Taylor Hawkins

1972 - 2022

On March 25th, 2022 the Foo Fighters family tragically lost Taylor Hawkins. We at FooFightersLive send our condolences to his family, friends, and every other member of the large Foo Fighters Family.

As fans we are also of course hugely devasted by this loss and wanted to offer a place for fans around the world to leave a short message in memory of the man we all loved, whether we met him or not. When the time is right we will forward the page to Foo Fighters management.

To leave your message click the button, it will then appear on the wall below. Your message may also include an image if you choose.

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I had the honour of meeting you in Dublin 2019. You happily gave us your time, let us take our photos, signed my arm and made us laugh. For me, i met a superstar and a genuinely nice sweet guy. It made my day more than words can ever express.
You will be sorely missed.
RIP Taylor

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Lorraine Darbyshire

Manchester, England

Taylor, gracias por la música, es un regalo que siempre perdurará. Descansa en paz.



I have no words…. I’m truely devastated… 😢

Renae Rumble

Mandurah Western Australia

RIP bro, you will be missed, world has lost one legendary drummer, and one big rock roll soul.😞❤️



I’m truly devastated and wholly heartbroken at losing you way too soon… still in disbelief I remember the first time I saw you play.. being completely inspired by you and the Foos ever since.. sleep easy xx

Nick Jones

Coventry, England

Music is my lifeline. The Foo Fighters have been a huge part of that lifeline since I was 10. So when I heard the news, it shattered me. Please know all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. There will never be another Taylor Hawkins 💔

Kristen Cerula

Johnstown, PA

Thank you Taylor for dedicating your life to the music. You will be greatly missed. I want to thank you for shaking my hand and signing my book the night of this picture at Dave’s book tour. I can see you singing with somebody to love with Freddie up in Heaven right now.

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Grant Russell

Los Angeles

Heartbroken you have left us so young and left behind your best friends. Sending all the love to your family and friends. Rest In Peace Taylor. ❤️

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Michelle T

Campbell River Canada

I had tickets to see you play at the BANC of CALI in august. It disheartened me to a whole new level when I found out you passed. My friend and I always talked about how good of a drummer you were. I’m the guy in the hat in this photo. The rest are fans of yours as well. RIP T.H

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Thurman Juan.


Thank you for being my biggest inspiration and being my hero. You will always continue to shine brightly in our hearts. Rock on Taylor 🖤

Roxie C

Colorado, USA

Thank you for your sound, music and sharing a little bit of yourself with the world. Amazing energy, drumming and fun, you and the Foos have given us all. Music just won't be the same.... from the world thank you!

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Albuquerque, NM

You meant so much to so many of us Taylor. The media may move on but your fans and loved ones will keep your legacy alive. Love to everyone who is grieving right now. Fly high Taylor, you were beautiful.

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Laura B

Wales, UK

Rest in peace ….🖤💔

Pauline N


Your music and fun energy has buoyed me at many times in my life, accompanied me through many a workout and brought joy and celebration to our whole family as we saw you twice at Fenway! Of course that is never enough… So much love to your family an the band.


Massachusetts, USA

Me watching you in concert last December. One those great moments in rock n roll you don’t forget. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. Thank you for sharing Taylor with us. I’m devastated . Rest in Power Taylor🖤

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Las Vegas

A huge motivation and role model to me as a Drummer also, we’ll miss him for the rest of our lives. I’ll keep playing and loving music for ever because of people like him. We love you so much! My condolences to his family and to the @foofighters family. Rest In Peace my hero. 🙏🙏😢

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Jimmy Cruz

Utah, United States

You gave me the best 2 concerts of my life. The best 2 Queen covers ever. There will never be anyone like you. Thank you for everything, Taylor. I will never stop missing your voice and energy. My love to the family and Dave forever.

Jessica Badillo

Oaxaca, Mexico

Rest in peace you beautiful person taken from us far to soon, deepest condolences to all the foo family xx

Robert Harris


The world has lost an incredible life.. To you're family, loved ones, The Foo Fighters, and fans you have my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy and unending love. You will forever be missed.

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Michelle Paez

Vista. California

love you man :[


Dear Taylor, one part of me will not be the same. Thanks for your smile, your energy, your art. I love you.
Rest in rock 🖤


Córdoba, Argentina

I found you and your music Taylor at a very hard time in my life, as the years have passed there's been more hard times but you were always there. The foo fighters were my safe place and I thank you for that gift. Your music will live on forever as will you in our hearts. RIP.

