Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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Got to finally see them what a time. Your going to be missed Rock will not be the same with out you Rest In Peace Taylor. My heart goes out to the family and the rest of the Foos and to all the fans you just never no when it’s your time live life to the fullest

Shane Dickerson

North Carolina

Prayers for all your friends and family . I'm saddened we will never be gifted again with your contagious smile, energy and talent . Rock in Peace 💔



I've been in tears ever since i woke up to this news. RIP Taylor
Prayers for his Family and tThe Foo Fighters &Fans everywhere 💔

Saundra Anderson

Rhode Island

Absolutely devastated. Your music and drumming ability made me want to pick up music. One of the fuckin coolest dudes and seeing ya live in June 2018 was one of the best gigs I've ever been too.

Rest easy, thoughts to the band, family, friends and fellow fans. Love ya, Taylor.

Josh Thomas

Bristol, United Kingdom

Thanks for all!!

Jon Bonin


still cant believe this is real, you and the boys are a big part of my life, and always will, you are such a beautiful, talented and genuine person.
not a day goes by you will always be in my thoughts, never to be forgotten
Rest In Peace
True Legend

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Gateshead UK

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You were an amazing artist, you will be sorely missed.

To Dave, The Foo Fighters and The Coattail Riders, I am so sorry for your unimaginable loss.

Stephanie Schaefer

Vancouver, WA

In these moments
when the „Foo“ looks dark
We to force us stay hard

In Times like these
We all know Musik will never die

And now
every thunder will carry your beat
thank you for so many good feelings

Love in Peace

Marius Schlotter


Taylor. Thank You. God Bless your soul, Family, Friends and band mates.

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Thomas Collins


Thank you for the music. You will be missed dearly by millions you never knew. Prayers for your family, and Dave, Pat, Nate, Chris, & Rami. 💔



RIP great man and drummer. Thanks for all

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Mario Millan


still cant believe this is real, you and the boys are a big part of my life, and always will, you are such a beautiful, talented and genuine person.
not a day goes by you will always be in my thoughts, never to be forgotten
Rest In Peace
True Legend

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Gateshead UK

“ There goes my hero watch him as he goes...”
Taylor you beautiful soul you inspired us all with your amazing smile, you will be missed and your name will always be remembered as one of rock legends.
Although it is devastating but you will remain in our hearts ❤️

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Ray Stephan


We will miss you, thanks for all the great moments that you give to us with the foo's, now we will remember you for all your charism and your great talent, peace for your family, peace for your band, and peace for your friends and peace for you rest in peace forever.

Hans G.

Las Vegas

irremplacable Taylor Hawkins . Quel talent ! quelle énergie ! quel charisme . Le rock a perdu beaucoup . éclate toi bien là-haut avec tous les autres partis trop tôt . On va continuer a écouter et à faire du rock, mais il manquera toujours quelqu'un . infini tristesse .FF 4E

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Pierre MAURY

Marseille (France)

Taylor, Rest in Beats

Neil Meads

Gillette Wyoming

I wish you could have stayed longer. You are loved and missed always. The world won’t be as kind or fun without you in it.


Atlanta GA

To Taylor’s family, the Foo Fighters, and his many friends and fans, my heart goes out to everyone during this tragic time. May Taylor Rest In Peace. 🌹

Sandy D


Godspeed Taylor....sending all the good vibes to your wife and children, Dave and the rest of the band, and the endless armies of music fans you brought joy to and inspired throughout your career. Won't ever be the same without you.



Seen you twice and have tickets to see you all again in London this June. I am truly devastated for your family,the whole band and us fans.The thought of never seeing you behind the drums again is devastating. The Foo Fighters and the music mean so much. 💙 you all, RIP Taylor 💔

Tracy Shawcross


The world so loved you. thank you for they joy. Love and healing for yours.



Taylor, dude, i was ripped to shreds when i found out about you. i hope you’re at peace and that all the passed rock gods are having a big party with you up there. we’re missing you buddy. Love you.

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We will always miss you!! My condolences to the family and the band. My heart is broken! Wish you knew how much we loved you and still do! 💔 Rest in peace 😢

María Paula


I’m heart broken. Your amazing energy & smile will be missed, along with your musical talent. Godspeed. 💔

Beth Voris


Lamento mucho tu pérdida. Fuiste no solo un gran músico. Sino también una gran persona con un espíritu simple.
Dios te tenga en su gloria

Mario M


Sigo sin asimilar esta gran perdida...eras una persona muy amable, amigable y siempre con una sonrisa para los fans, gracias por lo que nos diste en la batería en Foo Fighters, cómo en tus proyectos paralelos. Descansa en paz!.

