Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

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O melhor baterista que eu vi! A melhor energia no palco! Um cara que sorria e contagiava! Que Deus te receba e conforte a sua alma! Você deixou um legado e sua arte nunca morrerá! 🙌🏼🙏🏼



Sending my heartfelt condolences to ALL Taylor's family and friends including the Whole Foo fighters family.....R.I.P. Gone too soon....🖤

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Anthony Warran


How grateful am I for Taylor and the Foo Fighters for being the rock highlight of my life. My heart goes out to Taylor’s family and to his band family. Can’t you all picture Taylor jamming and hanging with other rock icons in his heaven music clubhouse? Hugs, BIG ONES! Deanna

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Deanna Millard

Ottawa, Canada

Hope you keep playing drums side by side the other legends in heaven. The music will miss you

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Gracias por la música, por el rock, por la compañía desde mi juventud en adelante. No tengo palabras para describir la pérdida… es algo q a mis 32 tiene otra sensación. Te extrañaremos foo fighter!



Taylor! you will be sooo missed!! i was so excited to see you in july in philly! you were such an amazing drummer, and my favorite drummer at that. now you’ve given me a reason to finally learn to play the drums in your memory! love ya brotha ❤️❤️

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So glad I got to listen to your music, and see you play. One of the best to ever do it, and by all accounts one of the loveliest. The world is a sadder place without you.


Abergele, Wales

Taylor Hawkins is one of my favorite drummers ever.

His energetic but refined drumming was and will remain unattainable to me.

Studying it and playing it has always made me feel good, it loads me with positive energy.

I owe him a lot.

Rest In Peace



Truly and inspiration. Loved his drumming style and him as a person. He just radiated joy when he played. I’m going to miss him so much. The rock community just won’t feel the same without him.

Kalli Gravening


Taylor’s beautiful smile and world class drumming will be remembered but also his kindness to FF fans. Thank you to Taylor’s family for sharing him with us. To the band, please take good care of each other. And Dave, know that you are loved and supported by many around the world.



Hey Taylor, thank you for your contribution to Foo Foghters. The music you created and energy you brought every time was incredible. An amazing human being that was too good for this earth. Rest in Power, my friend x

Steve McNorton

Manchester, UK

I hope from the bottom of my heart that your arrival is beautiful, that you have lots of light, because you have always been my sun, my example of a man, my strength. Go in peace and shine my star. i love you eternally. since my childhood and as long as I exist. eternal Love

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Taylor, thank you for playing the rhythm of my life for many years. In good times and in bad. I can't put into words how much you will be missed. Your power, your smile, the warmth and kindness you radiated. Fuck how lucky we are to have experienced your talent.


I've been following his work since he joined Foo Fighters, without a doubt one of the greatest drummers I've seen, he managed to be a protagonist alongside Dave, it's for few... thanks for the inspiration and the music, I'll be without understanding for a long time , but the show

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Santo André, Brazil

R.I.P Taylor. A true legend



What a tragedy. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see you how much I longed. Rock it up there. Rest in peace 🖤


Porto, Portugal

I’m devastated over Taylor’s loss, all I could think about all day . My greatest condolences for all of the foo fighters and they’re family’s 🕊💟 the skys are brighter with one more star in the sky ..

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I've been following his work since he joined Foo Fighters, without a doubt one of the greatest drummers I've seen, he managed to be a protagonist alongside Dave, it's for few... thanks for the inspiration and the music, I'll be without understanding for a long time , but the show

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Santo André, Brasil

“Weep not for the memories” - May you all find comfort during this tragic time. Dave - special prayers for you and hope you find peace. Fantastic drummer but seemingly a better human. Best looking flight attendant.

Patrick Sullivan

Fairport NY

Crushed to hear the news of your death. I have been lucky enough to see the Foo Fighters play numerous times and listen to you sing and play your heart out. Thank you for those memories. May you rest in peace. Sending love and light to all those who miss you. X



Thank you,Taylor for your music,thanks for all.That’s a hard time for all of us….
Love you,Dude,we will sorely miss💔 Stay strong Foofs Family.Rest in Peace,Taylor,we never forget you❤️

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You've all been part of my life for so long, this cuts so deep . I pray that you are at peace now brother. You will be missed by so many but you will always be in our hearts. Always loved , never forgotten.



Taylor, you will always be remembered smiling behind the set of drums, brighting up our lives. You will be singing Queen at the concerts deep in our hearts! May God bless you and comfort all your family, Dave and band, friends and those who love you. Rest in peace!