Clare large

Newcastle England

You will be missed



I’m having trouble processing these News. He was my Hero, my Idol and the reason I started drumming. I hope he knows wherever he is, how many Hearts he has touched. My deepest Love to his Family.

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Samantha Collins

You are so loved. 🎶❤️🎶

Amy, Grace, Suzanne


You are the heartbeat of the Foo Fighters. I’m so glad I was able to experience your energy, your incredible talent, and your passion for music. You left us too soon. But we will live on with your spirit. Thank you Taylor.

Mark Lancaster

St Louis

Dear Taylor, one part of me will not be the same. Thanks for your smile, your energy, your art. I love you.
Rest in rock 🖤


Córdoba, Argentina

Learning about the loss of Taylor was like hearing that a friend of mine has died. I can’t imagine how terrible your family and friends feel right now. And not just now … for years to come. Such a great and talented individual 💔


Ontario, Canada

Our deepest condolences to Taylor’s family, band and friends. We are all heartbroken and will cherish all the shows we attended and watched Taylor rip on the drums. God speed brother and Rock on! #Everlong

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Ken True


Rock in Peace taylor you will be missed loved the music you created condolences to your family and friends

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Still can't believe the news, don't think I'll ever believe it.
I haven't slept since finding out the tragic news.
My thoughts and condolences go out to all the family friends and the band.
Rock on up in the sky Taylor just like you rocked all our hearts out. We love you!


Milton Keynes, England

This loss is hitting hard, l don’t think I’ll ever forget reading that you had passed away on March 25, l remember sitting on couch thinking this has to be a joke. I will miss you and l hope you find peace.



Damn you left this world way too soon.

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Taylor, I'm devastated at your loss. I've been blessed to see you perform 10 times, your energy and talent we're incredible.
Thoughts go out to your family and to Dave and the rest of the band who have lost a piece of them. Rest in power.



My heart goes out to all his loved ones✨😔!
You will be missed Taylor ✨❤️

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My heart goes out to all his loved ones✨😔!
You will be missed Taylor ✨❤️

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Words can’t explain how I feel. Taylor is a huge loss. I’m thinking of his family and the band and how they must feel. I’ve been a Foo Fighters fan for a long time and I always will be. RIP

Judith Pollard

Leeds, Yorkshire ,England

Las muertes inesperadas son las que más duelen, y su muerte la sentí como la de un familiar. Jamás podré ver a Foo Fighters en mi país y eso también duele 😭 le doy las condolencias a toda la familia, a la Banda y a nosotros los fans. Aún no lo superamos. Descansa en Paz, Taylor 💔





The world has lost an incredible life. To your family, The Foo Fighters, and those who love you dearly you have my sincere condolenses and deepest sympathy. You will forever be in our hearts and live in through your gift of music.

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Vista, CA

RIP Taylor, I spent my life waiting for a Foos concert and I finally got tix to see you guys in August for the first time. I was so excited to finally see you and Dave! I am heartbroken and devastated.You will always be a part of me though your music!!! You left us a legacy❤️

Anna Milburn

Arriba, CO USA

Gracias por hacer que mis pulsaciones se conecten con los golpes de tus tambores... Gracias por hacer que tus coros armonicen mi corazón. Gracias por ser familia a través de la música. Un abrazo al universo eterno Taylor



I grew up loving the Foo Fighters and watching Learn to fly before school everyday. I wore my Foo Fighters tank top and Hoody today to remember you by. Thank you for all the wonderful music you brought into our lives! Love, Des



Dear Taylor, I did not know you personally but I loved the Foos since I was a teenager - your music means so much to me and in my 40s I still love watching you play the drums. I woke up yesterday (CET) and was shocked by reading about your death! Ruhe in Frieden!



Thankyou for music, for rock n roll and for all the amazing nights singing along with you and the boys. Your smile and laughter will be so missed. Lots of love to your family and the band ❤️🥁 fly high mr Hawkins🦅

Emily Higman

Cornwall, UK

Taylor, i'm so sad. Your departure was so unpredictable, however, i'm so grateful about everything you gave your fans through music, your energy, your passion, your abbilities, your lyrics, your drums, your voice and your beautiful soul. Thank you Taylor. Rest in peace 🤍🙏🏻🕊

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Ana Lucia Hurtado


Acomapnhava o Taylor desde o tempo da Alanis Morissette e quando ele entrou para o Foo Fighters a banda deu um upgrade. Tive a honra de ver o show do Foo Fighters e ele era um show a parte. Meus sentimentos para os integrantes da banda e família. Sentiremos todos a falta do Taylo


Porto Alegre- Brasil

What a dude , an infectious energy never to be matched. My heart goes out to all his loved ones . You will never know just how much you achieved T . May you drums forever thunder . X



Parece irreal. Cuesta y duele creerlo. Eras alma. Tú enorme talento y tu gran sonrisa nunca serán reemplazables.

