and his outstanding musicianship are a loss to the world. With great love and respect


NYC was at MSG for the return of Rock & Roll

Gone too soon dear Taylor. But that was a great moment in my live that i can see you on 2017. Rest In Peace my drumming hero 🖤

Daniel Sibarani


Fly high Taylor

Rowan Murphy

Mason texas



Valladolid,. Spain

I still have no words to express this loss. I can only imagine what Taylor's family and band mates are feeling. I wish we could have a worldwide Foo family group hug...but in a way, that's what we're doing here. It's a cold day in the sun, but we've got each other to lean on. ❤️

Chelle Marley

So Cal

thank you for being a great inspiration to thousands of musicians, rest easy Taylor


My heart is absolutely broken and I want to send love and peace to Taylor's wife and children and all of the Foo Family and say thank you to Taylor for being the amazing Bad ass that he was and sharing his love for music with all of us. ROCK IN PEACE TAYLOR HAWKINS.



Taylor I’m forever grateful for the music you have shared with us and the first time i ever saw foo fighters i was just so amazed and mesmerized by your drum skills so much love man ❤️ rip 🙏


Heaven has gained another legend too soon. I still can’t believe you're gone. I am blessed to see you perform and fall in love with your talent. R.I.P


My sincerest condolences. since 1997 I followed the band I listened to all their songs and all thanks to my sisters who were Nirvana fans, at that time I was hooked with the band taylor was a great drummer and will be alive in each of the Foo fighters songs.

Juan Carlos Yanse


Your kind heart and infectious energy have made just as lasting an impact on the world as your music. You live on in every heart you touched, including mine. Thank you, Taylor. You made the world a better place by being you 💜

Erica Jayne Parker


Taylor.. I don’t even know where to begin..you reminded me very much of my father who I lost at young age. This is has been the most darkest part in my adulthood knowing you’ll be everlong in the rock heavens. My prayers go to Dave and the rest of the foos and your family Taylor.

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Nicole merritt

New york

Can’t stop thinking about the fact that Taylor is no more. It’s so not real in my head. My Hero keeps coming back and I’m humming it. As a drummer myself Taylor was my hero, my inspiration, his energy and epic skills were a big stimulation. My heart goes to his family and friend.


the Netherlands

So very sorry to Taylor's Wife,Children and Family for this huge loss & to Dave my Heart is broken for you.I had the Privilege of seeing the Foo Fighters live here in Dublin on many occasions..it will never be the same again.RIP Taylor ..from Ashlene in Ireland xo

Ashlene Molloy


My sincerest condolences. since 1997 I followed the band I listened to all their songs and all thanks to my sisters who were Nirvana fans, at that time I was hooked with the band taylor was a great drummer and will be alive in each of the Foo fighters songs.

Juan Carlos Yanse