Marco Aurélio Rodrigues dos Santos

São José do Rio Preto, SP, Brasil

Oh my dear Taylor, heaven is a big bang now but for us down here, yesterday was a cold day in the sun and today we’re drowning in your Sunday rain.
Fly high T! 💔💔💔

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Estava te esperando, pra ver vc tocando Queen!
Grata por todos os shows que vi e me emocionei!
Descansa em paz 🙏♥️

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São Paulo - Brasil

Rest easy Taylor. You will be missed by so many, especially Dave, the band and your family for which we pray for!


Hermosa Beach California

For 20 years I have been a huge, huge fan, privileged to see you rock many times. The Foo’s have got me through a lot of good & bad times - A true love.

Fly high Taylor, taken too soon. Keep rocking up there!
Sending love & strength to the rest of the Foo’s family.



Foi um grande prazer escuta-lo tocar em 2018 na pedreira, sua perda me abalou muito. Nos vemos do outro lado Taylor Fucking Hawkins. Sua voz sempre será lembrada por mim e por todos



I had the pleasure to see him one time in FF concert in Chile, he was the showman with Dave, giving the greatest show everytime, he will be missed. All the love for the family



On those dark days, Taylor gave me inspiration to keep going through his music, whether with the Foos or with the Coattail Riders, his talent kept me going, and his infectious positivity made it impossible not to keep smiling. His music and his spirit resonated with me.

Sam Espín

London, England

Taylor you were a mighty force and incredible to watch every single damn time I had the pleasure of watching you guys live or listening to you in my car. The sense of loss I feel and the tears I have cried, I just can't explain how I feel. Why man, fucking why? Rest easy Taylor ❤

Jo Trodden

Rugby, England

Taylor, you were the most talented and influential drummer of this generation. You were and still are my inspiration. We miss you tremendously. Thank you for everything you did. I cannot believe you’re gone but you bet we will rock on in your memory. Rest In Peace 🖤

Taylor Crowell



Elgin, IL

Estar allí bajo la tarima esperando q llegarán a disfrutar de sus canciones su música su energía y compartirles nuestro amor y de repente recibir esta noticia es desgarrador. A Taylor solo gracias por haber compartido su genialidad con nosotros. Amor por siempre

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Taylor…you are-were-my inspiration when it came to drumming. When I first saw Foo fighters last year,I was staring at you the most. I had hoped that one day I’d meet you:I’d hug you and tell you you’re my hero, but you’re gone…and I’ll miss you forever

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Amy Yalbuzdag

Taylor, it doesn’t feel real that you’re gone, it feels like it’s happened but you’ll be back tomorrow..but that’s not the case. I hope that now you’re in a better place with no worries and that you’re singing along with Freddie. We love you and we will greatly miss you.

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To match into hell for a heavenly cause is to dream the impossible dream. Thank you Taylor for being our drummer!

Rhonda Campbell


Merci Taylor pour toute ces années de bonheur passer au rythme de ton drum et la vibe que tu nous a apporté , sympathie à la famille-amis-et les fans .

Pascal Legault

Quebec ,

Rest in peace Taylor. You were an amazing drummer and you are the main reason I started playing drums. I still can’t believe you’re not here anymore. You are missed by all of us.



What a great loss. Im the kind of person who doesnt listen music very often, but with Foo Fighters is different. You are the heart of the band as a drummer and person. Thank you for all and for one of my best life experience in Lolla Chile.
There goes my hero.

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Pedro Sanhueza


Devastated doesn’t begin to describe how we all feel losing Taylor. He was one of a kind and I can’t believe we have lost him. I’m waiting to wake up from this horrible nightmare. I can’t believe your gone Taylor, I will miss you forever.

Katie Smith


Thank you My Hero!!!

Jorge Souza From Brazil

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Jorge Souza


Taylor, you and the Foo Fighters were a constant ray of sunshine in my life. Many happy memories associated with your music. I hope to God I get to see you again. I'll always remember this smile because it was in response to mine. Peace & love to all Foo fam. Rest easy, T.🖤🤙🏽

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This is my 2nd message, i felt like i didn't say enough in the last one, but we will all miss you Taylor, you inspired millions of people, and you were always cool. And we all love You.

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Harry Saha



Tu energía renovo hasta las vísceras el rock and roll... voy a extrañar siempre esa sonrisa y esa bateria implacable... buen viaje amigo!



Rip Taylor, you touched many lives with your music, and you inspired many more. Keep rocking in heaven, we will miss you forever.




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Olivier D.



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Olivier D.


Ser o baterista da Banda de um dos melhores bateristas do mundo? Ele conseguiu ser, a melhor escolha possível para a banda e hoje descansa. Será mais uma lenda do Rock! taylor🖤 #RockInRio última vez no Brasil da lenda.