María Celma Argaluza


Taylor, our sweet prince, words cannot describe the immense pain that we are all feeling from your loss. Nothing but love for you, the Foos, and that Foo Fighting Family.


Worcester MA

RIP Taylor, terribly sad news, wishing love and peace to your family, friends and band mates at this awful time, however you will always be remembered with love and happiness by so many, a true legend💖

Nicola Howarth

Wales UK

I feel very lucky to have been able to see you live and even if I would have liked to have had more opportunities, I will make use of what has been there. anyone who has lived as you have lived and been loved so much .. never dies. in my heart forever, Francesca.

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Posada, Italy

Our prayers go out to Dave, the band and Taylor's family and friends. We have tickets to see Foo Fighters in 2 months and I was so looking forward to seeing our favorite band for the first time live (my 12 year olds first concert). Rest in Beats Taylor ❤


Orlando, FL

Dear Taylor:
I want to thank you for making the music that would end up being the soundtrack of my teenage years. You, and the FF were there with me, helping me through. My dream was to see you live someday. My heart is broken.
Sending Love all your Way.💗


Lima, Perú

I still can’t believe this has really happened and have no idea how the rest of the band, family and friends are processing it.
You have made it an honour for me to have seen you perform live so many times.
Gone but never forgotten. Keep drumming 🖤



It hurts, you were one of a kind. You will be greatly missed. Thank you for the good times, the laughs, your talent, your energy. We will never forget you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and the entire Foo family, including friends and fellow fans. Love you, T!

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Cindy P

Dallas, TX

Always had a smile on your face while playing , you will be missed and your legacy will live on forever … we love you T.O.W. Take care of the rev and vinnie for us 💔😭🤘

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Jeffrey McQueen

Evansville indiana

Muchas gracias por regalarnos tantos sin fin de emociones con las canciones que compusiste junto con la banda, que sepas que un chico en un pais lejano sobrelleva varias cosas con tu increible bateria. RIP Taylor.



Struggling to comprehend how someone with such a zest for life and so much to give to music and beyond can just be gone in a moment. So glad he made it in life and was able to share his talents with the world. I’m sure he had the best of times & best life poss with the Foo’s.

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Vanessa Lacy

Manchester UK

There are no words… I’m heartbroken for you all and for myself! We have lost a drumming genius, a very special man. This is a sad sad day. My thoughts go to all your loved ones Taylor. I absolutely adore you. I’m going to miss you so much. X

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Taylor will be incredibly missed. He had that magic that made us fans feel like we personally knew him and he shared a little of that magic with us. My prayers and condolences to his family, loved ones and band family. Peace Be With You.

Wendy Bumgarner

Taylor, thank you for all the memories you were a part of the last 26 years. I will miss watching you perform, singing those solos, and being a part of my beloved Foo Fighters. May you fly high and soar with the angels. Much love.



I saw you guys on stage last week here in Mexico-City. Loved every minute of it, and the chemistry between you, Taylor, and Dave, the rest of the band - the absolute joy you showed by doing what you did best... Thank you so much. You will be missed.

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Guadajalara, México

Thanks <3



rest in peace t, you were my greatest inspiration, thank you for everything


Syracuse, NY

RIP Taylor. Though I've never met you, you were a big part of my music life, thanks for the rocking beats.
Please say Hi to Neil ✌


NL 🇨🇦

Rest in peace dear Taylor!
My deepest condolences to Dave and the Foo Fighters family. Our hearts have been broken into a thousand pieces with this early and surprising departure.
Peace and lots of light for Taylor!
we will miss you and cry forever!!

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We'll miss you so much Taylor, the way you we're smile the greattes person, you thouth us lots about being brave warm AND crazy at the same Time, see you on the other side

Paulo Cesar Traverso Varillas


You will be deeply missed by so many generations you have touched with your love and talent for music💔 peace be with you ✌🏽



You will be deeply missed by so many generations you have touched with your love and talent for music💔 peace be with you ✌🏽



I just hope, wherever you are in heaven... never loose your smile, never forget the spirit and the joy that you make us remember every time you where behind the sticks.
You will always be one of the greatest ever and that is beyond the talent and the skills!! 4ever Remembered!