27 de marzo de 2022
Lima, Perú 🇵🇪

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We have lost an amazing talent. I thoroughly enjoyed your performances and the joy you had for the music. You are irreplaceable and will be remembered as one of the greats. RIP. May your family and friends find peace in your memory.


Kansas City

Rest in Peace Taylor, thank you for all the good times and music! You’ll be missed by all around the world. Deepest condolences to your beautiful family, band members and friends. Xx

Ruthy Grogan

Wicklow, Ireland

We miss you

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Music will never be the same without you. Thank you for your talent and fun. I am at a complete loss.

Kristen Austin

New York

Those who do not forget do not die.
And I will NEVER forget you.
Thank you for being part of what was, is and will be my favorite band.
Please! Don't stop playing wherever you are 💔



I will miss you forever, Taylor

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El mejor baterista del mundo, pero sin dudas una persona increíble y con mucha luz! Tuve oportunidad de verte 2 veces que tocaron en Argentina y la rockeaste toda. Vamos a extrañar tu hermosa sonrisa y te amaremos por siempre Taylor!!!

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Noelia Viegas

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thanks for the music, the talent and the love, Taylor. Music won’t be the same without you. Rest easy. 💔❤️



your smile, your relaxed personality, great manner, your voice and your drumming will never die away and will always be remembered! smiling taylor, we never met together, maybe someday in heaven. Rest in Peace



Those who do not forget do not die.
And I will NEVER forget you.
Thank you for being part of what was, is and will be my favorite band.
Please! Don't stop playing wherever you are 💔



Surely too soon, but You were hell of a rockstar and always will be!
All the best to you up there and all the best to your Family and close ones.

Ats K


RIP, I was there for your first days worth foos.


Rota Spain

Sleep tight Sir this hurts my heart The Foos got me through the hardest of times
My thoughts are with your Family Dave and the band rest easy now


The only drummer that never left us wanting Dave to get behind the kit instead. Irreplaceable.
Will miss you forever.
'Oh my dear heaven is a big bang now!'

Amy & Tom Chan

Teesside, England

You’ are and always will be an inspiration Taylor.
Rest easy 🖤🥁



I still cant believe it. Great drummer and great person. Rest in pease

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The Netherlands

Such devastating and untimely news! A true great and yet seemed such a normal and generously hearted soul, such and early and unexpected loss shocking even to those such as me thousands of miles away who never had the pleasure of meeting Taylor. Massive condolences



Love, peace, empathy! Devastating news… R.I.P. legend. Thank you for everything!

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Paulo Mesquita

Passo Fundo, Brazil

Did not have the chance to meet but was blessed to see you perform twice, for this I thank you. Love and light to your family, dave, shifty pat, nate and rami and all the foo family and fans. You've made your way back home and learned to fly. Xxx

Lizzie Savignon


Heaven is a Big Bang now, for sure. You will be greatly missed T! Thank you for the memories and the great music.

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Austin, Texas

I still cant believe it. Great drummer and great person. Rest in pease

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The Netherlands

Taylor thank you for being such an icon who will truly be missed, my heart and prayers go out to your family. The Foo Fighters family will never be the same without you. God Bless Taylor’s family and friends 🙏🏻

Jessie hughes

Tarzana ca

Words cannot describe how heartbroken and gutted I am. You were the GOAT of all time. Each time I saw your perform live I was in awe of how talented you were. You will always be remembered & loved. I know you are up there rocking out with Freddie, Kurt, Bowie, ❤ u Taylor this suc

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Whitney Silver

Huntington Beach, CA

RIP Taylor. Much love to your family and thr Foo Fighters. The Foos are part of our family. We've traveled the Northeastern US to see you many times. We love you all.❤ Thank you for sharing your talent with us. We are crushed by your passing.😔


Buffalo, NY

Thank you for so many years of talent, music, song and heart.
It will never be the same without you.

Neta Lee


You are the rock and roll. Fly high! We love you tylor. Colombia loves you and we will never forget these times. EVERLONG!