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Alisson Breno Da Silva


You left a legacy for music. Millions of your fans and music lovers alike will miss you. You will stay in their hearts forever. Rest in peace Taylor.

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Montreal, QC

When I listened to Everlong for the first time, I knew that Dave found a unique drummer, but also fit his style of playing, you're the people everybody wants in their bands, a wonderful and talented drummer. Thank you for all the magic you had created, and may you rest in peace.


Ever since you made my 7 year old son’s day by signing his drumsticks you had my heart. You blew a kiss to me and I to you. You were special beyond measure. Your easy going temperament, love of music and love of your best friend Dave endeared you to all of us. We love you T.

Lynn Richendollar

Calvert City Kentucky

I’m still in shock. The Foo Fighters have been my band for over 20 years. The thought of never seeing you perform again breaks my heart. You were a musical genius and drumming force that can’t be matched. Rest In Peace Taylor.

Jenn Bowman


I had the luck to see you in person a couple years ago. Your energy is unmatched and it’s so hard to believe you are gone. RIP taylor hawkins


I've been listening to FF for the last two days on repeat and I feel grateful that I got to see and hear Taylor's talent live at least once in Pula three years ago. His music will live forever. Sending condolences to his family and friends. 🖤

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I Will remember you forever.
You play with Love and this make you eternal

Agnaldo hc


A recordarte con la mejor sonrisa, vuela alto taylor.



To Taylor’s family,
Your dad’s spirit of kindness, laughter, and skill make him a hero in today’s day and age. I am so incredibly sorry for your pain.

To the Band,
No words. I am so thankful for your years of beautiful friendship and the ability to bring humankind together

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Jennifer Rowell

Columbus, Ohio

RIP to the amazing incomparable Taylor. You will be missed!

Bloom family

Long Island NY

Dear Taylor, you will for be missed by the world and rock and roll will never be the same, you meant so much to me and i’m in utter shock that you’re gone. You’re forever in our heart, rest in power legend. I hope you’re singing your heart out with freddie❤️

Ava Klepner

New Jerset

Taylor your energy lifted me when I was down. Your energy was like a breath of fresh warm summer air. I already miss you.
My heart hurts for myself. And my heart breaks for your family and for the band. Rest in peace, thank you for the many years you have been a part of my lif

Laurie Maxon

Port Huron Michigan

I just want to say “thanks” for Taylor’s existence, and for the opportunity I had, to see them play live, at least once. I send a lot of love for Taylor’s family, the band and crew, specially, Dave. May God give you sthength and comfort to your hearts.



I’m sorry for his loss to his wife and children the most. They knew Taylor unlike ANY of us could’ve. Taylor had a passion for music that we luckily got to be apart of. I’ll miss his solos , my Foos I’m so sorry for your loss . Dave, Nate, Pat, Rami and the crew behind them 💔🙏🏼

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Alicia Maynard

Las Vegas nv

Taylor, what a force of love you brought to our worlds and will hopefully be constantly remembered, rest easy. Sending love and condolences to your family and the FF’s band members.✨


Palo Alto, CA

Your heart-on-sleeve enthusiasm and pure joy shared with so many was something unique to you. Thank you for leaving everything on the field, sharing that big open heart of yours with family and friends and fans. There is a Taylor-shaped hole in this world, now. Unfillable. ❤️



I’m heart broken, I wanted to see you live. Forever one of my favorites



És una gran pèrdua per al rock and roll i estem en xoc, però cal ser forts i pensar que el xou ha de continuar.
Taylor per sempre!!!
Molts ànim a la família i als Foo Fighters.
Alikata Rock

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Corbera (València)

Foo Fighters have been a huge influence in my life. Always felt inspired by them but specially by Taylor. His skills, his passion and his creativity as a musician are surely amazing and brilliant. What a legend he was. you are deeply missed taylor. fly high my angel 🕊💔



Thanks 4 make me play drums and give us all that good vibe and energy playing!!

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F**k man, how could that happen? Attending your concerts since 2000 and loved them all. Foo Fighting 's not the same anymore... Feel sorry for your family and friends. RIP, Taylor!


Rest peacefully Taylor, thank you for
everything. You made such in impact in
this world and words cannot express
how much you've done for so many
people. You are my hero forever and
always. Thank you for the music

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Ava Miller

There were 2 days left to see for the third time the man who melts my heart every day. I still can't believe it. Thank you for existing and for leaving your smile in our hearts. His reign in my heart will be forever. Shine for us.

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Cinthia Selman

São Paulo - BR

Your smile was so bright it banished all darkness
You were gone far too soon and will leave such a hole in the world.
My love and warmth goes to all who knew him loved him and lives he touched
Fly high I imagine you having a tight legging off with Freddy as we speak xx

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Samantha Gilbert

West Bromwich UK

You were the best. Rock and Roll Heaven got their beat today. Have fun with all that have gone before. Condolences to your family and your band.