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Kenneth BF

Costa Rica

You’ve learned to fly Taylor, but too soon 😞😢 See you on the other side angel, fly high and rock in heaven with Freddie and Bowie


Buenos Aires

rest up og


Taylor you are my hero, you helped me so much throughout my life. Inspired me to be better and to keep moving.

There goes my hero. RIP animal


Corpus Christi Texas

I have absolutely no words to express what intense grief I have felt these past 2 days. Taylor, you inspired so so many. You were a light in so many lives that will be greatly, greatly missed. The world will never be the same without you. You are so deeply loved, now and forever.

Morgan M.

Taylor was the whole reason I became a musician, his bombastic and tenacious drumming style matched with his fun attitude and happy nature made me the person i am. RIP dude❤️



One of the best drummers ever! Right up there with Neil and Jon!

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larry Emerson

Cleveland Ohio

Taylor you will be missed forever.
Thanks for sharing your joy and music.


Calgary AB Canada

So full of talent. Drums, Singing, silliness and friendship was simply amazing 🔥 My condolences to the family and band and fans. To many gone to soon. He is up there rocking with Chester and Chris. RIP Taylor ❤️

Donna Davis


I can't help but tear up whenever I hear your name T, the goosebumps and confusion never go away. I'm still hoping it was a bad joke. I have no words left to say, my heart is broken. All my condolences for your family, your fans, the band, and specially Dave. We ♥️ you T

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What you gave was magic. We will cherish always.

Jen C

Seattle, WA

Thank you Taylor, there are no words that will do you justice, rest brother!

Jon Penn


Devastating...the beating heart of the Foos stopped way too soon, unforgettable talent and soul...fly free Hawk...sending love to the band, family and Foofans everywhere..


Liverpool, UK

I remember when I first saw their all my life music video and seeing Taylor on the drums changed the way I listened to music. I even got a tattoo of some of my favorite album covers on my arm. Taylor will be missed. My heat goes out to the Foo Fighters and their Families.

Xavier Lander

Clarion, PA

I was devastated to hear of the sudden loss of Taylor. He was a drumming legend gone way to soon and my heart goes out to the Foo Fighters family. I am forever grateful for the joy he brought to so many through his music. May his spirit live on forever 🤘🏻💔 RIP


Vancouver, BC Canada

Te fuiste muy pronto, pero tu luz y energía irradiara por siempre ❤️🥺



There aren’t enough words to describe how truly amazing and inspiring you were to me and so many others. Your skills as a drummer were absolutely godlike; a true genius on the stage!

Rest easy in peace and power - love and prayers to your family and friends❤️


Lancashire (UK)

This kind and wonderful human will be greatly missed.

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Shelly phernetton

St. Paul Minnesota

One of the greatest musicians ever to grace the world,he will be sorely missed.May the earth rest softly on his bones.#colddayinthesun

Mark Coffey

Waterford, Ireland

Words cannot start to describe how shocked and sad we all are feeling expecially his family❤ I've always been a fan and couldn't wait to go and see them in bellihouston Park glasgow and was the best night of my life I truly love these guys and they're music but what a musician he


Glasgow scotland

We are really going to miss you Taylor

Jonathan Romero


Thank you for all of the wonderful music memories… I have been singing along forever and will continue everlong.


25th March 2022. The day the world of music changed forever. Taylor you are the god of drums and tight leggings. Watching and listening to you has been a privilege.
Thank you for the music. Rest in beats Taylor Hawkins.


United Kingdom

Gracias por tantos años de buena música y gracias por tu gran sonrisa. Esta perdida no la esperaba pero supongo que a todos nos toca en algún punto. Vuela alto, siempre te vamos a recordar



We will miss you forever dear Taylor. Thank you for all ❤️💔❤️



Taylor I love you.

Sofia Tsakogia


Truly a force of nature taken too soon. To Taylor’s family, his musical family and all who loved him - please feel the warmth and support from our tight embrace. I am so very grateful for the live shows I’ve had the honor and pleasure of seeing and participating in. ♥️

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Chicago, IL.

Taylor has been extremely inspiring for not only myself as a young musician, but for many people. Thank you for all you have done and for all the life you brought to your music. I hope your family and the rest of the foos are doing well. Won’t be the same without you. We love you

Marisa S

new york

Forever, when I see hawks soaring in the sky, I’ll think of you. Especially your smile. The electric feelings in my bones from your music mastery. Thank you for trying so hard. Condolences to the Hawkins Family and friends.

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