For 25 years, the Foo Family have helped me through the loss of my son and various highs and lows. You were my go to band for my first dance at my wedding...in short you've been with me through everything in my life that mattered. I am heartbroken. We love you Taylor, RIP buddy.

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Michelle Harris

Lancashire, England

You’ll live in our hearts forever..❤️

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Year 2000 best concert ever! I was pregnant with my first child and every time I hear a Foo Fighters song it takes me back to best time of my life! Prayers for Taylor Hawkins family and band mates !

Buffy Moon


Words fail me and tears keep falling. All I can offer is my love to your family, band mates and all the fans who are as devastated as I am. As Juliette Lewis said - the universe got it wrong this time.


North wales

Saturday morning 26th March my wife woke me with the most horrendous news. I spent the day crying about a man who never knew who I was but whom I felt I knew. I cried so much for the loss of a father, a husband, a friend and a Foo Fighter. You will be sorely missed T.


Stockport U.K

I recently discovered you all in August 2021 when you did a post Covid concert in New Mexico and immediately fell in love with you and your music. I since then was lucky to see both shows in Las Vegas. I’m devastated, but cannot imagine the pain you all are feeling. Hugs.

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New Mexico

Your music rocked! You will be missed ! 💕 luv to and your family and your band. Rest in Peace . 💕

Dolores Buendia

Santa Barbara

Rest easy Taylor. May peace be with his family, friends, and band mates.

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Quade Richardson

Florence, SC

No word is strong enough to say our pain. We lost a friend that we don't meet before but we feel a deep hole in our heart. But it's noting compare to the pain of his wife, kids and friends. We think of you...
Stay strong FF. You have a family all around the world.
Big hug



Taylor, thank you for all the years of joy you’ve given me. The Foo Fighters came into my life when I lost a loved one and became something that I could listen too and take my mind off things for a little while. I’ll see you play drums again down the road❤️

Joshua McCarty

East Coast

Wey will miss you and your contagious smile. You left a great legacy.

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Hector García Benavides


Sigo totalmente shockeado por la perdida de Taylor, un fuerte golpe para el mundo musical, se notaba mucho como desparramaba carisma y buena onda, un gran abrazo a la familia de él, y a la familia foo fighters, mi mayor sentido pésame.

Agustin Rojas

La Plata, Buenos Aires,

The world has become a little less bright. Your sparkling ✨ personality & talent will be missed!😢💐



There goes my hero...
Q.E.P.D Taylor ❤️

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Missed so much, your the reason I play drums 💙
Love to your family, friends and fans ❤️

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You will be missed. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul and for the many great years of rock. Sending prayers to Dave and the entire Foo Family. May love and peace comfort your family and freinds. Thank you for being such a bright star in this world.

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Missoula, MT

Dear friend! I still can't believe that you're gone. I saw FF's show in Costa Rica 19. I made my dream come true watching my favorite band. I still got my FF's show ticket. On drums, you are a monster and rules lml. You'll be greatly missed. Peace ,love and fly high. We love U.


Costa Rica

A crushing blow to loose Taylor Hawkins ! My heart goes out to his family as well as The Foo Family 💔. Everyone seemed to enjoy being around you and said your energy would fill the room ! Crazy to think that you will be missed across an entire planet 🌎 You entertained the world !

User Submitted Image

Beth Long

Santa Barbara, CA

Taylor , agradeço a cada segundo por ter apreciado imenso talento , amor pela música e alegria de viver !!!! Obrigada por dividir tudo isso com seus fãs , amigos e familiares !!!! Descanse em paz !!!! Que Deus conforte sua família , família Foo Fighters, amigos e nós : fãs !!!!

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Vanessa Souza

São Paulo - Brasil

Fly High The Hawk 🤍


North Wales Uk

Dammit, this hurts deep. Thank you for everything, Taylor. We will NEVER forget you. 💙 to Dave & the band. I can’t find any more words.


San Francisco

Another Legend taking far too soon, was just listening to your solo stuff last week, Your iconic smile will be greatly missed RIP mate 💔

George Shannon

Dundee, Scotland

Thank you for Your passion, love of life, your amazing music, your infectious smile and your laughter. What an inspiration. A true Rock and Roll legend . Rock on…



R.I.P. 🕊️

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I have cried a lot today for his departure, a week ago he was happily playing on stage and now he is no longer here. All this shows me that life is too fragile and wild. Thank you Taylor for inspiring me, we will miss you.
Rest in peace🙏

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Pollie G.