Bev Stark

South Carolina

Thank you for the memories Taylor. The pain your loved ones must be feeling is immeasurable, please know that your fans will never ever forget you or the memories you have given us 🖤 xx

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Louise F


Hi Taylor
I don't know where to start....you were the foo fighters just like dave. I have so much respect for you and the band specially after the storm at pukkelpop in my hometown. That concert the year after the storm is gone stay in my memory for ever!! RIP TAYLOR

Gunther Aerts


Taylor Hawkins I will miss your smile , your energy and your fng insane drumming. Love peace and strength to you all FF’s. We love you Taylor, Evelong ❤️

Laura Faulkner

A little village in England

Litetally heartbroken. Ill never forget that you were there with your músic to pull me up in the most dark and sadest times of my soul. THANK YOU, Dave, and all FOO FIGHTERS. You are Eternal

Victor Pavelka


I feel privaledged to have seen the Foos multiple times and was so looking forward to the UK tour. Another one gone way too soon. RIP brother.

Carl Christon

U. K

El mundo de la música pierde a uno de los bateristas más fuera de serie de la historia, un gran showman y el mejor complemento de una de las bandas más grandes. Te vamos a extrañar. A ti, a tu habilidad bestia en los platillos, a tu sonrisa y tu gran talento. Larga vida, Taylor.

Haydé Ruiz

Querétaro, México.

I may not know you personally but the music you have made has gotten me through some tough times. You’ve always been there and I thank you for that. Goodbye, old friend.



I feel privaledged to have seen the Foos multiple times and was so looking forward to the UK tour. Another one gone way too soon. RIP brother.

Carl Christon

U. K

For the music.
For every single gig.
For Cesena.
For every single drop of sweat.
For every single “terrifying” pant.
For every single smile.
For every single song and note.
For every f***ing single beat.
Thank you my friend never met.

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I love you.


Cuando creces escuchando su música y son tus favoritos puedes sentirlos como una parte de ti por eso lamento tanto su muerte y pensaba tanto en Dave que no podía contener mis lágrimas solo pido a Dios le de fortaleza. Taylor será siempre recordado por su Talento por su música.

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Marcela torres


Although you used to say that FF is the band of DG, your charisma and talent uprise the band to the Legends level. Hope we all can overcome to a world without your inspiration and music. Will miss u sincerely.


Madrid, Spain

Brazil love’s you, Taylor.
Thank you for you generously and contribuition for the music world.

Mariana Laboissiere

Brasilia, Brasil

I’ll love you and miss you always x


Northern Ireland

Fly high Taylor! Been a fan for the past 25 years, and will continue being a fan forever!



You have gone to soon but you will never be forgotten, as long as we hear your music you will always be with us. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family



Yesterday morning i woke up to the next notification: “Taylor Hawkins died”, and my heart stopped beating for a long moment. He really was one of the greatest drummers, and an amazing person. Much love and support for his close friends, he will always live in our hearts. 💔🕊

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I wish I could have seen you. You are my inspiration as a drummer, and one day I want to be like you, rest in peace, I will never forget you



Taylor felt like a dear friend whom I’d never met. His drumming inspired mine, we loved the same bands in the same way. We shared a birth month. We have similar senses of humor. He was everything I wanted to be as a musician and a bandmate. My thoughts to his family and bandmates

Scott Tofte

Brooklyn, NY

You are the best!! RIP Taylor🙌🏻



Não consigo descrever o que estou a sentir, não consigo sequer imaginar a família, Dave e os Foo Fighters. Muita Força. Em breve todos nós nos encontraremos. Rest in peace

Marlene Alves Fialho


You will be missed by everyone in the rock scene, Taylor. My heart is broken. Praying a lot for your family, friends and fans. Rest in peace men!

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Alejandro Carosella

Buenos Aires, Argentina

We love you so so much there‘s gonna be a big whole in our hearts now, the Foo Fighters arent gonna be the same without you much love <3

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I’ve never ever been so affected by the death of an artist as I am with Taylor. The Foo Fighters shaped me as a musician and TH shaped me as a drummer (along with DG).We all loved you Taylor. #HawkForever the Sky is your Neighborhood now, make it awesome as you did here on Earth

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Quinn M

Sask Canada

I was there to see you get inducted into the HOF last fall.

We’ll miss you.

Patrick B


Taylor without you and your band music my life truly would have never been the same,thank you for the years of dedication to your craft you will be missed dearly. P.S my condolences to the Hawkins and Foo Fighters Family's

James Brakewell

Hamilton Canada