Taylor thanks for all the memories, the songs and the smiles you gave to us. I wll miss you a lot, I will never forget the concert in Firenze in 2018. The best ever.
Rock in peace ❤️



You were such a savage on the drums, you will be missed!



Taylor you will be missed and your light will shine on in the friends and fans. My heart goes out to your family and the band . We as fans will never be able to ease the pain they are feeling. I'm so very sorry .

Amie Abel

Edmonton Alberta Canada

Rest In Peace bro ! You will be missed and have left quite an impact on so many. ❤️ Love to your family and the Foo family ❤️


High Ridge MO

Last Sunday I got to see your big smile, your energy, love, power, your bright colours, the greatest musician, beautiful voice as a. Thank you for showing us the right way, to love our friends deeply, for giving the best of you. I love you and will always miss and remember you.


Buenos Aires-Argentina

Thank you for everything 💔💔💔

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Bo Harasym

Bronx NY

Never imagined last Sunday would be the very last time I we could enjoy Taylor's magic on stage. I feel lucky and priviliged and I am devastated for this sudden loss. Foo Fighters sabed my life in many ways and times I just can be grateful. Thank you Taylor, I will love you forev


Rosario, Argentina

We miss your smile, we miss your energy, we miss your music. Thank you for everything. Love ♥️



Love and light to Taylor's family and to my Foo family. Taylor's beat will forever remain in my heart. My deepest condolences.

Laura Forst

Arizona, USA

Was fortunate to get to see Taylor play live here with the Foos /cage the elephant opened . His energy was electric and his smile was infectious . He is definatley missed and gone way too young.My condolences go to his family , the Foos and all his friends.

Heather S

Vancouver BC

You are my inspiration and had the biggest impact un my life. I love You ♥️ This pic Is last week un Argentina after having dinner un the dame restaurant. Inwasnin absolute Joy

User Submitted Image

Sol Renzi


Querido Taylor jamas te olvidare fuiste un gran Baterista para Foo fighters amo a la Banda ❤️ te voy a extrañar mucho 😢😢😭😭 pero se que ya estas descansando en paz mucha fuerza y valor para tu familia hasta siempre Taylor te Recordare siempre ❤️😌



Taylor’s music shaped me as a person during my teen years and got me through hard times. I’ve looked up to him as my favorite drummer for years and I can’t even begin to process this news. I’m devastated. Taylor… come back… don’t go yet. RIP 💔

Blake B

We were lucky enough to see the special concert in Cesena on 2015. We will always have a great memory of that evening. We are schocked and devastated for this terrible loss, and we send all our love to the family and the band ❤🌹

User Submitted Image

Silvia and Graziano


I push myself to continue thinking this is a bad joke and is not real. Thank you Taylor for been such an inspiration to generations of children like I of what a person, a drummer and a band member should be like. Rest In Peace and love to all the foos family in this hard time 🦅


Buenos Aires

We love you Taylor, rest in peace ♥

User Submitted Image



You are missed so much. I am so grateful for all the years as one of your biggest fans , that I got to see you live at 2 shows! Thank you for all the memories ! Love and light to you , your family & the guys ♥️
~ Ellen

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Jessup Pennsylvania

I have no words… I’m truly devastated x


Mandurah Western Australia

In shock since two days. After being a huge fan of the Foo fighters since 20 years is was 2,5 years ago that I saw you perform live. Blown away and in tears of happiness. Your power, performance and technical skills are amazing and a hugeinspiration. Lots of love from a drummer



Taylor has been such an influential musician for me. Sure he is for so many. What a major loss for music, art and life. Still I thank him for the happiness his music and human being will bring to my heart and ears for the years to come. All my thoughts go to the whole Foo family.

User Submitted Image


FRANCE, Marseille

A jewel has passed away !
Rest ist Peace 💔🌈🌸 Taylor



Taylor you were one of a kind. Sending love and light to your family, the band & all the fans. Your energy, kindness, smile, will live on through your music.


Las Vegas

I never had the chance to meet Taylor but I saw him playing several times and his joy was a antidepressant when I felt lost.
My deepest condolences to Alison, Shane, Annabelle and Everleigh. I hope you can find peace in all the memories you shared.
he always will be loved. ♥️